The Librarians S04E04 "And the Silver Screen" Recap

Eve and Flynn go out to see her favourite Film Noir at a local cinema. Eve pushes him to put aside all of their normal responsibilities to have a night of being normal. During a scene in the film where there is a knocking at the door, Eve and Flynn disappear in a flash of light. The other Librarians try to retrace their steps to find where they've disappeared to by checking out the cinema they were last seen at. A worker at the cinema shows them the film the duo had seen and how Eve and Flynn are now trapped in the film in place of the lead characters. They are crying out for help but can't hear the people out in the real world calling out to them.

Cassandra determines that the cinema lies in a lay-lake that collects magical energy which has contributed to the screen becoming a magical artifact that sucked Eve and Flynn in. The only way to get them out is to get the film to end in the way that it was intended. Eve also figures this out and encourages Flynn to go through the motions of finishing the film. Eve is a super-fan of the film so she knows exactly what has transpired in it and in what order.

First, Eve must dig a bullet out of Flynn's arm and then pour them drinks. Madeline Kincaid arrives and needs Flynn's help to retrieve a stolen ruby necklace by a gangster, Tony the Shaz. The Librarians and Jenkins determine a way to try to call the office in the film but Jenkins is unable to reach them. When he comes back to the main area, he finds the other Librarians have disappeared to try to go after Eve and Flynn help them. Unfortunately, they end up in a different Western film instead. Jake and Ezekiel are about to be hanged until Cassandra begins to shoot up the other men trying to execute them. Jake later sings a song around a campfire, while Eve and Flynn follow the plot to confront Tony the Shaz.

Jake, Cassandra, and Ezekiel end up transported to a science-fiction film in space while Jenkins works with the daughter of the film's writer to determine that his typewriter is the artifact. They also find out that the credited writer didn't actually write the film and changed its original ending. When Eve and Flynn reach the end, they end up right back to the beginning. Jenkins is able to call again and relay the information. They must use their Librarian savvy to figure out the original ending to be able to get free from the film. In the film, Madeline Kincaid had been the plot-twist-villain. Instead of letting it play out till the end, when Madeline first visits they confront her about being involved with Tony the Shaz. The original ending saw Madeline as the heroine trying to get her daughter back that Tony was keeping captive as punishment for Madeline leaving.

Eve and Flynn play the movie out in a nearly identical fashion but this time when they reach the end, Madeline emerges as the heroine trying to get her daughter back. However, the entire scene is interrupted by Jake, Cassandra, and Ezekiel crashing into the scene through their magical transportation device and fighting off Tony the Shay's goons. Eve and Flynn escort Madeline down to reunite with her daughter.

The film writer's daughter learns that an older woman named Eleanor that had come to see the film play is actually her mother and the original writer of the film. Though she had been separated from her daughter, she never stopped loving her. All the Librarians get free from the films.

The Librarians airs on Wednesdays on TNT.


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