Sense8 S02E09 "What Family Actually Means" Recap

Nomi and Amanita attend the pre-wedding dinner for Nomi's sister. They aren't assigned to sit at the same table since Nomi has to sit with her family as part of the wedding party. Nomi considers faking a headache to leave early. Her mother comes over and tries to encourage her to fake a headache and leave early without giving a speech. This prompts Nomi to decide to stay and give her speech. She gives a moving, honest speech about their relationship and how Teagan was the first person she saw after her trans surgery.

Riley, Will and Diego track down the house of the BPO employee that provided them with Whispers' location but must sneak around back to get inside when no one answers the door. They discover equipment from early BPO experiments and eventually discover the body of the woman who contacted them. She had committed suicide.

Capheus is chased by two men in the supermarket and runs to get away from them. He manages to knock down one of the men and demands to know why they are following him. He reveals that they have been sent by Silas Kabaka as hired protection. Capheus visits Kabaka to ask about his reasoning for this. Kabaka says that he knows Nairobi well enough to know that there is a bounty on Capheus' head because he is running against Mandiba. He wants Capheus to stay safe in this election, since if he does well in his first speech then the bounty will only rise. Capheus wants to know if he's only hiring protection to further his own business interests but Kabaka reveals that he is in love with Capheus' mother which makes Capheus family by extension since he intends to propose marriage to her.

Nomi's sister's wedding is underway but Agent Bendix is shown to be waiting outside for Nomi to arrive. He storms in and interrupts the wedding ceremony just as the 'I do's are about to happen. Agent Bendix has additional men and law enforcement in tow, demanding to arrest Nomi Marks. Nomi is willing to turn herself over but Amanita realises that Bendix hasn't bothered to check for the fact that Nomi's arrest warrant is gone now. She demands that he produce a warrant for Nomi's arrest and when he goes to look for it is unable to find it. Nomi's father is a high-ranking partner at a major law firm and threatens to sue Bendix into losing his entire career if he doesn't leave. Nomi is moved, particularly when he refers to her as his 'daughter' for the first time. The wedding ceremony resumes without a problem.

Daniela finds the perfect script for Lito, which he falls in love with once he reads it. He is discouraged about being able to get the role since he's never crossed over into Hollywood before. Daniela proves her worth by making a series of phone calls that last less than an hour which culminates in her getting Lito a meeting with a top Hollywood producer. He will need to pitch himself to finalize the deal and ensure that he is given the part.

Rajan's associate Ajay stops by when Rajan isn't home so Kala allows him to come up with one of the security guards to drop off a belated wedding present. She doesn't open it, as he tells her to wait till Rajan comes home.

Will figures out a plan to get access to Whispers so she'll need to come back to London quickly. He also needs for them to get more blockers which they're running low on but Kala says she should be able to make. Diego interrupts their conversation to share the bad news that Will's father is dying in the hospital. They all go to visit him and Will is able to reconnect one last time with his father through Riley before he dies.

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