The Handmaid's Tale S01E03 "Late" Recap

The episode presents an extended flashback that show the rise of Gilead. June finds that her back account is frozen and then is fired from her job along with all the other women working there. Women are no longer allowed to own property and all of their bank accounts are consequently frozen. The women at her office were fired because it's now the law.

Serena brings Offred on a visit to see the new baby and Ofwarren. Ofwarren is revealed to be suffering from delusions and even bit Mrs. Putnam in a fit of rage when she tried to take back the baby while Ofwarren was nursing her. Offred tries to advise her to get her behaviour back in line but Ofwarren appears to be far gone, claiming she and her baby's father are going to take Charlotte and run away together. Offred expresses her concern to Serena that Ofwarren may be losing touch. Serena tells Offred to have Nick drive her home while she will stay to help Mrs. Putnam and the baby.

On the drive home, Offred asks Nick about Ofglen's disappearance. He remarks that it doesn't matter how tough she is but all of this will end the same way. When they arrive home there is a black van waiting for Offred. Nick says he couldn't stop them and apologises, advising her to tell them whatever they want to know. An Eye and Aunt Lydia lead her interrogation, wanting to know what she knows of Ofglen. They are trying to surmise if she knew Ofglen was gay or if they ever had any sexual contact. They ask if she was ever touched by Ofglen and Offred says she wasn't. When Offred reveals that she knew Ofglen was gay and Offred admits that she did. She is shocked by Aunt Lydia with a cattle prod when she refers to it as "gay" instead of a "gender-traitor". They want to know about whether Offred knew about Ofglen being in a relationship with a Martha but Offred didn't know anything about that. Lydia quotes one of the Beatitudes from the Bible and Offred responds by quoting the Bible back: "Blessed are those who suffer for the cause of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven." Lydia strikes her across the face with the cattle prod and shocks her more but is stopped by Serena who claims Offred is pregnant and orders them to leave her house.

Ofglen is in custody and tries to seduce a guard to be able to escape but he pushes her back in line when some other guards come for her. She is put on trial for gender treachery along with the Martha she has been in a relationship with. They are both found guilty but Ofglen is given a lesser sentence due to her fertility. The Martha is later hanged while Ofglen watches heartbroken and helpless to stop it.

Nick visits Offred in her room to check on how she's doing. The two share a moment of looking longingly at one another and Nick says he should've just driven away with Offred to prevent her from being assaulted. He gives her some ice wrapped in a washcloth for her injuries and lingers, nearly kissing her before leaving again.

In another flashback June and Moira attend a protest against the new oppressive laws but things escalate between the protesters and the armed officers. June senses what's coming next and retreats with Moira and some others and hurry to get away from the semi-automatic weapons being fired at the protesters.

Offred goes downstairs and tells Serena she's not pregnant, as she's just gotten her period. Serena is enraged and pulls Offred upstairs and throws her back in her room, ordering her not to leave the room. Before shutting the door, Serena warns her that things can get much worse for her.

Ofglen wakes in a clinic where Aunt Lydia refers to her by her old name, Emily. Emily finds some gauze taped on her crotch and Lydia explains that she has been given genital mutilation surgery to prevent her from being able to act on her 'wrong' attractions. Lydia leaves and Emily screams.

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