Sense8 S02E02 "Who Am I?" Recap

Will is struggling to learn more about Whispers and BPO while taking his regular doses of heroin to block him out. Riley tends to him as best as she can while he battles nightmares of the violence Whispers has inflicted on other sensates. Riley asks him questions about what he can see of Whispers' life so she can document them.

Lito is being harassed on the red carpet of his latest film by a vicious reporter demanding Lito admit outright whether or not he is gay. Much of the public has turned against him following his outing. Capheus is being interviewed by a female reporter named Zakia, who presses him on whether he should be glorifying a white celebrity. She is impressed by his answer and introduces herself. She is so impressed by his answer that she comes back to visit him when she's off the clock and asks him out for lunch.

A man named Sebastian Fuchs approaches Wolfgang and Felix at a nightclub and gifts them with ownership of the club, only saying he admires their loyalty to one another as an explanation.

Riley visits Kala pleading for her to help medically treat Will since he isn't eating. The cluster is working together to try to get results from the information Will provides and be strong for him while he struggles through the pains of taking heroin to block out Whispers while also trying to spy on him.

Nomi and Amanita head to Chicago to try to find information on the evolutionary origins of sensates. The head to a university and sit in on a lecture from Dr. Kolovi who speaks about a theorised early hominid called homo sensorium, which may have been able to communicate in a manner much like the sensates. Kolovi believes that homo sensorium was wiped out by homo sapiens. They approach him after the lecture and he recognises a photo of Whispers as a former student of his named Matheson.

Riley tricks Whispers with strategic elements planted in the apartment to make him believe she and Will are still in Iceland. In actuality, they are hiding in Amsterdam. She goes out to visit her father who still loves and trusts her despite what people are saying back in Iceland. Will has a setback when trying to make deductions about the room Whispers allows him to visit him in, and the room is revealed to be staged.

Will visits Nomi while she and Amanita go to visit Sara Patrell's mother, still in Chicago. She opens up about Will visiting as a young boy claiming to be able to see Sara. Will even visited later after he graduated from the police academy to check in on her. During the visit, Sara's mother sends Will her best wishes. She reveals that Whispers had been Sara's tutor before she died (she doesn't know that he was the one to kill her). Angelica and Jonas, and even Whispers had all come to visit her after Sara disappeared. Will tells Nomi to relay the message that he never gave up on finding Sara and finding justice for her, and when Sara's mother receives the message she says that she knows.

Finally, Will is able to surprise Whispers by visiting him during an important meeting with a BPO higher-up named Richard Wilson Croome. They determine that Whispers is in London and Nomi is the one that manages to track down Richard's name by using her hacking skills with the information they pick up on in the room. Whispers panics when Will says Richard's full name and drops the blockers he was attempting to retrieve onto the desk. Whispers is being reprimanded for all the money he cost BPO with the problems in Iceland. Whispers says he is compromised and tries to leave the room but Will stops him first and warns Whispers that now they are the ones hunting him.

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