The Librarians S04E02 "And the Steal of Fortune" Recap

Gamblers at the Fortune Downs casino and racetrack are having a supernaturally large amount of bad luck, which the Librarians don't know about since they're looking for a new way to detect when new magic manifests. Jake brings Ezekiel to the Fortune Downs racetrack to enjoy some down-time, as Jake has an old friend named Slayton who works there with the horses. Slayton tells about how he had had really bad luck but believes his fortune is about to change. The conversation is interrupted by a crime boss named Bennie and his goons and girl that arrive to take Slayton's favourite horse away.

Slayton has to go to the hospital when a mix of chemicals from regular items combines badly with a bee sting to create an allergic reaction. While at the hospital, Jake and Ezekiel observe a considerable number of other patients that have all been injured due to bad luck and all are connected to the Fortune Downs casino and racetrack. They gather the rest of the team and head back to find the magical source.

Cassandra gets sucked in by the allure of gambling, as her superior intellect should allow her to do well but ends up losing a considerable amount of money due to the magical forces at work that defy all the odds that she has calculated. Jake and Eve decide to investigate Bennie when they learn he is the owner of the casino. They determine he is stealing luck but they need to figure out how. Jake hypothesises that Bennie's pinky ring is the magical artifact. Bennie becomes alarmed when Cassandra is able to turn her losing streak around by ignoring the odds and instead calculating the trajectory of the roulette ball, as her luck should've been depleted. Ezekiel gets sucked into playing on a machine but eventually manages to beat it by hacking the machine.

Ezekiel manages to swipe Bennie's ring. The team consults with Flynn and Jenkins to discuss the ring and they find that the design on it shows Fortuna, the Roman goddess of Fortune. Cassandra continues to win out in the casino and Bennie orders his men to find his ring and apprehend Cassandra. The rest of the team follows the men that have taken Cassandra to a back room. Bennie attempts to interrogate her for answers on how she was able to keep winning. Cassandra says it was only mathematics she used to figure out how she won. Eve, Ezekiel, and Jake watch the scene from above the room in the vents. Cassandra closely observes Bennie's micro expressions and deduces that he's not a tough guy. Bennie's girlfriend reveals herself to be the one in charge as she's the goddess Fortuna. Fortuna wants to know which god sent Cassandra, and she claims it was Saturn. Fortuna is slowly turning back into a statue, as three of her fingers have already turned back into metal.

Eve, Ezekiel, and Jake determine that Fortuna blowing kisses on the casino's commercials are amplified by the electromagnetic waves of the technology. This is what has allowed her to steal the luck of those that watch the commercials. The trio pursue the guards that have taken Cassandra. Eve and Jake have been infected with bad luck but Ezekiel is immune somehow. Despite the difficulties with the bad-luck-impediment, the trio are able to overpower the guards and free Cassandra.

The team realises that Fortuna plans to blow a kiss on a live television broadcast, the ramifications of which could cause death and destruction to countless innocent victims. Fortuna threatens and assaults Bennie, ordering him to continue to do her bidding.

Jenkins and Flynn call the team and tell them how Jupiter betrayed Fortuna when realizing that she planned to rule the world by luck. Then she was cursed to one exist in the world as a statue. The team is nearly apprehended by a large group of bikers that are trying to hunt them down after a $100,000 reward was offered for the team to be apprehended. Bennie pops up and rescues the team and brings them to his office, where he asks them for help in overthrowing Fortuna. He was just a man with a gambling problem and through Fortuna's help, he began to win enough to own the casino.

There's no easy way to disable the cameras. Bennie reveals that his facial injury was caused by Fortuna hitting him with her bronze hand. She began to turn back into bronze when Cassandra started winning. They realise that the only way to stop Fortuna is to win in the casino, as it steals back the luck. The team works together to cheat and sabotage the system in a coordinated attack. Fortuna tries to get one of her hired goons to turn the camera on her but by then everyone in the casino and racetrack has won, forcing Fortuna back into a bronze statue.

The statue of Fortuna is brought back to the Library. Jake visits Slayton again, who has had his horse returned and his luck has also returned to normal. Without giving anything specific away, he lets Slayton know that he was involved in getting everything back to him as a form of payback for his friend.

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