Black Lightning S01E02 "Lawanda: The Book of Hope" Recap

Jefferson promises Lynn that he was only acting as Black Lightning again in order to save their daughters and they begin the first steps of resuming their relationship. He attempts to assure the local parents that their children will be safe but is stunned to learn that the Seahorse Motel has been re-opened and the 100 are running prostitutes out of there. He has no real answer to offer when asked why Black Lightning would re-appear just to save his daughters when there are numerous other victims needing his help.

The 100 continue to make threats against Jefferson's daughters, as they are witnesses to the crimes of members. Jefferson visits Gambi to ask for his help in tracking down Lala by hacking the police's database. He then goes to confront Lala who refuses to back down since his daughters have been talking to the police. Lala recommends that he send his daughters on a long vacation or else they will do it.

Anissa's girlfriend offers to help her get a therapist to help her cope with the trauma of her abduction.

Will escapes police custody but ends up captured by 100 gang members and brought to Lala, who executes him for the mistakes he made that led to the current predicament the gang is in.

Jefferson is devastated when he learns a former student of his named Lawanda was killed by the 100 because she confronted them to try to get her daughter free from them. He makes an impassioned speech to Lynn about how he could've saved her and even now can save so many. He's not cut out to be 'normal' like everyone else and despite Lynn's protests that he's falling into an addiction for being a hero, he insists that it's a gift and blessing from God that he intends to use. Lynn later visits Gambi to try to get him to convince Jefferson to not be Black Lightning again but he refuses to do so.

Jefferson follows a lead from Will's recovered mobile phone to raid the hotel where Lala is hiding out. He beats him up as Black Lightning before being interrupted by the arrival of police officers. Jefferson gets away and Lala is brought in for questioning. Jefferson returns home and tells Lynn that now the hotel is truly shut down and the girls will be safe. Jefferson still seems to want to keep on his hero's journey, meaning Lynn is closing herself off from him once again.

Anissa uses her powers to stop a robber while out shopping.

Tobias uses his connections to infiltrate the police station and visits Lala in his cell where he strangles him using only one hand.

Black Lightning airs on Tuesdays on the CW at 9/8c.


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