Ghost Wars S01E13 "...My Soul to Keep" Recap

Winston and some other townsfolk are armed and face off against some of the LAMBDA agents, demanding that they fly them out of town. Some ghosts appear, distracting the townsfolk. The armed agents make a run for it to board their helicopter and try to escape. But not long after the helicopter gets into the air it hits the supernatural barrier that keeps everything trapped, causing it to flip upside down and crash onto the ground down below, exploding on impact.

Roman and the others form a plan to fight back the ghosts. Roman will assemble the artifact and Billy, Val, Landis, and Daphne will be ghosts that try to go to Death's Door and put an end to all that has happened. Marilyn will tend to the bodies and do whatever is needed to ensure they come back to life once the mission is complete.

Val addresses the townsfolk at the bar and informs them of how they'll be embarking on a mission to try to save the town and that it's been an honour being their mayor. Doug is more than willing to look after the other people and try to protect them while their leaders risk their lives. Daphne tells Landis she wants her back working for her once this is finished but Landis tells her they need to survive this mission first before they have the conversation. Billy asks Roman who is real father was and Roman says he's never known who he was. Billy admits to having had flings with Roman's mother but upon realising the implication that Billy could be Roman's father they awkwardly separate.

Maggie visits Roman and tries to advise him not to go through with the plan to rid the town of all the spirits. She is insistent that she won't let the townspeople use Roman or hurt him, and reveals that she is aligning herself with the new spirits to try to stop them.

Winston arrives at the bar and brings a generator and a supply of gas as a peace offering, wanting to stay at the bar. He and Doug have an awkward reunion but it seems that for now they're willing to put their past conflicts aside.

The main group gathers in the church. Marilyn prepares some IV bags to hook up to the bodies that will be going under while Abigail and Isabel stay close by watching. Billy reveals a problem to Landis with his arm that suggests he is seemingly dying from his repeated visits to the other side. She tells him not to say anything right now because there is no other back-up plan and they are all needed to complete this mission.

Roman assembles the artifact and Billy, Landis, Val, and Daphne are displaced from their bodies onto the spiritual plane. Billy instructs them on how to transport themselves to the LAMBDA institute. Roman heads out to get to LAMBDA while the group prepares to fight off some of the ghosts beginning to appear.

The other still-alive members of the team turn on the accelerator again, hopeful that it will banish the ghosts but after a while the ghosts reveal that they're still around. One LAMBDA employee is badly attacked by being slammed on concrete walls.

Billy proposes that he sacrifice himself to open Death's Door in order to finally bring an end to all these ghost attacks. Daphne tries to offer herself instead, saying she is already dying. But Billy insists that he needs to be the one to do it. Marilyn will have to kill Billy's body in the real world so he can reach Death's Door. Billy says his goodbyes to Val and Landis.

Marilyn can't bring herself to kill Billy's body so Daphne's second-in-command agrees to do it for her, getting a dose of a lethal chemical to inject into him. Roman and Landis hold Billy on the spirit plane as he feels that he is dying. Landis says goodbye to him once more, saying that she loves him. Billy finally addresses Roman, as the two have come to the realisation that Billy is Roman's father. There isn't much time, as the ghosts have begun attacking again. Billy apologises to Roman for all the grief he has given him and Roman forgives him, saying he is a good man. They part ways and Roman works fast to get the other spirits back to the church so he can disassemble the artifact before Billy reaches Death's Door and opens it to send all the extra ghosts through to the other side where they belong.

Val and Landis wake safely and are concerned that Daphne seemingly hasn't gotten back in time but after a delay, she also wakes. The town grieves the loss of Billy and celebrate him for his sacrifice to save all of them. Landis and Daphne's second-in-command become concerned when they realise they don't know where the artifact is and both Roman and Daphne are missing. Doug gloats to them, saying he always warned them not to trust Roman.

Roman leaves on Billy's boat with Daphne, whose body has been taken over Maggie. The artifact is on board with them and the pair are running away together.

Some time later, some children in the town follow after the ghost of Rev. Dan, who is walking down the road by the church, whistling.

Ghost Wars airs on Syfy.


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