Sense8 S02E04 "Polyphony" Recap

Will is forced to flee from the museum following Whispers' attack on Croome. Sun helps him to fight off some security guards that try to stop him. While Will is on the way out, Lito visits Riley and helps her to throw a tantrum that captures the attention of many police officers and send them searching in a different direction so Will can sneak out a side door. Riley follows him out and the cluster visits them to further advise them on getting out of the city. Will has managed to get away with the bottle of blockers Croome gave him. Wolfgang tells the cluster about how he has met Lila which opens things up to there being several other clusters out there in the world. Wolfgang gives Nomi Lila's information so she can investigate her further.

Bug has yet to press Nomi for more information regarding her speaking to voices that he can't hear but merely offers her the opening that she can tell him more about it. Nomi and Amanita decide to tell Bug everything about what it means to be a sensate and he is awed by the revelation but no less accepting than ever. Kala attends an art gallery and meets with Wolfgang when she slips away to the bathroom. She presses him to explain why they can't have their talks anymore and he says he wants her to be happy. Lila visits him while he is still talking to Kala. The rules of visiting are such that the women can't see each other but Wolfgang can see both of them. Kala nearly kisses Wolfgang once more before she is distracted by some other women entering the restroom. Wolfgang visits Lila in her car and she admits to having made a deal with BPO that keeps them from hunting her.

In Nairobi, there is a riot on the verge of breaking out over accessibility to water. In Mumbai, there have been extra security measures implemented at Kala's local temple because of the attack on Rajan's father. He also had been pushing for an anti-religion law which has escalated the tensions and protests surrounding the temple. Kala is distraught over the potential for more violence when her religion is supposed to be a source of peace. Capheus confronts the man who has raised the price of water.

Amanita prepares to board her motorbike to head back home but spots Agent Bendix who follows after her. She lets Nomi know through their connective earpiece that she will lose him and utilises some evasive maneuvers driving on the streets of San Francisco while Bendix chases after her. Kala is forced to flee the temple when the locals spot her and consider her an associate of Rajan's father. The man in Nairobi relents and begins to distribute water to the people with the encouragement of Capheus. Amanita is able to shake Bendix off her tail and get back to Nomi, who is emotional over her worry for Amanita while experiencing the riots in Mumbai and Nairobi.

Riley brings a blocker Will acquired to a friend that works in the manufacture and distribution of party drugs to learn more about it. Kala visits Riley to ask the right questions regarding the chemical makeup and properties of the blocker. She also suggests that they perform some basic reactivity tests to Riley's blood. One of the men there expresses an interest in restarting an old relationship with Riley and the cluster eavesdrops on the interactions. The pair of drug-dealers are interested in Riley coming to DJ an upcoming party but Riley is weary of putting herself at risk.

Capheus is interviewed at the TV station Zakia works at regarding his background and current standing in the community. Rajan hires extra security for him, Kala, and their families since they have begun to receive death threats regarding the increasing tension regarding legislative policies on religion.

Lito recalls a relationship he had with Raoul Pasquale, a Mexican journalist that had interviewed Lito early on in his acting career. Raoul had also been a sensate that was born into one of Angelica's clusters. Lito decides to visit Raoul's father who is more than happy to talk to Lito about his son. He quickly deduces that they were involved but has no objections to it. Raoul's father shows Lito some old photographs, including the cabin that Angelica used to be at. Nomi tells Lito to take pictures of everything and to send them on to her so she can try to trace their origins. Raoul's father knows that the lies the police said about Raoul after he disappeared were in fact lies. He could tell they were looking for something but didn't find it. He shows Lito a secret tape that Raoul had hidden. On it, Whispers is performing his experiments to create lobotomised zombies on Todd, the member of Angelica's cluster that was deeply religious and saw being a sensate as a curse. Raoul's father believes Raoul called him right before he vanished. He had received a call late at night but Raoul didn't say anything to him. Angelica was shown to be holding the phone up to Raoul's ear while he cried softly. Raoul's father told him he loved him before Angelica tearfully hung up the call.

Two Korean police officers come searching for Sun and Min-Jung at Min-Jung's friend's place. They come inside to search for the prisoners and Sun flees while Min-Jung stays behind in the apartment. One of the police officers, detective Mun, chases Sun up to the roof where he holds her at gunpoint but she flips him onto his back when he tries to put handfcuffs on her. They fight and Sun realises that she is fighting the same boy she beat in her martial arts competition after which she lost her virginity. Sun knocks him out and returns to the apartment. She doesn't want to leave Min-Jung behind but Min-Jung encourages her to go on without her and clear her name, saying she's happy enough to have had one more taste of freedom before she will resume serving her life sentence. Min-Jung tells her to punch her brother a few more times for her and to come visit her once she's free. Sun promises to do so.

Will has nightmares of the conflict in Angelica's cluster regarding Whispers, BPO, and the experiments. Nomi also appears in the dream and they realise that they are sharing the experience of reliving a memory. Angelica's voice calls out to Will, pleading for him to help Jonas who is going to be killed by BPO.

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