Ghost Wars S01E12 "There's No More Room in Hell" Recap

A woman is singing in the shower but after a moment is revealed to be walking through the streets naked and consumed by fire. Winston comes hurrying over with a fire extinguisher to try to save her.

Abigail speaks to her mothers through Isabel's body to say that she wants her body to be destroyed so it can't be used to hurt anyone else, as the Abigail-body had been recently used to feed on Val's life force. Karla's body has been buried following her death at the hands of her offspring. The town decides to drink their worries away until Doug confronts them all and orders that everyone leave Karla's bar unless they are interested in maintaining the location as a safe haven.

At LAMBDA, Daphne performs dangerous experiments regarding the ghosts. She is still working to gather enough power to restart the particle accelerator.

Norm sits next to Karla's grave and drinks his sorrows away. Winston comes by and informs him of how Doug has claimed Karla's bar for himself and encourages Norm to take charge of the situation.

Val continues to allow Abigail to feed from her in controlled doses. She and Marilyn argue about the situation but when Val goes outside she is confronted at gun-point by Norm. He is leaving his role as a police officer but has brought some other armed men along to kidnap Abigail, Isabel, Marilyn, and Val whom he knocks out with the butt of his gun.

Winston returns to the bar with some armed men, one of whom knocks Doug out with the butt of his gun so the group can take the bar back for themselves.

Billy wants to bring Landis with him so they can leave town but Landis blames herself for the experiment going wrong and wants to stay and fix it. But when they are driving down a road to head out of town they encounter a barricade set up by some of Norm's men. Billy and Landis are accompanied by another LAMBDA vehicle with two armed guards in them. One of them is shot through the head by a local and his ghost distracts the rednecks long enough for his partner to be able to get into the back of Billy's truck. Billy drives them through the barricade to get away from the commotion.

Norm's men are looking for Roman and want to get into the LAMBDA institute. Roman is warned by Maggie that Norm is rounding people up and her other father has been locked up with others. Now they are coming after him and she wants him to get away to safety. Roman determines that he needs to get to LAMBDA but Maggie implores him to help her father first. Roman remains set on getting to LAMBDA, saying that Doug will be safe in jail. Roman forces Winston out of his truck at gun-point so he can drive to LAMBDA. Winston relays the information on Roman's whereabouts to Norm, who pulls Val out of her holding cell.

Landis explain the legend of the Whistling Man, which tells of how the artifact that LAMBDA is studying had fallen into their town with such impact that it caused a rift to the afterlife. Landis postulates that the object can only be reassembled in the afterlife and Daphne orders her man to go find Roman. Landis still blames Daphne for not being honest and forthcoming from the beginning.

Roman arrives at LAMBDA and tells Billy how his family has been taken captive by Norm's new army. A cop car driven by Norm pulls up and Billy tells Roman to head inside. Billy confronts him about taking his family captive and Norm orders another van to pull up. He opens the side door to reveal Val who warns him not to do anything before the door is shut again. Norm tells Billy that if he doesn't stop whatever LAMBDA is up to in five minutes he will kill Val.

Meanwhile Abigail is growing increasingly hungry in the holding cell, alarming Marilyn and Isabel. Abigail passes out and Marilyn wraps her tightly in a a blanket hoping it can serve as a barrier or restraint for the time being.

Billy reaches Roman who is with Landis and Daphne, standing near the strange object. He warns them of the threat outside and that Roman needs to act fast. Roman assembles the object and it causes everyone else in the room besides him to pass out. Landis' spirit rises and tells Roman to separate it again and the group is able to rise up. Billy determines that they've found a way to save his family.

There is a stand-off outside between the armed LAMBDA security against Norm and his men. Landis emerges and says that Daphne has agreed to meet Norm if he comes inside and in exchange, Dr. Clark will act as a second hostage. Norm doesn't want to go inside but Landis relays the message that Daphne doesn't care if the mayor dies and this is the only way he'll get to meet her. Landis leaves Norm alone in a room with Roman, who says Daphne will be along in a minute. Roman uses the object to knock Norm out.

Some time later, Norm emerges from the building and orders Val be released. He promises her he'll release her family and tells his men that they need to go. It's revealed that Norm is still being kept hostage inside LAMBDA but he is now in Billy's body while Billy's spirit is in Norm's body. Billy-as-Norm gets into the cell and tries to free his family and tells them to go back to LAMBDA but he gets knocked out by Winston, who in turn gets knocked out by Doug who had been let out of his cell. The family heads back to LAMBDA where Billy, Norm, Isabel, and Abigail are all left in a room with Roman and the object. When he puts it together, the spirit that has been using Abigail's body is shot gone with a special object and the girls move to prepare to go back into their own bodies. Billy goes back towards his body but Norm refuses to go back to his body, saying he's finished and just wants to be buried next to Karla. Roman pulls the object apart and Billy is cut loose from the restraints used to keep Norm captive.

True to his wishes, Norm is buried next to Karla. Maggie visits Roman at Norm's grave where she reminds Roman that the reason why she wants to stay is him, and that she doesn't understand why Roman wants to leave. Roman notes that this artifact is dangerous but Maggie says that is only the case if it's in the wrong hands.

Winston continues to raid Karla's bar for supplies but he caught by Doug and some other townsfolk that want revenge for his wrongdoings.

Landis is angry at Billy for dying on her again so he assures her he isn't going anywhere.

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