The Handmaid's Tale S01E10 "Night" Recap

When June was first captured and sent to the red centre, she was quickly met by Aunt Lydia who provided her first indoctrination lesson. She also has a tag pierced on her ear.

Offred returns home and Serena slaps her, furious about the proof she has discovered regarding the trips to Jezebel's with her husband. She then forces Offred to take a pregnancy test and it turns positive. Serena lashes out at her husband when he returns home, telling him both about the pregnancy and that he is not the biological father. She further drives her point home by claiming that he's weak and God would never want that weakness to be passed on.

Serena has a moment alone with Nick and breaks the news of her pregnancy. He comes over to feel her abdomen and they hold hands briefly before Nick excuses himself at the arrival of Serena. She tells Offred to get her coat and they head out on a long drive.

Moira is on foot trying to make her way to Canada. It's a hard journey but she continues to persevere. She reaches Canada and is presented with various documents that she will use to re-start her life, free once more. Some time later she is reunited with Luke.

Serena brings Offred to a house where Hannah is now living. She is kept locked in the car while Serena goes out and interacts with her. Offred can only see Hannah through window and the gate. Hannah heads back inside and Serena returns to the the car. She is sitting in the back while Serena sits next to the driver. There is a protective glass that keeps them separate from one another. Serena tells Offred that Hannah is doing well and that no harm will come to her as long as Offred cooperates and nothing happens to her new baby. Offred is enraged and begins to yell and rant at her but Serena only tells her not to get upset because it's not good for the baby.

Putnam is put on trial for his actions towards Ofwarren, to which he admits. Fred takes part in the judgement of his trial. He is willing to be lenient in the punishment but others take a stand that there have too many similar incidents and now he must be made an example of. Even Mrs. Putnam came and testified that she wanted her husband to receive the harshest punishment possible, due to her fear for his immortal soul to be judged by God. The punishment that he is gives is to have his left hand amputated. It is done in a proper, surgical manner with him knocked out with anesthesia as opposed to being hacked off with a blunt instrument while he is awake.

That night, Offred visits Fred in his study and implores him to protect her daughter from Serena. He asks if the new pregnancy is his and she says of course, and he responds with, "You do that so well." Offred goes through the package she picked up from the butcher and discovers that it is full of letters from women whose lives and/or the lives of their loved one have been torn apart by Gilead.

Fred has a bonding reconciliation with Serena, promising that they will all be a family together and Offred will be gone once they have the baby.

Aunt Lydia addresses the gathering of handmaids for another execution. This time they are to stone someone who has endangered a child. They are all given rocks and form a circle. When the convicted individual is brought forward, the handmaids are shocked to find it is Janine/Ofdaniel. The handmaids don't want to stone her and when Ofglen #2 breaks the circle, she is badly beaten and declares that she will not. Guards take her away but when Lydia blows the whistles to signal them to begin, none of them will make a move. Eventually Offred steps forward and when a guard threatens her at gunpoint, Lydia stops the man and says that the handmaids are her responsibility. Offred drops her rock and says "I'm sorry, Aunt Lydia" which is a phrase that they were all taught early on in their indoctrination. All of the other handmaids begin to drop their stones and say the same phrase. Lydia tells the women to go home and warns them that they will have to face the consequences of this defiant behaviour.

A black van comes to the Waterford residence to get Offred. Nick quietly tells Offred to trust him and go with them. As Offred is walking out, she whispers to her fellow captive Rita where to find the hidden letters. Fred and Serena are surprised by this unexpected arrival. They demand to know where she's being taken but get no response from the guards. June ponders how she doesn't know whether she's being led into danger or safety but is secure in her ability to do what it takes to secure her freedom.

The Handmaid's Tale is available for streaming on Hulu and will return for season 2 in 2018.


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