Sense8 S02E06 "Isolate Above, Connected Below" Recap

Riley and Will are on the run from Whispers and BPO. Will has to take his blockers, which he doesn't enjoy since it keeps him cut off from Riley's mind. Riley visits with one of the sensates whom she spotted during the concert, an elderly Scottish man known as the Old Man of Hoy. He believes the concert was a BPO trap despite her protests that this isn't the case.

Sun tells her mentor that she needs to go on the run again. He gives her a bag of supplies he had prepared, knowing that it was only a matter of time before she went on the run again. He assures her that teaching her has been the greatest honour of his life. All that's left is for her to have a tearful goodbye with her dog.

Lito informs Hernando and Daniela that he's agreed to go to São Paulo and bring them along. Nomi and Amanita return to their apartment, prepared to start their lives over again after Anonymous gifted Nomi with an "e-death".

Zaria visits Capheus and tells him that the men from her office are just jerks. She is very much interested in Capheus and admits to being bisexual, which doesn't bother Capheus at all. She is interested in pursuing a relationship with him and Capheus responds by kissing her. They are cheered on by the people Capheus was driving on his bus.

It's late at night in Mumbai and Kala can't sleep so she goes for a swim. She visits Wolfgang and they consummate their relationship while Capheus and Zakia do the same. Later, Zakia encourages Capheus to reconsider the offer to run for political office.

Lito, Hernando, and Daniel arrive at São Paulo and receive a warm greeting at the airport by members of the LGBT+ community. Lito is nervous when he is told he'll be giving an address to the crowd as grand master of the parade but is assure he doesn't have to do so if he isn't comfortable. He proceeds to take selfies with the many fans present.

Capheus returns to his neighborhood and is shocked to discover that his mother has started dating Kabaka. He doesn't mind, despite his initial surprise. In private, she reveals that Kabaka has the same disease she does, which is why he had such easy access to the drugs she needed for treatment, and that he has people working hard to find a cure.

Will and Riley arrive at their new hide-out where Riley is visited by Puck, the Australian chemist who had analysed the blocker pills back in London. The reason why they didn't connect sooner is because he had ben on a blocker. Will wants information on how to find BPO and Puck advises them that typically if you find other sensates they are hunters for BPO. He propositions Riley for sex but doesn't push her into anything she's not willing to do without coercion. Puck is on the run in Italy and warns Riley that blockers won't keep them safe from BPO forever.

Wolfgang is playing football with Felix and some other Berlin locals. Kala gets distracted at work watching Wolfgang run around shirtless and sweaty on the field. Wolfgang approaches Kala in-between plays and tries to kiss her until she's interrupted by a co-worker coming in to drop off some paperwork. She then tells Wolfgang what they did was wrong. Wolfgang tells her everything they did was in their heads and married women fantasise all the time. Kala now feels she can't trust herself and asks Wolfgang to let her make a life but Wolfgang responds that pretending isn't a life, leaving Kala more conflicted than ever.

Lito is still nervous about the idea of giving a speech at the parade but Hernando and Daniela assure him that he has inspired many by coming out. At the parade, Lito uses the moment to open up to everyone and be honest about how afraid he feels and the struggles he has dealt with by hiding who he was. He comes out publicly and the crowd cheers for him. The cluster stands close by to watch proudly as Lito gives an inspiring, impassioned speech and introduces Hernando to the crowd. Lito celebrates with his loved ones, his cluster, and the millions of people in attendance.

Nomi agrees to be a part of her sister's wedding. She is supportive of Nomi despite their parents disapproving of Nomi. Amanita tracks down Angelica's cabin so her and Nomi run off to follow the lead.

Will goes through a dream-like state of navigating through Whispers' morning routine including opening a secret safe and calling a BPO higher-up. Will wakes when he sees himself as Whispers when looking into a mirror and jolts awake. He warns Riley that he thinks something bad is going to happen. Will later encourages Wolfgang to play nice enough with Lila to try to get information on BPO. He shows her a photo of Whispers, and she is encouraged by a member of her own cluster to walk away from the situation. She leaves Wolfgang without answers as she heads to a meeting. Wolfgang warns her beforehand to not go inside, as his instincts and analysis of the situation are that it's a trap. She kills the two rented goons after luring them outside and upon heading in, she assassinates the crime boos present, Volker Bhom, and his men. Lila is skeptical when Wolfgang says he's been hated by the 'Cannibal' (another nickname for Whispers) for about a year, as sensates normally don't outrun him for so long. Her cluster-member still discourages her from telling Wolfgang anything.

Riley is eating with Will when she's visited once again by the Old Man of Hoy. He's hiding out in a reclusive set-up and admits that after 30 years of staying hidden, that he's perhaps bored by the loneliness of just surviving and not actually living. To prove to Hoy and they can be trusted, she brings him outside so he'll know where she is located. He won't be outdone so he brings her out of the box he was sitting in to show her his apartment which has a library and laboratory. Upon leading her outside, he's shown to be set up in a large mansion in the Highlands of Scotland. Hoy lives there with the wife of one his now-deceased cluster-members.

Nomi and Amanita reach the cabin where Nomi spots a memory-impression of Angelica herself. Meanwhile, Hoy is telling Riley how he was involved in the creation of BPO with Ruth Al-Sadaawi long before it became the terror it is now. Nomi is watching impressions of past memories of Angelica with Jonas when they were young, in love, and happy. Hoy explains that homo sapiens are prone to destruction and violence when they are fueled with fear and insecurity, which is why they've always kept quiet about their existence. Ruth wasn't a sensate but her twin sister was before she was killed for being accused of witchcraft. Nomi begins to experience the more negative memories at the cabin of when Angelica began to fight with her cluster. Riley asks Hoy about Whispers and he's visibly shaken, knowing about the dangers he presents. He admires Riley's bravery and agrees to use an underground network of sensate connections spread across the world to help track down where Whispers is. He gets the information and gives it Riley, warning her that she won't like the answers.

Riley wakes up and tells Will that someone on the inside knows Whispers but she won't get it unless she does what Hoy asked -- to go to Chicago alone. Nomi and Amanita discover the burned down remains of another portion of the cabin that Todd destroyed by burning down with himself still inside. This was what inspired Angelica to go to Chicago but that was also when everything started to go wrong.

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