Sense8 S02E07 "I Have No Room In My Heart For Hate" Recap

Riley embarks on her journey to Chicago to meet with a BPO contact that should provide her with information on Whispers and where to find him. Will is supremely worried about Riley's safety but it's necessary to the survival of the cluster and sensates all over the world. Nomi is the one that provided her with a fake ID with the help of Bug and Amanita. Nomi is also monitoring her progress through the TSA's database. Bug alerts them that the security level has been bumped up, all the more reason to be careful.

Kala confronts Rajan again about falsified reports in the company. She's discovered that old medical supplies and drugs are being sold to people in need and Rajan tells her that it's just part of business, since they need to make money as a company. Kala is horrified when Rajan tells her that these old supplies won't be shipped to people in India but other places such as China or Africa. Capheus overhears this and is inspired to go visit the political activists that had asked him to run.

Nomi and Amanita spend time with Amanita's mother and three fathers. Lito, Hernando, and Daniela return from São Paulo and find that Joaquin is waiting there with Daniela's parents who want to bring her home, believing she is disgracing the family by spending all her time closely involved with two gay men. Joaquin tries to take her bag but Daniela stands strong while supported by Lito and Hernando. Daniela's parents threaten to cut her off but she still refuses, prioritising love over money and threats. Daniela's parents leave with Joaquin.

Riley successfully reaches Chicago where she meets Diego, Will's former police partner. Diego is still angry at Will for his disappearance but has still agreed to escort Riley where she needs to go. She explains to him about sensates and that Will is in her head. Diego still resents Will, who decides to call Diego and apologise again for everything and elaborating that the reason why he kept his distance after his disappearance was to keep Diego safe during all the questioning that ensued. Diego forgives Will and agrees to help him and Riley with whatever they need.

Rajan visits Kala at her parents' home and apologises for what he has done and promises he wants to be a better man than someone who only crunches numbers the way his father taught him to.

Capheus introduces Zakia to his mother. Zakia lets it slip that Capheus is running for political office and his mother is initially upset but after talking it out with him, she agrees to support him. Her only fears are that Capheus will die trying to fight for the people just like his father did.

Sun visits the graves of her parents, overcome with emotion for all that she has lost. She reminisces about the positive memories she has of her mother and the cluster visits to offer her emotional support and remind her that she isn't alone.

Lito is devastated to find that his agency is dropping him for making such a public declaration of his homosexuality. On his way out of the building, another actor discretely hugs him in the elevator and thanks him for what he has done, implying that he himself is living and working in the closet.

Detective Mun meets Sun at her parents' grave and says he has been coming there every day before work on the chance that she would be there. He claims to want to help her but she doesn't believe in the law's ability to help her after everything that has happened. Mun says that they believe there is a lot of illegal money flowing through the company because of her brother but that they simply haven't been able to prove it yet. He even offers Sun protection, which she declines. He then asks her for a rematch, proposing that they will fight. If she wins, she can leave freely and if he wins, she will come with him. When Sun points out that he's already said that she's free to go, he says that he wants her to choose to take part in the rematch. She agrees and the fight begins. It's long, intense, and a bit bloody. But Mun tells Sun during the fight that she is special, though certain people in her life haven't seen it. During a stalemate moment, the two kiss. After that, Sun overpowers him once more and knocks him out, leaving him to sleep it off.

Riley heads to her meeting with the BPO contact who wanted to do so at the church where Angelica died. Diego and Will (through visiting) both accompany her. Nomi pops in to tell Will and Riley how she has learned that the reason Whispers has been missing is because BPO has been keeping him in prison. He had used Todd as a lobotomised puppet to murder a politician named Mitchell Taylor who had been trying to advocate for greater acceptance of people regardless of their differences and was involved with the origins of BPO.

Riley was instructed by Hoy that she needs to go down the stairs alone, which Diego is fine with allowing her to do since he is concerned that the situation may be becoming too dangerous for his liking. He waits upstairs while Riley heads down with the cluster accompanying her. She finds a blocker with a glass of water along with a message telling her to take it. Will objects strongly to her doing this but she proceeds to take it, cutting the cluster off from her. Before they go, Will tells her she has just five minutes before he will summon Diego to come after her.

The BPO contact emerges, a middle-aged woman that's worked wit Professor Kolovi. Riley deduces that the woman was responsible for helping Angelica escape when they both realised she was going to give birth to another cluster. Angelica wasn't going to let what happened to her cluster happen again which is why she ended up killing herself after giving birth. The woman tells Riley how Angelica only joined BPO to be able to try to find her children but neither of them knew how much BPO was changing. Dr. El-Saadawi had been a visionary before she died. Professor Kolovi may have believed in her work at one point but once he got involved with Whispers, things changed. The woman shares Whispers' full name and how she doesn't any more people to die, having been shaken by seeing how many casualties there were from Todd's killing rampage orchestrated by Whispers. The woman gives Riley an address in England where Whispers is being kept with his family.

Will heads to the address and scouts the location with Sun and Wolfgang. Jonas appears then appears to Will, revealing himself to still be alive.

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