Sense8 S02E01 "Happy F*cking New Year." Recap

Amanita is maintaining a cover of not knowing where Nomi is but an Agent Bendix is harassing her and has illegally read her text messages in which she's talking to Nomi. He threatens to also put Amanita behind bars if she doesn't cooperate and Nomi monitors the interaction through a surveillance feed she has that allows her to keep in contact with Amanita while she stays hidden at their home.

Sun is still in solitary confinement and thinks about her brother Joong-Ki and begins to work out and train to pass the time and to prepare for her eventual vengeance quest against him. A guard adds another two weeks to her confinement due to her kicking the wall during her exercises. A new lawyer visits Sun after her other lawyer was threatened into dropping her case. He wants to subpoena Joong-Ki but Sun warns her to leave him alone because he is too dangerous to take on.

Wolfgang continues to check in on Felix, who is still being medically treated at the private facility. Wolfgang is sad about Kala who is on her honeymoon after marrying Rajan. She is also conflicted regarding her feelings for Wolfgang.

Joaquin releases the photos of Lito and Hernando having sex and the photos are circulated all over the news and internet. Lito visits Nomi when he is afraid for himself. Nomi admits she is afraid that their conversation may have pressured him into coming out to the public before he was ready but he doesn't regret saving Daniela. Now the media is hounding him, Joaquin, and Daniela and homophobes are sending him hate.

Will and Riley are hiding out in a safe house where he routinely shoots heroin in order to block out Whispers from forcibly visiting him. He has a nightmare of visiting with Angelica before shooting himself in the head which causes him to wake up.

Kala tries to explain to Rajan about the guilt she feels over being connected to people across the world that are suffering due to corruption, hate, etc. But her train of thought is interrupted when she finds out Rajan asked her mother for advice about their having sex for the first time. While Kala vents her anger, Lito is angered that his apartment complex has been spray-painted with a homophobic slur and the media are swarming his car. Daniela encourages him and Hernando to come stay at her house for a while.

Capheus and Jela work on repairing the matatu which is riddle from bullets due to the attack from the bandits. Jela wants to understand how Capheus was able to fight off the bandits and Capheus attempts to explain his connection to a "spirit" of a Korean woman that helped him to fight off the bandits. Capheus expresses his gratitude to Sun while she visits him.

Jonas briefly visits Will during a moment between hits of heroin and they look at Whispers who is with his family in England. The connection to Whispers is lost after a short while since Whispers takes blockers on a regular basis to prevent any other sensates from tracking him. Will and Jonas continue to visit as Jonas is being transferred to another facility. Will shares how he has been having visions of Angelia in a cabin. Jonas shares how this was the first place he considered a home. Will doesn't understand how he could see this when he's never been to the cabin nor met Angelica. Jonas explains that just as a genetic birth transfers genes, a sensate birth transfers sense experience and memory. This also wasn't the first cluster she gave birth to and Jonas said the same thing that happened to them is what's happening to himself currently. Will wants to know about the cluster Whispers was born into and Angelica tells him they're all dead but Whispers still talks to them in his sleep.

Capheus and Jela are unsuccessful in their attempts to repair Van Damn and the engine begins smoking when they try to turn on the ignition. They run out and away from it just in time before the entire matatu explodes and bursts into flames.

It's the cluster's birthday and they all find ways to celebrate. Lito and Hernando have birthday sex. Capheus receives a new fully decorated matatu from Kabaka to thank him for saving his and his daughter's life. Kala gets an expensive necklace from Rajan. Sun is visited by one of her prison friends who bribed a guard so she could visit and present her with a drawing of Sun with her dog. Nomi and Amanita sneak out to have a picnic on the hill. Wolfgang is out clubbing in Berlin. Will and Riley bathe together and agree that it's a special occasion so they should visit the rest of the cluster to enjoy the festivities. Varying forms of celebrations take place in their various locations as they all rejoice in the reunion. The dancing, food, and merriment eventually shifts when Wolfgang is made uncomfortable by seeing Kala in the arms of Rajan.

Kala visits with Sun and Kala opens up about her anxieties regarding having sex with Rajan for the first time. Sun shares about the experience of her first time having sex. She was 17 and fought a boy named Woojin in the final round of the tournament. She had hoped that if she won her father would let her compete in the nationals. Instead, after she won her father forbade her from ever fighting again. Sun vented her frustration in the locker room and was approached by Woojin who commended her fighting skills and said that she was the best opponent she ever had and it was an honour to fight her. She made her move on him and they had sex. Sun explains to Kala that sex isn't something to be afraid of but something to honour and enjoy.

Various members of the cluster begin to have sex. Riley and Will are in their hideout, Nomi and Amanita are on the hill, Lito and Hernando sneak into the bathroom of the club they're partying at, Wolfgang is searching for a tinder hookup, and Kala is preparing to consummate her marriage. The cluster begins to collectively have sex with one another through their visit.

Wolfgang is having sex with his tinder date when Kala accidentally walk in on them when she's trying to get to Rajan so they can consummate their marriage. Wolfgang and Kala keep visiting each other, frustrating Kala. Kala tries to climb off Rajan since her mood has been ruined and Rajan ends up falling off the bed and injuring his genitals. He is brought to the hospital and is told that it's just a sprain and should heal up after some time without any long-lasting consequences.

Lito has a meeting with his agents, who wants to sue the people who are accusing him of being gay but Lito states that he no longer wants to deny who he is. His agents warn him that there will be consequences to his career but allow him to make his own decisions. When he returns home he finds that he and Hernando have been evicted from their apartment and much of their belongings were taken away.

