Marvel's Runaways S01E10 "Hostile" Recap

The teens prepare to fight their parents. The dinosaur shows up and Gert's father shoots it with a tranquilizer. Chase tries to blast them with the fitstigons but Tina's staff protects it. Molly tries to pick up a heavy barrel to throw at them but Jonah shows up and blasts her with power of his own to knock her down. His body is glowing and despite please to not hurt the kids, he blasts them to send them all flying back. The kids get up and move forward again to try to stand their ground. Gert removes the tranquilizer from the dinosaur, who walks forward with her to line up with the other teens. Karolina tells the others to go, saying she'll hold Jonah off. They object, Nico in particular, but eventually relent and leave. Jonah glows completely, a bright white light to match Karolina's more pink shade of glow. He blasts her and then she blasts him back. Their beams of light are pressed up against one another until a hole forms between them. The teens who are still running away take cover when a large blast comes rushing by them, knocking out the street lights.

The Runaways hide out in the woods. Nico wants to do everything they can to save Karolina but the rest of the group is more skeptical before deciding they should work together to find her. Their parents are pondering how they've been played by Jonah, Leslie, and Karolina being at the epicenter of everything going on. The Yorkes admit they didn't know about Molly's abilities. Tina admits that Leslie was at the lab that took out the Hernandezes. She didn't know what Leslie was going to do but didn't do anything to stop her. The parents don't want their children to be in danger and decide they need to figure out this plan is really all about.

Jonah has 'kidnapped' Karolina, who has been brought back to the church where she is hooked up to the machine that tended to his health needs when he was sickly and in need of sacrifices to rejuvenate him.

Nico asks Chase about his hooking up with Gert and he admits that it's complicated because he really likes her. They're at a store looking for disguises, with Molly not far off looking at sunglasses and wigs.

Alex had been looking for a laptop to use and Gert was looking after her dinosaur which is now named Old Lace. The team reunites and votes against Gert, saying they can't bring Old Lace with them because it's too dangerous to keep when they need to be staying hidden as they move from place to place. Gert speaks to Old Lace in private, explaining why they need to stay apart for now. She instructs Old Lace to stay hidden during the day and only hunt at night, promising they'll reunite when things are calmer.

The Runaways approach a worker, Vaughn, from the Church of Gibborim to ask for his help to find Karolina, saying she's in trouble. They point out how young people go missing every year like clockwork and Karolina is next if they don't do something. He doesn't want to betray the church despite his concerns for Karolina. Donning their disguises, Chase and Molly get on one of the recruiting buses for the Church of Gibborim.

The Yorkes discover something is in the hole Jonah is having them dig that is alive, and inform Leslie of this when she approaches them as they work. Leslie didn't know about it, as Jonah has been keeping secrets from her too.

Vaughn recognises Chase and Molly and helps them by bringing them into the back areas to try to find Karolina. When they find her, they must take off running to get away from church employees. Nico tells Gert how Chase said that he really likes her and Gert is somewhat taken aback by the information. Alex finds a car and gets everyone rounded up, including Chase, Molly, and Karolina once they get outside. Leslie is revealed to have approved Vaughn to help the Runaways rescue Karolina. She assures him that she is still in charge of the church.

Alex's parents had confront Jonah about the safety of the kids at the church and Alex overheard them say that they will find him themselves. The teens make it back to their hideout in the woods but Alex slips away to use a payphone in town to call Darius for backup, claiming that the enemy of his enemy is his friend. Their deal is that Alex will tell Darius everything he knows about Pride in exchange for hundreds of dollars that Alex needs to by a gun to protect himself and his friends.

The parents, minus the Wilders who are sticking to finding Alex themselves, all meet. Leslie apologises for her deception and admits that she was indirectly responsible for Amy's death and is unsure of Frank's loyalty to be able to be brought in to their circle. She says that when Amy found something confidential it set off the alarm and Jonah wanted to talk to her, to scare her into keeping quiet. She tried to send a text to Amy to warn her to get out but it didn't work, clearly. Leslie believes Jonah killed Amy. The Minorus are outraged but the remaining parents have no choice but to work together to be able to kill Jonah.

Jonah meets with Frank and they plan their next move while observing Victor's body. Jonah needs another sacrifice.

Alex returns to the group while his father is at home telling his wife he needs to make a call that will ensure the kids get to safety. Then they as adults will be able to go to war against Jonah. The Runaways head to a bus station, prepared to go on the run. Gert is outside while the others are inside looking at the schedule. She hears a banging in the nearby dumpster and finds Old Lace is hiding inside eating some discarded scraps. Gert runs inside to let her friends know that Old Lace is back but then they all see a news story that is claiming they are wanted for Destiny's murder. A nearby man also watching the story recognises their faces from the screen so they all get outside and take off running.

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