The Handmaid's Tale S01E09 "The Bridge" Recap

Ofwarren is part of a ceremony in which her daughter is officially presented to Commander Putnam and his wife since the baby no longer needs to breast feed from her. Putnam promises they will always cherish the child and Ofwarren struggles for a bit but eventually gives the baby over. Offred continues to be concerned about Ofwarren's mental health, as she's transferred to her new home where she takes on the name Ofdaniel. Aunt Lydia tells Offred that she is tougher than she thinks.

Alma secretly pulls Offred aside and speaks to her about the Mayday resistance group. She tells her that they need Offred to retrieve a package from Jezebel's. Though Offred is concerned about going back, she agrees to do it. Offred convinces Waterford to bring her to Jezebel's once again that very night, with Nick driving them there once more. Offred wants to get to the bar where the package is hidden but Waterford brings her straight up to the room.

Ofdaniel has her first Ceremony night with her new Commander and becomes increasingly emotional and straight, eventually screaming at him to get off of her and retreating into a corner crying and pleading for Warren, claiming he's coming for her.

Offred has sex with Waterford, faking it the entire time. After he finishes, he brings Moira in, believing that Offred wanted to return due to a sexual attraction to her. Offred admits that they're friends but not like that. He allows them to catch up while he showers. Offred tells Moira about the package and asked her to retrieve it from her but Moira refuses, having been scared too much by her experiences to be willing to take a risk like that. Moira advises her to go home and do what they say. Offred is upset at Moira for giving up and being a coward, as well as going back on her promise that they'd find Hannah together. She pushes Moira to stay strong and fight but Moira still leaves.

Nick drives Waterford and Offred back home. Offred dreams of Moira, Luke, and Hannah before Serena wakes her and brings her to a nearby bridge. Ofdaniel is standing on the ledge after fleeing from her new home and sneaking into the Putnams to get baby Charlotte. The Putnams are there along with the Waterfords, Aunt Lydia, and numerous Gileadan guards. Lydia instructs Offred to go talk to Ofdaniel to try to save her and the baby she is holding, threatening to jump off. Ofdaniel has loudly accused Commander Putnam of taking advantage of her sexually and promising that he would leave his wife so they could all run away together and be a family. Offred talks to Ofdaniel to calm her, saying that they will all go out together and have fun once this is all over. Ofdaniel laments how no one will want to dance with her now that she has been disfigured. Ofdaniel asks Offred to jump off the bridge with her so they can all be free. Offred is able to convince Ofdaniel to give back baby Charlotte but Ofdaniel still jumps off the bridge afterward falling into the icy waters below. Mrs. Putnam takes the baby back while the guards are fish Ofdaniel out of the water and bring her to the hospital where she is in a coma. Aunt Lydia observes her sleeping form and calls her a "stupid girl".

Commander Putnam is taken into custody due to the accusations Ofdaniel made towards him when she was standing on the edge of the bridge. Serena attempts to comfort Mrs. Putnam and offers to help with the baby now that she is without her husband to help. But Mrs. Putnam refuses and tells Serena to worry about her own husband instead, saying everyone knows what happened with the first Offred and that men don't change. Serena returns home and heads to her husband's empty office.

Offred heads to the market, and is gives a package by the butcher that Moira retrieved from the bar at Jezebels and sent along to her. Moira kills a client at the brothel and steals his clothes and car which she uses to make her escape.

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