Sense8 S02E05 "Fear Never Fixed Anything" Recap

The sensates have a group visit and mourn the loss of BPO at the hands of BPO.

In Nairobi, Capheus is visited by some local members of a political party and ask him to run for political office but he isn't interested in pursuing a job in politics. Capheus heads to the city to visit Zakia and is made to feel inadequate by some men working in the office who insult his jacket, speculate that he's no the hero the media has made him out to be, and they then claim that Zakia was involved with a woman in London and it was a huge scandal to her family. They tell Capheus he doesn't have a chance with her so Capheus leaves discourage, after learning that Zakia will be in meetings all day.

Sun visits her mentor and is reunited with her dog. She later watches her brother on the news addressing the media and imploring for her to turn herself in. She lashes out with her temper and breaks her mentor's television as a result. He's not angry at her, only saying that they should resume her training. Sun tells her mentor that she doesn't have a plan but she won't stop until her enemy is dead. He replies that it's a good plan.

Nomi is growing tired of being restricted by living life as a fugitive and Bug offers to get in contact with some associates that are a part of Anonymous to try to give Nomi an "E-death". With this particular brand of kill switch, if successful all warrants and government records of her her will be wiped out.

Kala is becoming suspicious of Rajan's business practices and whether there are some shady dealings happening or if she is simply incapable of being happy despite her life being seemingly perfect.

Whispers visits with Will once more and shows him that he's out in the open, sitting in front of Big Ben in London. Will lashes out at Whispers for being so self-righteous and for killing Sara Patrell, among others. Whispers believes that everyone is just a necessary casualty and that Angelica once believed in the work they were doing together. Whispers believes that Angelica merely broke the way so many other soldiers, cops, etc. have.

Lito goes through scripts with Hernando and Daniela, feeling discouraged by the lack of quality in the roles he is being offered as an out and gay man. All of the roles are typecast stereotypes. Hernando pulls up an offer for an all-expense paid trip to São Paulo to be the grand master of a gay pride parade. Lito doesn't want to go, feeling that doing so will only worsen his difficulties finding jobs.

Bug brings Nomi and Amanita to a local cinema playing a film that's starring Lito. Nomi is shocked to see him on film and Bug is ecstatic to learn that Lito is one of the voices in Nomi's head. When Nomi tells him that Lito is sitting right next to him Bug compliments his work. Though Lito is still feeling down about his struggles, he is happy to have an encounter with someone that loves his work and observes the audience applauding a particularly dramatic scene he portrays.

Kala questions Rajan about some inconsistencies in the reports and the products being shipped out but Rajan dismisses her concerns and tells her not to worry.

Bug, Nomi, and Amanita are still at the cinema and waiting for their contact with Anonymous. The man(?) is wearing a mask and has their voice being modulated as they speak to Nomi. They know about Homo sensorium and that Nomi is one of them, as well as BPO. They want to take BPO down just like every other corrupt organisation. For now, they can only offer a bit of invisibility and present Nomi with a key that will give her the e-death she is looking for. But in return they made need to call in a favour from her at some point in the future.

Wolfgang visits Fuchs' home, having been lead to believe that he was there for a meeting. Instead Lila visits him while naked in her tub. Wolfgang tries to dismiss her advances but she presses him to stay and listen, as she has concerns that Fuchs will be going down because of certain business decisions he's making. she wants to make an alliance with Wolfgang so they will continue to prosper if Fuchs ends up going down. Wolfgang rejects her again and leaves.

Detective Mun visits Sun's mentor to question him about her whereabouts. He says that he wants to keep Sun alive so the mentor lets him in to answer his questions. Mun shares about how he had fought Sun in a tournament in their youth. He was stupid, cocky, and never forgot encountering her. He admits he's a better person for having encountered her and asks her mentor if he believes she is capable of what she is accused of. Her mentor says no and Mun admits that something is fishy about her escape. He noted how the guards were not from the prison and the security cameras were shut off. Mun offers his help to Sun and leaves his card with her mentor so he can be reached, seemingly knowing that Sun has been in contact with her mentor but not pressing the matter.

Bug hooks up the key given to them by Anonymous to delete Nomi's existence. It works and Amanita gets a notice that all of the arrest warrants and BOLOs on Nomi are gone.

Lito visits the gay bartender with whom he has had previous encounters, with the entire cluster visiting him. He orders eight shots and listens as the bartender shares how their previous encounter in which Lito was so full of fire, bravery, and passion inspired him to go home and propose to his boyfriend. Now he is a happily married man and tells Lito he never would've been brave enough to do it without that kiss. Capheus tells Lito that courage is contagious. Lito re-considers the offer to go to São Paulo.

The cluster ponders how nothing will change if they keep playing it safe. The only way for them to get their lives back is to be brave and bold to fight back against BPO. Will points out that BPO must have a lot of resources because there are far more clusters out there than they originally thought. Now they need to find them. Riley calls Vincent and asks to take the DJ-ing gig so she can play a massive rave in Amsterdam and get the attention of other sensates. The team agrees to go ahead with the plans and work together to keep safe. They all toast to courage.

Riley plays the show while Nomi will keep an eye online to monitor and interfere with any attempts to call law enforcement on her. Riley gives a speech to the crowd about living in fear and how someone (Will) inspired her to look up instead of looking down at the ground. The cluster all visits and enjoys the party atmosphere of the rave while Riley looks out at the crowd. While playing, she manages to catch eyes with another sensate that appears on stage next to her while visiting. He leaves the rave terrified but Riley is thrilled to have already spotted someone. Whispers appears to Will and tells him this was foolish. Will replies that it was amazing. Riley's friends help her to escape while Whispers and more of his men and the law enforcement appear to try to to capture her. Will and Riley escape on a boat, leaving Whispers and his men behind.

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