Marvel's Runaways S01E09 "Doomsday" Recap

Ten years ago the Hernandezes were working with some strange rocks that glow and move. They call the Steins to show them some of their findings but after the call the Hernandezes find they are locked in the room with a bomb that detonates. Molly was with them in the room that exploded but survives due to her holding one of the strange rocks which gives her the super powers that have since manifested. Leslie is revealed to be the one that set up the bomb and afterwards she calls Tina to tell her she handled it. Right after the call, Tina burns her hand on a pan she was cooking food in.

In the present, Gabriela discovers that Molly has snuck out. Nico tries to check on Amy's phone but is interrupted by her father who says that her mother has allowed him to move back home and now they will seemingly try to mend their relationship. Since her father likes to spend time in Amy's room to get some comfort so Nico has to wait to be able to check on the phone.

Karolina talks with Frank who doesn't want the kids putting themselves in danger going against Pride and wants to handle things himself.

Janet implores Chase to not make waves regarding Victor's absence, which she has already given an excuse to the public for. She assures him that Jonah is invested in Victor's survival and Pride is working hard to help him but now Chase needs to be careful. The teens are still angry at Chase, Alex in particular. Chase tries to apologise to Alex but now the group has no idea of what their next step is. Alex proposes they call themselves the "Runaways" in memoriam of all the people they haven't been able to save. They all decide to go to the upcoming school dance since according to Gert, if there's nothing left for them to do then they might as well just dance.

In a flashback to fifteen years prior, Tina returns home and finds that Jonah has sent the babysitter home and is playing with a young toddler Amy. Nico is just an infant. Jonah ominously warns Tina that raising girls is easy until they're teenagers which is when they turn on their mothers.

In the present, Jonah wants to use Geoffrey's drilling company to dig a hole deep underneath Los Angeles. He assigns the other Pride members to keep the job on task. Darius is monitoring the area by paying off one of the guards but the guard comes out to tell him he and the other employees have been fired. Darius says he has been twenty years to find out what Darius has been up to.

Molly sneaks back to the school to meet the group and shows them the VHS tape she found. Alex directs them to a place where they find a tape-player and on it they find a video of Molly's parents that tell her about Pride. Pride is planning on digging something up deep in the city and that they had been led to believe they were finding a renewable energy source but with the research they've been doing they are concerned that digging in deep to retrieve what they're after will cause cataclysmic seismic events. They warn Molly that if they're watching this they weren't able to stop it themselves and send her their love, imploring her to stop Pride and apologising that they couldn't be the ones to do it. The group speculates that this could've been the reason Molly's parents died and become renewed in their motivation to stop their parents. They realise that the work they're claiming to do on the school has all been a front for this one goal. Though they're just teenagers, they know they need to stop this because no one else will. They decide to still go to the dance as it will be the perfect cover to investigate the drilling site.

Frank confronts Jonah with what he knows about Pride.

Nico shows Alex the text from Amy's phone that warned her about some unknown man finding out what she was up to and to get out. They try to speculate on who she might've been involved with but are interrupted by Robert coming in reminding them to come out so Tina can take pictures of them. When they're alone again Nico insists to him that she's no longer romantically interested in him because of his keeping secret what he knew about Amy. He's still interested but she remains firm in her resolve.

The Steins call Graciela to check in on Molly and are alarmed to find out that she ran off. Graciela reveals how the Hernandezes didn't trust them enough to leave the key with them and insists that they leave Molly alone. The Steins ponder on how the Hernandezes must have known that they would end up in a compromised position and that they must've been up against the same battles they are now fighting and lost. Their train of thought is interrupted by Jonah who calls to insist that Pride comes over for a group meeting.

The teens all arrive at the dance. Molly waits in the car with the dinosaur and advises Gert to go 'get' Chase and live her truth. She meets Chase inside and she opens up about often feeling invisible at school. He points out how she always thought he was an idiot but she admits she never actually though that and only said it because she felt ignored. She brings him to a back room so they can have one last dance before the world ends. He tells her he always saw her and the two have sex. Nico, Karolina, and Alex are waiting in the car with Molly and are wondering why Chase and Gert are taking so long. Nico and Karolina head back into the dance to look for them but Karolina takes the moment of privacy to kiss Nico, admitting her feelings for her. Right after, a disheveled Chase and Gert emerge. They all head out, not acknowledging any of the unresolved issues in their romantic entanglements.

Jonah has Pride gathered and informs them of all that their children know and how they've been conspiring against them for weeks. Jonah confronts each of the adults for their transgressions against him and he reminds them that the consequences of questioning his leadership will be severe. He asks them where their children are, skeptical of the cover story of them going to the dance. The parents return to their homes to find all the missing supplies, including the staff, the fistigons, the dinosaur, and the key card to the digging site.

Darius is waiting in a restaurant near the digging site with his pregnant wife. He confides in her about his determination to find out what is going on. She warns him that she doesn't want to raise this child alone. Darius says how he has seen things like a glowing girl, super gloves, and super strength. He wants to take whatever is going on away from Geoffrey. He plans to wait out in his car to keep an eye on the digging site, and she leaves to head home and get some sleep.

The teens arrive at the digging site and reaffirm their friendship, despite the conflicts they've experienced. They agree to all work together to stop the drill. A security guard says that Alex's father isn't in charge anymore but the Church of Gibborim is. Karolina tells the guard to call Frank, who confirms her cover story but is revealed to have Jonah in the car and is working with him. The teens are let into the construction site where Chase and Gert begin to work on the drill. Gert tries to claim that their having sex was simply the result of them being teenagers with hormones caught up in the moment. Chase uses his fistigons to destroy the drill while Molly pushes a large truck into the hole. Nico uses the staff to try to fill the hole but the adult members of Pride arrive and Tina uses her advanced knowledge to summon the staff back to her. The parents insist that everything they've done has been to protect their children but the teens insist on fighting back, with Molly revealing her glowing eyes and Karolina removing her bracelet to reveal her hyper-glowing states. The adults are all shocked by the display, with Leslie saying she didn't know about this but it is what she was afraid of.

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