Sense8 S02E08 "All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet" Recap

Jonas reveals how he is still alive because the chairman of BPO stopped Whispers from transforming him into another zombie. The chairman needs Whispers but he doesn't trust him. He uses the zombies to eliminate his political opponents but needs Jonas to be the watchdog that can monitor Whispers. Their lives are closely connected.

A helicopter descends to escort Whispers and his family out of the property. Will wants to try to run and catch Whispers but Wolfgang warns him that doing so is too dangerous. Instead, the cluster will have a look around the house that's been newly abandoned to find clues that will help them in there fight against Whispers. Wolfgang cracks the safe and they find a series of fake IDs and confidential BPO files.

Capheus is starting to pick up traction in his political campaign until his opponent begins to fabricate positive media for himself and negative campaign ads lying about Capheus. His team also advises him to embrace the new security team that'll be guarding him as a precaution. If anything happens to Capheus, no one will ever be brave enough to stand up against Mandiba, his opponent, again.

Lito laments what he sees as the end of his career, following being dropped from his agency. He doesn't foresee being able to be hired for jobs as an action star while also being an out, gay man. Sun finds Lito crying on the streets of Seoul before he follows her up to her room. She's been staying in a 'love motel' because of their privacy policies. When they reach her room, he collapses crying on her bed. She pushes him to be grateful for all the good things he still has in his life, including his loved ones, while Lito pushes her to encourage her to feel free to be emotionally open and vulnerable about all the loss she has faced.

Kala visits Will and ponders whether she should be honest with Rajan about her connection and feelings for Wolfgang. She still thinks that Rajan is a good man underneath it all despite his recently suspicious behaviour and feels guilty about lying and keeping secrets from him. She gives him medical advice about getting his health back on track and not being reliant on heroin anymore, and he assures her that they will both be fine.

Riley goes with Diego to the station to try to find the Assistant that had met with Riley to tell her where to find Whispers, while Will visits to assist in the investigation. They head to the back room to look through the database of missing persons.

Wolfgang visits Kala, holding her close in his arms. But the moment is interrupted by Rajan coming home with a bloody nose and refusing to give an explanation as to what has happened.

Nomi wakes Sun from her sleep by saying that the Bak Summer Gala is going to be happening despite the police advising Joong-ki to cancel it. Nomi also found an e-mail Joong-ki sent out to various important clients saying that he will be there. There won't be any security checks for staff so Sun will be able to be a cocktail waitress with Lito helping, as he spent six months training with the best bartenders in Mexico in preparation for a role.

Wolfgang meets with Fuchs, who opens up about some suspicions regarding Lila. But Lila calls to warn Sebastian with false claims that Wolfgang is plotting against him. Wolfgang can hear the entire conversation being had because he and Lila are visiting each other.

The lead bandit from previous confrontations sneaks into Capheus' home and forces him at gunpoint to come outside. He then puts his gun away and admits that he respects Capheus and the way he has inspired people in their neighborhood, and warns him that people are going to come after him. He promises to vote for Capheus if he can survive all the way to election time.

Will spies on Whispers who is having an argument with his wife and children, who resent him for forcing them out of their family home. Wolfgang prepares for what he knows is an impending power-struggle in Berlin's organised criminal world. Kala wakes up to hear Rajan yelling at someone on the phone and telling them to stay away from him and his family, saying that it's all over. Kala asks him about the call but he claims it's just an old client from America.

Nomi prepares for her sister's wedding, worried about having to face her disapproving parents once more. She and Kala are both worried when Wolfgang makes his journey to meet with Lila. As he's walking to the restaurant where they're set to have dinner he also sees Sun training, Riley investigating in Chicago, Capheus at the local supermarket, Lito in his kitchen, and Will working on his investigation into Whispers. Wolfgang has often been the lone wolf type in his struggles and arms himself for the ambush he knows is coming but his entire cluster visits and walks behind him.

Will begins to advise the cluster of what's happening. Wolfgang knows he's walking into a trap and will need their help. Even as Wolfgang is walking into the restaurant, Will and Sun are already providing back-up support in scoping out the layout. Kala is angry, knowing that Lila was trouble from the beginning. Wolfgang speaks to Lila, who admits that her ultimate plan is to make Berlin into a safe haven for sensates that will be entirely free of sapiens.

Bug and Amanita call Diego's phone to talk to Riley. Nomi is knocked out after tripping in her heels so now they will need to be the ones to provide technical support to the cluster. Riley works alongside them using Will's knowledge to access the Interpol database while Amanita and Bug hack into the restaurant database. They send out a ping to the phones they've deemed hot and find that the restaurant is full of people working for Lila. The tensions escalate between the two clusters, both of whom are present with their respective members, until Kala uses a bottle of champagne to set off an explosion at the table. A shootoff ensues as Wolfgang fights off Lila and all the hired guns present. His cluster helps him fight, with many people being shot int he fight till it's just Wolfgang and Lila facing off against one another. When their guns are empty, Lila warns him he will regret not dying that night. The two clusters face off against one another in a direct fight but then the police arrive and Wolfgang is forced to escape as Lila is pretending to be a victim.

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