Marvel's Runaways S01E08 "Tsunami" Recap

Victor is bleeding out after Janet shot him. The other members of Pride arrive to provide medical attention to him.

Alex reveals to Nico how he had been helping Amy before she died. He uncovered that her mother had hacked Amy and had ben monitoring her keystrokes, causing her to be frightened. Kincaid had tracked her down and urged her to admit what she did because her mother would find out regardless. Alex and Nico have a falling out due to Alex keeping Amy's secrets from her, as she's never recovered from the trauma of losing her sister.

Molly is sent to live with her relative, Graciela, and is devastated by the feeling of being seemingly discarded and abandoned. The Steins are also summoned by Janet with a single word that is code for a disaster: "tsunami".

Chase is sent upstairs to patch up while Pride works on helping Victor. They are adamant about not calling the police as Janet was having an affair and shot him with a gun given to her by her lover, Robert, and it would only lead to disastrous things. Chase pleads with his mother for answers about his father's rapid mood swings. Janet has compassion for Chase still having love for his father despite everything.

The Steins try to give Victor medical help while the other members of Pride refrain from calling Leslie, believing it only cause problems since they feel she is too close to Jonah. Chase tries to call Gert to talk but she misses the call since she's spending time with the dinosaur. Chase calls Karolina next and she picks up. He tries to ask her to come over but changes his mind, not wanting to get her involved despite his wish to not be alone. Karolina then calls Nico to say that she thinks something is wrong. Karolina also calls Gert, who tells her how Molly has been sent away. Gert notes that Karolina doesn't want to be alone with Chase because he kissed her and she likes Nico, who likes/liked Alex. She agrees to come along and after the call is surprised and pleased to find that Chase had called her first.

Leslie arrives to help Victor by bringing Frank along, believing he'll be able to heal him with his new gloves. For some unknown reason, his healing powers don't fix Victor but send him into a coma instead. Jonah arrives and Leslie denies having been the one to call him. Tina is revealed to have been the one to call him, thinking there was no other option. He tells Pride to set up the devices and wants Victor to be revived in the same manner he himself gets revived. He orders the group to have Janet be sacrificed since she was the one who shot Victor.

Gert and Karolina show up to Chase's house where Gert picks the lock so they can get inside. However, Gert's dinosaur has followed her there. They bring the dinosaur along as they head further inside to find Chase. Chase has a confrontation with Frank but Karolina shows up and intervenes, telling Chase to go upstairs where Gert is already waiting. Karolina stays behind and tells Frank everything she knows about Pride, wanting her to stay good and uninvolved in the horrible things Pride have done. Chase is frightened when he returns to his room and sees the dinosaur but Gert assures him she can control the dinosaur.

Graciela gives Molly a mysterious letter containing a key and a message to find her stuffed elephant. Graciela recalls how she once lost her elephant at a train station so she decides to check the nearest train station to follow the lead. She sneaks out that night instead of waiting till morning.

Janet is alarmed at the prospect of being forcibly sacrificed for Victor. She tries to convince them to not put her in and Jonah says that he doesn't care which one of them gets sacrificed but someone has to do it. They begin to argue, especially when Jonah threatens the lives of their children. Dale pulls the gun on the group that Janet had used to shoot Victor, not wanting his daughters to be put in danger till Geoffrey pulls out a gun of his own, forcing Dale to disarm. Jonah says either Janet will go in the box or Chase will. She agrees to go but then Robert speaks up, wanting a moment alone to talk to her. He tells her to say goodbye to Chase or else he will never have the closure. But when she steps away, Robert puts on a fistigon and insists that he will be the one to go in the box. Jonah declares that he's fine with Robert sacrificing himself but Tina refuses to let him die and uses her staff to destroy the pod. Leslie and Tina nearly come to blows since Victor is the only one that can make a new box but Jonah breaks up the conflict, saying they will resolve the matter at a later point. Victor will be kept somewhere same until they can find another way to revive him. Robert apologises to Tina for all that he is done to betray their relationship, moved by her significant sacrifice to save him.

Nico is at home snooping through her sister's belongings again and finds a bag of her things which include her old cellphone. She retrieves footage of their parents performing a ritual and sends it to Alex.

Janet checks on Chase and assures him that Victor is being taken care of. Chase still wants another chance with his father once he has healed.

Molly arrives at the train station and finds a locker that her key unlocks. Inside is a VHS tape.

Alex tells Nico he has determined that their parents don't want to perform these rituals but they still don't know why they do so. Chase, Gert, and Karolina arrive and both Chase and Karolina agree that the footage shouldn't be shared. Chase thinks that if their parents are exposed his father will die while Karolina thinks that Frank will be able to help them. Chase attacks Alex and destroys his laptop.

At Nico's home, Amy's phone turns back on from being charged. A text message pops up from an unknown caller saying that "he" has found out and that she needs to run. In a flashback, Amy is shown to be trying to gather up some belongings while she was erasing her hard drive but an unknown person arrived and daughter her in her room.

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