The Librarians S04E03 "And the Christmas Thief" Recap

Santa Claus will be going on holiday with his elves and Flynn, Eve, and Jenkins. The other Librarians must look after his sleigh in the Library., as it's the first time it's been out of his possession. While the Librarians exchange gifts, Ezekiel slips away to use a magical door to be transported back to Australia. He visits his adopted mother and sisters who frequently take part in small-time theft. His mother is unhappy when Ezekiel brings her a gift that he bought instead of stealing it. They doubt his competence as a thief so he brings his mother Lenore to the Library to prove what he's made of himself. He quickly realises how unwise a decision it was to bring her so he sends her back through the magic door, not noticing she's left her foot to hold the door open.

Some time later the Librarians realise that Lenore has stolen the magic door that can take her anywhere she goes. Ezekiel wants to sort things out himself so the others won't meet his family but when Cassandra tries to call Eve about the problem Ezekiel's begging prompts her and Jake to help him. Since they no longer have the magic door to get them to Australia, they decide to use Santa's sleigh to find her and get the door back.

Upon arriving in Australia, the Librarians find that Lenore has been using the magic door to steal Christmas presents from all over the world, and most alarmingly, have stolen an elusive stolen painting from the vault of the Bank of Thieves. The Librarians bring Lenore along to return the painting. Ezekiel needs to play a game of chess to unlock the entrance to the vault. Ezekiel warns his mother to not say his name out loud while there, or else it will alert other thieves that dislike him.

Ezekiel comes up with a plan for Jake and Cassandra to cause a distraction in the main room while Ezekiel and Lenore swipe a key card to get into the vault. The pressure is on, as the punishment for stealing in the Bank of Thieves is to be killed by manner of liquidation. Ezekiel has to do some acrobatic tricks to beat a moving laser security measurement. Once he gets to the other side, he disarms it and his mother comes in with him to put the painting back. However, another security measure is triggered, causing Ezekiel and Lenore to be captured.

The Saint of Thieves emerges and when Lenore tries to flirt with him, she reveals Ezekiel's name and the two are taken into the Saint's office. Lenore is shocked to learn that Ezekiel is considered the world's greatest thief. The Saint uses some magical power to force Lenore to reveal the truth, including her use of the magic door and that Santa's sleigh is vulnerable to being stolen. The Saint wants to destroy the sleigh, and Santa is revealed to be his brother.

The Saint's men find the sleigh and bring it to the Bank, where Cassandra and Jake have stayed hidden. They call Jenkins for help on how to repair the door, as it has overheated, and ask him to not tell Eve or Flynn.

Lenore is angry at Ezekiel for not telling her he was a world-class thief, and Ezekiel is angry at her for not having listened to him when he would tell her of what he had done. The Saint demands that the sleigh be stolen and gifted to him, as he can't accept a gift that isn't stolen. Ezekiel refuses to give over the sleigh but Lenore steals the key off of him and gives the Saint the sleigh.

Lenore and Ezekiel are left tied up and argue further, and Ezekiel reveals that despite the large amount of wealth he accumulated as a thief he never kept any of it for himself. He always used the money from his scores to give back to people in need. He finally seemingly mends his relationship with his mother.

Cassandra uses a magical device to appear to Ezekiel's sisters and tricks them into believing she is a ghost. She gives them instructions on how to repair the magic door, as the orb that controls it is still in their home. Jake fights some guards at the the Bank that are monitoring the sleigh. Ezekiel and Lenore get to the sleigh too. The magic door opens but the Saint and his men block their access to the door. Jenkins emerges from the door and gives the Saint a note and a card from Santa, who gifts his brother the sleigh. The Saint can't accept gifts that aren't stolen so he is no longer able to accept the sleigh now or ever. Christmas is saved and the Saint reverts back to a child throwing a tantrum.

As there are still numerous stolen gifts to return, Ezekiel decides to bring his mother with him on the sleigh to bring them all back.

The Librarians airs on Wednesdays on TNT.


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