Sense8 S02E03 "Obligate Mutualisms" Recap

Will has another meeting with Whispers in the staged room but this time Will uses his newfound knowledge to make some power moves. He points out that Whispers is not at the top of the hierarchy, so Will wants to talk to Croome. Nomi and Bug do some hacking and feed Will information about how Croome has a sick aunt as well as a mistress despite being married. Once Whispers passes this information along Croome agrees to meet Will face-to-face despite Whispers protesting against it. Whispers is put on ice due to Nomi sending him an encrypted text on his private numbers since Whispers was initially refusing to pass on this part of the information. Now Will is finally free to go outside with Riley while the rest of the cluster joins them in the sunny day.

Lito loses his leading role in an upcoming film following his coming out and the consequent flopping of his latest film. His agents give him a large stack of scripts for him to look over for a replacement project.

Nomi and Amanita are excited to go out for dinner together since they finally have a bit of room to breathe. Sun is pulled from her room by some men disguised as prison guards so she visits Nomi, knowing something is wrong, and pleads for her help. Will also join in the visit and they surmise that the men are going to try to kill her. Amanita and Bug spring into action to help Nomi save Sun. They hack into the prison security system to monitor the fake guards as they bring Sun towards a room. Wolfgang helps her fight the men off when the group notices the nearby security camera power down. The guards use a taser on her and drag her into the room where they tase her again, causing Capheus to nearly crush his van and Nomi to collapse on Bug's boat.

Sun continues to fight off the guards to the best of her ability despite still having her hands restrained but she is tased again, this time causing Kala to collapse at work. All the cluster begins to struggle to breathe as Sun is pulled up by her neck. She is close to death but her friend and roommate, the elderly Min-jung arrives and kills the fake guard holding the chord keeping Sun hanging up. Sun regathers her strength and with the help of other fighters in the cluster finally manages to kill the rest of the fake guards. As the fake guards have keys to the prison, Sun takes this opportunity to break out and brings Min-jung along with her. Sun knows that the men were hired by her brother Joong-ki. The cluster helps Sun on her quest to escape, from hot-wiring a bus to hacking the security system to give her clearance to leave. Will, Wolfgang, and Capheus help to form a plan in which Sun abandons the bus in a parking lot and finds an inconspicuous car to steal. The cluster isn't sure where to go next since the city has too many surveillance cameras and Min-jung offers for them to go to her friend's place which isn't too far away.

Felix and Wolfgang visit Fuchs at his loft. There, Wolfgang meets Lila Facchini, the partner of Fuchs. She is also a sensate and begins to toy with Wolfgang by salaciously flirting with him in his head while he must maintain his composure in the meeting with Fuchs. Fuchs wants Wolfgang and Felix to use their connection to the organised crime world to defuse a gang war that is brewing which could disrupt the massive money-laundering operation he has going. Wolfgang tells Fuchs they might be interested.

Lito, Hernando, and Daniela search for a new apartment and struggle to find something that is a comfortable space but also in their budget. Hernando considers going back to an old job that he doesn't love as much as teaching but would pay him more. Daniela wants to move in with them and split the cost which means that Lito and Hernando will be able to afford to live there, and the apartment is big enough to fit the three of them.

Min-jung and Sun arrive at Min-jung's friend's place and are warmly greeted. Will and Riley head to a train station to meet with Jonas, which was part of the deal they made with Croome. They have an hour for Will to have a visit with Jonas. Jonas has selected a train station because Will can quickly escape if he needs to. Jonas shares how this train station was where Jonas saw a vision of his cluster-father. Jonas continues to explain that any gender sensate can give birth to a cluster and at any time in their lives. This is one of the reason BPO fears sensates; the population growth. The other cluster members visit with Will to pass along questions of their own. Jonas shares that he is the last of his own cluster.

Jonas returned to the train station and met Angelica there for the first time as they were finally able to visit one another. He was with her when she gave birth to her first cluster, after which she was so happy. There was a man named Todd that experienced a deep sense of self-hatred regarding being a sensate, as he had been deeply religious before becoming a sensate. Todd wanted to be 'normal' again and believed BPO could fix them. One by one, the cluster left and the only member of it Jonas was met was a man named Raoul Pasquale, whom Lito knows as a man who interviewed him a long time ago. They had an affair before Raoul disappeared. Angelica went looking for Raoul and ended up working with Whispers in the hopes of finding her cluster of children. Sun tells Will she doesn't trust Jonas, who warns Will that Croome is still dangerous as a member of BPO and there will always be an 'us' and 'them' mentality.

Will heads to his meeting with Croome at an art museum. Croome explains to him that BPO's original mission had been to foster co-operation between sensates and humans. But once 9/11 and the War on Terror began, the organisation began to prioritise secrecy and sovereignty which lead to sensates begin treated as threats to national security. Croome claims to want to get BPO back to what it was originally intended to be and gifts Will with a supply of the same psi-blocker pills that Whispers has used to keep other sensates out of his head. But it's then that a lobotomised victim of Whispers emerges and attacks and kills Croome before trying to kill Will as well. When the puppet is unsuccessful in doing so, Whispers commands the puppet to kill themselves.

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