Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S05E06 "Fun & Games" Recap

The Kree are making preparations to set forth an unschedule Terrigenesis ceremony to put many children through the process to hasten making the profits for Kasius to get away. Fitz finds a moment alone to speak to Gemma and tries to propose marriage but she can't hear him because of the implant Kasius has put in. When Kasius comes over, he explain to Fitz about the implant. Fitz convinces him to make her able to hear the guests so she can better serve them.

A boy named Flint who is a friend of Tess is put into Terrigenesis and successfully survives the process.

Fitz has dinner with Kasius and the other bidders, during which he impresses Kasius by being a strong and intimidating character.

The team helps Tess sneak Flint into hiding to prevent him from being sold off the base with the other Inhumans.

The first exhibition is held for the bidders, with May being an addition to the lineup despite not being an Inhuman. She still has her leg injury but remains a formidable fighter against Ben. Fitz subtly questions Kasius during the exhibition to learn more about his motives, including his trying to prove himself to his father. In the end, Ben is on the verge of winning the fight but May is still alive. Fitz, trying to save May, suggests that May simply be sent to the surface so they can get on to the main event of seeing 'The Destroyer' (Daisy) display her powers. Kasius agrees and May is escorted away by guards.

Tess is questioned in regards to Flint's disappearance by one of Kasius' men. He warns her there will be consequences if she is keeping things from him. Flint is wondering what his powers are, as they have yet to reveal themselves. Yo-Yo advises him on the process of getting new powers but the group is overheard and caught by Grill, who intends to turn them over to Kasius.

Ben is killed for lying during Daisy's interrogation, during which he claimed that Simmons was the only one that travelled through time with Daisy. Gemma meets privately with Daisy and assures her that Ben's death wasn't her fault. They work to form a plan of escape.

The team tries to reason with Grill, saying how they are there from the past to save the world but he doesn't believe in the prophecy, only profit. Flint saves the others from dying using geokinesis, his new power that has manifested. He is able to kill Grill before he can kill him or any of the team members.

Fitz is informed that Kasius' brother has arrived, which poses a problem as he's a more feared and more wealthy bidder than Fitz's alias. Faulnak is only there because their father ordered him to come. Faulnak declares that the only acceptable course of action is for Sinara to fight Daisy in the exhibition to the death.

Tess is hanged and killed as punishment for Flint's disappearance.

The battle ensues between Daisy and Sinara. It's an impressive display of skills but through a coordinated effort between Daisy, Fitz, and Simmons, they are able to to subdue the others and begin their escape.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Fridays on ABC at 9/8c.


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