The Gifted S01E09 "outfoX" Recap

One year ago, the Strucker family are out at a park and Andy tries to teach Lauren to skate. When she almost falls, he catches her and their hands glow when they are joined. They are both shaken by the experience but don't say anything further about it, though it's implied that this is the catalyst to their powers being jump-started.

Returning to the present, the Strucker children are shaken to learn about their criminal ancestors and their combined destructive powers. Reed doesn't want to tell Andy and Lauren that they might have the same abilities but Caitlin convinces him that they need to live honestly and without secrets. When they tell them about it, the kids decide to try out the power to see if they really have it and an energy begins to build between them. They go into a sort of trance until Reed disconnects their hands. They explain that if they had gone through with the final push in their energy build, they would have brought down the entire building and kill everyone in it.

Lorna suffers from nightmares that cause her to use her powers while she's sleeping out of fear for Marco and their unborn child.

Esme implores the Underground to orchestrate a plan to rescue her family and other mutants that have been captured by Sentinel Services. Lorna and Sonya are in charge of the first part of the plan, which involves them flirting with knocking out one of the guards working at Trask Industries. Later, Andy, Lauren, Blink, and Sonya break in to knock out the electrical substation that sends all the power throughout the Sentinel Services facility. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Esme will then get into the building and destroy all the records and evidence as well as free the prisoners.

Campbell has been hospitalized due to Otto's burst of his powers. Jace uses this opportunity to overexert his authority in order to get more manpower guarding the facility, as he suspects that the Underground will try to attack. Jace becomes even more suspicious when he finds out that the key-card of a guard that had called in sick was used to access the facility. He then orders another team to the facility.

When the Underground infiltrates the facility, they Blink, Sonya, Andy and Lauren run into more of the Sentinel soldiers and an upgraded spider robot that is immune to Andy's powers. They are forced to retreat, under Reed and Caitlin's orders as the couple watch from a surveillance van outside. Blink and Sonya are captured and Andy and Lauren consider using their Fenris ability to break through the building and get away but Andy stops them, believing that their power is too destructive. Andy and Lauren are quickly surrounded by Jace and other soldiers and surrender, while Caitlin and Reed watch distraught from the van.

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