The Handmaid's Tale S01E02 "Birth Day" Recap

Offred continues her existence, as the Commander tries to impregnate her while her head is in Serena Joy's lap. Later while shopping with Oflgen, the pair continue to reveal personal information about one another and their lives from before this regime took over. On their walk they see the St. Paul Catholic Church being destroyed under the regime's orders. St. Paul was where Offred had her daughter baptized. Ofglen says that St. Patrick's Cathedral was also destroyed and the remains were dumped in the Hudson River in an attempt to erase it from ever having existed. Before reaching home, Ofglen invites Offred to join the resistance but Offred is hesitant to get involved with them.

Nick tells Offred that the Commaner wants to see her alone later, which is forbidden but he doesn't seem to care. Nick also warns her not to get too close to Ofglen, as doing so is dangerous. Janine, known now as Ofwarren, is revealed to be in labour so Offred and other handmaidens are sent to the home to witness her birth. On the drive over, June recalls the birth of her daughter Hannah. Given the rarity of healthy births, Hannah is highly sought after. A woman later breaks into the hospital and tries to steal Hannah, claiming it's her own baby alive and well but officers arrive and arrest the woman. Hannah is returned safely to her parents.

At the home, the wife of Warren Putnam, Naomi, pretends to be in labour while the other high-statue women coach her through her pretending that she is the one about to give birth. The handmaids go to see Ofwarren in labour. Aunt Lydia leads them through a group chant to steady her breathing through her contractions. Offred meets with Ofglen in secret and tells her how the Commander wants to see her alone. Offred is still conflicted about going. Serena Joy summons Offred and asks her to update some other women on the status of the birth.

Ofwarren gives birth to a baby girl whom the Putnams name Angela, but Ofwarren names Charlotte. Ofwarren is tasked with nursing her baby and when they are alone, she sings to her and tells her about her older brother Caleb.

Ofglen warns Offred that no one in the resistance knows why the Commander would want to see her. Ofglen advises Offred to just apologise if she is accused of anything. That night, Offred goes to the Commander's office, weary of what it is he wants. He reveals he simply want to play the board game Scrabble. The Commander wins by just three points but they agree to have a rematch after he returns from a trip to DC. Offred returns to her room and laughs, relieved that the meeting wasn't anything insidious. The following day, Offred prepares to tell Ofglen that the Commander just wanted to play Scrabble and that he is heading to DC but when she reaches Ofglen, it's another woman waiting that introduces herself as Ofglen.

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