Sense8 S01E12 "I Can't Leave Her" Recap

A flashback of Will shows how he was seeing a young girl (another sensate that was captured by Whispers) but these visions were dismissed by a therapist as him projecting a need to save others due to the instability of having an alcoholic father.

Riley is being transported to the BPO facility in Iceland and re-experiences the car crash that killed her husband Magnus. She immediately went into labour in the overturned car and after giving birth to her daughter she felt no choice but to go out into the freezing Icelandic winter to try to find help but her daughter ended up freezing to death.

Will visits Riley and assures he he is coming for her. Nomi is visiting with Will and helping to talk him through breaking into BPO. She sets him up with a car using Metzger's credit cards for him to drive out from the airport and loads the car's GPS with directions to the facility.

When Riley arrives at the facility Yrsa visits Riley and advises her to kill herself in order to ensure the safety of the rest of her cluster. She manages to grab a gun off one of the guards and has a vision of Angelica at the house she killed herself at and puts the gun in her mouth. Will sense her danger and visits her, pleading with her not to give up and assuring her that he is coming for her. Riley tearfully relents and is restrained and sedated.

Wolfgang is brought to his uncle and patted down but manages to pull a gun out from his coat pocket after revealing that he killed Steiner and begins to kill the guards. He also shoots his uncle in the chest but Will warns him that the sound was that of a bullet hitting kevlar which means he's still alive. His uncle sits up and begins to shoot at Wolfgang along with many other guards emerging, forcing Wolfgang to run upstairs and hide in the kitchen. He topples over a large cabinet to barricade the door. He and Kala visit one another and she begins searching through the kitchen's supplies and helps him to build a bomb, insisting that she's not ready to say goodbye to him. He kisses her once more time before lighting the ignition of the bomb and throwing it outside the door to take out the guards attempting to break in. Upon emerging he confronts his uncle once more, admitting that he killed his own abusive father as a child, and finally kills his uncle in a brutal display of violence. Kala watches the exchange tearfully and Wolfgang tells her this is why she needs to marry Rajan.

Nomi and Amanita advise Will to sabotage the luxury car given so as to distract the guards so he can get through the front door. She then gives him a false name and story of being a medical waste worker. The access code doesn't work initially so they tell him to turn up the brightness and he's able to get let in. Whispers has arrived at the facility and is trying to look Riley in the eyes but she has been heavily sedated because of her earlier incident with the gun. Nomi can't find Riely's location in the building because she hasn't been entered in the computer system so Lito arrives to help. He puts on a cover story and charms a nurse with a bit of flirting, gossiping, and acting of course. Through this, the sensates are able to get the room number but Whispers is watching Will on the surveillance system. Jonas informs Nomi and Will that there's an ambulance leaving in twelve minutes because someone on their side if pretending to have a heart attack. Whispers orders extra security to be placed around Riley's room. Sun arrives to fight off the guards in a brilliant display of skills, precision, and aggression.

Upon entering the room, Will sees Riley just as she wakes from her sedated state. He carries her out of the room and she's still half-unconscious. Nomi guides Will to hide out in a room full of medical supplies and Kala arrives to find and administer the correct chemical combination to safely wake Riley, though it'll be a bit violent. Now that she's more fully awake, she sadly warns Will that he shouldn't have come since everyone around her dies. Whispers determines they are trying to escape in the ambulance and orders no guns be used since he wants them to be captured alive. As Will is descending down the elevator, he and Whispers make eye contact which gives him access to all that Will sees and experiences. They reach the ambulance and Will can't find the keys. Capheus arrives and helps Will hotwire it into starting. Whispers taunts Will as he's fleeing, now that he can get in his head.

There's only one long road that Will is driving on and Amanita tells Will to take a left down a road that will take him into a section of land that will have fog and prevent the helicopter Whispers is chasing him in from being able to see and continue following him. The helicopter tries to stay hovering and block Will in the road from reaching the fog but Wolfgang takes over driving and his ability to handle the most dangerous situations is all the bluff they need to force the helicopter to pull up. Riley becomes hysterical and distraught as she begins reliving the car accident and birth/death of her child since it is the same area they are now driving in. They both share a vision of Angelica and Will is forced to pull over. Riley jumps out and begins running up a mountain and Will gets out to follow her. Will tries to comfort Riley while Jonas warns him that Whispers is getting into a car and will find them soon if they don't continue their escape.

There's a moment where it appears as if Will is considering killing himself to save the cluster but instead he drops his gun and runs back to the ambulance to get some medicine from the back. He finds enough sedatives that he'll be able to render himself unconscious. He sits in the passenger's side seat and injects himself before looking out at Riley on the mountain. He visits her and tells her their only chance to get away is if she comes back to the ambulance and drives them away, since Whispers has gotten into his head. She cries that she can't do it but Will holds her close and tells her he loves her, pleading with her to not give up. He kisses her once more before succumbing to the sedatives.

The scene cuts to Riley and Will on a boat on which she injects Will again to keep him drugged enough to not reveal their location. Dazed, he tells her she's saved them. Riley looks up and sees the other members of the cluster sitting on the boat with them.

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