Wolfgang meets with his aunt and later, a territory boss named Volker who offer him the opportunity to get involved with organised crime since there is an opening in leadership by killing his uncle. Wolfgang's aunt wants him to calm the rise in conflict that has come from people fighting due to a vacancy in position. Wolfgang turns them down.

Will wakes up and is visited by Whispers who chides him for wasting his life away shooting up with drugs the way Angelica did at the end of her life. Will and Whispers dance around each other with trying to figure out where the other person is. Will has extensive interrogation experience as a cop and tries to rattle Whispers by deducing that Whispers is in trouble with his bosses for the things that went wrong in Iceland. Riley wakes and upon realizing that Will is visiting with Whispers, works quickly to inject him a dose of heroin and sever the connection.

Nomi is invited by her sister to be her maid of honour but Nomi is worried that she'd be putting everyone in danger. She and Amanita have to hide when their friend at the LGBT centre warns them that law enforcement are coming. Agent Bendix searches the room while Nomi and Amanita hide in a secret passage. When Agent Bendix threatens their friend to shut down the shelter, Nomi and Amanita later decide to leave so as to not ruin the shelter that many other LGBT-individuals need.

Felix wakes up and pretends to want a quiet life from now on, which Wolfgang agrees to. But Felix then reveals he's just kidding and is more than happy to resume their regular activities. While they are out drinking, a crime leader sends them drinks to show respect to Wolfgang and his family name.

Sun is visited by some men who claim that her lawyer has retired and they will be handling her case now. She suspects something is off and The cluster visit her to point out they are bad liars, are pretending to be lawyers, and that the surveillance camera in the room has just powered down. The men admit they are there to kill her and say it will be an easy cover story to claim she went crazy and they just had to defend themselves. The cluster continue to help her by distracting the men and picking the lock on her handcuffs so she can get free. Wolfgang also helps her to fight and beat/kill the men and afterward, the entire cluster stands in the room with her and asks if she is alright. She thanks them for their help and Riley tells her this is what family is for.

Nomi and Amanita decide to move in with Bug since it's their next best option. Kala and Rajan are going shopping for a home. Wolfgang and Felix return home to find that a territory boss named Volker is waiting for him wanting to again offer Wolfgang the opportunity to get involved with organised crime but again, Wolfgang refuses. Will calls his father while Riley sits with him to offer emotional support. His father implores him to come home and to not believe what the government agents are saying about him. Will tells him it's about Sara, the young sensate girl he knew as a girl that led to Will having to go to therapy to convinced the voice(s) he was hearing weren't real. His father presses him to come home and get help but Will apologises, saying he can't and that he loves him.

Nomi and Sun visit. Nomi is working on a hack of the prison transport system so Sun can be freed. Sun wants to watch the interview Joong-Ki is giving about Sun attacking him during his visit to prison. He claims that he wants Sun to get help. Nomi is worried that Sun will break her laptop again in anger but after Sun claims that she won't be upset by watching it, she lashes out in anger causing Nomi to throw her fist into her food instead.

Kala vists Wolfgang in Berlin and is amazed by the snow, something she has never seen before. She chides Wolfgang for being so pessimistic and flirts with him before starting a snow fight when he tries to kiss her. Felix and some women walk up and interrupt him rolling around in the snow.

It's Christmas time and the members of the cluster all find ways to celebrate. Riley insists on letting Will come outside blindfolded so they can have one night to enjoy themselves, as she thinks Whispers will be too busy with his family to hunt Will. Riley removes the blindfold to show Will a patch of ice for them to go iceskating together.

Lito brings Hernando and Daniela home with him to meet his mother. Lito shares how he used his first big paycheck as an actor to buy his mother a home, since she always believed in him. Lito is nervous to see his mother now that he has been outed but she simply tells him he has nothing to apologise for and still loves and accepts him for who he is. She tells him she is proud of him for not hiding who he is and that she always knew.

The cluster members enjoy the holidays with their loved ones, all taking time to visit one another and see how they all celebrate. Whispers appears to Will while he is out iceskating with Riley. Riley tries to hurry to get some heroin to inject Will who is panicked to find that Whispers is visiting Will's father. Will cries as he watches Whispers talk to Will's father, who is drinking and insisting that Will is a good cop. Despite Whispers suggesting that Will was involved in terrorist activities Will's father says no matter what Will did he just wants him to come home. Will threatens to kill Whispers and the connection is severed when Riley finally injects him. Will expresses concerns over how long he can keep this up and doubts about whether he can beat Whispers. Riley encourages him that they can beat him together.

Sun is finally returned to her regular cell and is united with her friends there. Volker invites Wolfgang and Felix to his New Year's party and witnesses Volker threaten another leader. Worried, he decides it's time for him and Wolfgang to leave. When the man Volker threatened runs up to Wolfgang begging for help, Wolfgang pushes him off but he is forced to flee with Felix when Volker's men shoot and kill the man. They chase after Wolfgang and Felix who hide in sideway street behind some parked cars. They shoot their firecrackers at the four men who begin to shoot off wildly. Wolfgang and Felix then fight the men. Wolfgang is grabbed by some of the men but Sun appears and helps him to stay calm and break free before helping him to fight off the men. Will also appears to help him in his fight and eventually Wolfgang emerges victorious. The cluster all appear to check on his well-being and he wishes them a 'happy fucking new year'.

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