Sense8 S02E10 "If All the World's a Stage, Identity Is Nothing But a Costume" Recap

Kala has engineered some new blockers which now need to be tested. She speaks with Riley, who is considering coming to India after London. Will is still grieving after losing his father. Kala enquires about what it's like to be with Will, undoubtedly brought on by her own curiosity of what it would be like to be with Wolfgang in person. Riley comforts Will through their connection as she continues her journey back to London.

Kala visits Wolfgang who has been hiding out from the dangers in Berlin. She opens up about her conflicted feelings. Despite her strong feelings of Wolfgang she doesn't want to hurt Rajan. But the intensity of her connection to Wolfgang cannot be denied. Wolfgang offers to come to Bombay, saying that it's time for them to put aside what's right or wrong and only focus on their relationship. She says that they can't be together in Bombay so they can meet somewhere else to start their life together. But first she needs to tell Rajan the truth about what is happening to her since she feels she owes him the truth.

Whispers appears to Will and taunts him about the death of his father until Will manages to take one of the blockers he still has.

Sun has her first staff meeting in her disguise as one of the cocktail waitresses for the Bak banquet. Lito has been flown to Hollywood with Hernando and Daniela where he must meet audition for the film's producer. Lito is stressed by the fact that he needs to help Sun impress her employer by making him a Sidecar, despite being in the middle of his audition. Once he has paused long enough to help her with her task, Sun visits him and helps him channel the right emotions of being alone in the scene so he can nail his delivery. The producer is impressed and gives Lito the part.

Lito visits Capheus, who is nervous about giving his first major speech as a political candidate. The speech doesn't start off badly but eventually violence breaks out because of agitators planted there to disrupt the scene. Riots break out and one of his assigned security officers tries to kill him. Will and Sun intervene to fend off the man's attacks and Githu, the bandit leader whom had visited Capheus before to warn him of danger shows up in time to shoot the man in the head before he can shoot Capheus. He then helps Capheus get to safety by stealing a car and holding Capheus at gunpoint as he drives them away from the rally. He has Capheus drop himself off at his mother's place where everyone is waiting for him. Githu had been working for Capeus' political opponent Mandiba but does not like to be tamed by someone disconnected from their way of life. All of Capheus' loved ones assure him that the people heard the power of his message and are well aware that the disruptions were caused by Mandiba's men.

Will prepares himself to move forward with his new plan to take on Whispers, while Sun prepares herself to attend the Bak gala. Riley reunites with Will in London, who welcomes her home. Sun stands inside the gala, watching discretely as her brother enters the building and joins in on the festivities. The cluster all visits to help Sun through what comes next.

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