Sense8 S02E11 "You Want a War?" Recap

Sun is at the Bak gala listening to her brother give a speech spinning the narrative of him being the grieving brother/son while his sister is the guilty one. After he finishes the speech, Sun grabs a knife, prepared to go after him for what he has done. But then Detective Mun arrives with other officers, intent on arresting Joong-ki. Joong-ki pretends he's willing to go with Mun, only to draw out a hidden gun and shoot Mun in the abdomen, pretending it was his sister. It isn't until his security is trying to get him out of the building that he actually spots her and orders his men to kill her. Sun makes it out of the building by fighting off the security with the help of the other skilled fighters in her cluster.

Sun makes it out into the parking structure when Kala uses her smarts to blow up a car. Joong-ki flees in a car while Nomi, Bug, and Amanita close the security gate. When Joong-ki demands that it be opened, Nomi speaks to him through the communication system and tells him he needs to confess to his crimes or the gates won't be opened. When Joong-ki sees Sun coming, he backs up far enough to ram through the gate. Capheus helps Soon hot-wire a motorcycle to chase Joong-ki through the city streets. Wolfgang helps Sun grab an iron rod so once she catches up to Joong-ki, the rod is slammed through his window and then the steering wheel, leading the car to flip over.

A badly bleeding Joong-ki crawls out of the car, still trying to get away from Sun. As she makes her way over to him, she ponders everything she has been through from her wrongful imprisonment, the murder of her father, and all the love she has felt from her mother as a girl. Her cluster walks in formation behind her, prepared to support her through whatever happens next. Joong-ki begs her to spare his life, promising to confess. Police officers drive up as Sun tells him he is no longer her brother. She prepares to kill him but ultimately decides to spare him. Police take her into custody and an important politician, Tae Park, is seen speaking with Joong-ki and leading him away. It's unclear what his involvement in the situation is.

Her cluster sits with her in the armored truck where Will helps her get out of her cuffs. Nomi, Bug, and Amanita hack the road and traffic light system so the truck she's in is hit by another larger truck. It flips on it's side and the doors swing open. Sun was able to brace herself to the best of her ability but it still injured by the crash. She struggles out of the truck and upon getting out on the street, Riley's sensate contact Puck shows up on his motorcycle and drives Sun away.

Nomi and Amanita lie in bed, reflecting on everything that they've been through but remain committed to one another. Amanita proposes to Nomi, having already bought a ring and been waiting for the right time to do so, prompting Nomi to reveal a box and a ring of her own. She proposes back and they both accept.

Capheus wakes at his mother's stomach. She is making him food and he is startled by the appearance of multiple sensates (whom his mother cannot see). They were suspicious that he might be one of them after his first big battle against the bandits but now after his political speech, they have decided to reveal themselves to him so they can have their own local community to sensates.

Rajan returns home to Kala, who shows him the present Ajay dropped off. Rajan panics and doesn't let her open it, demanding to know if it's been x-rayed. The head of his security says it has. He opens it, and it's revealed to just be an expensive decoration depicting a religious deity. Rajan is shaken by the gift and the card so he finally reveals to Kala that he's being investigated for a large political corruption case that Ajay is also part of. He tells Kala he wants her to move to a flat in Paris he purchased secretly so she can stay out of harm's way until things are calmer.

Puck and Sun hide out in her love-motel room. He tries to proposition her for sex but backs off when she violently twists his toe. Sun watches the news story about the night's events, and learns that Detective Mun is still alive but in critical condition. The cluster demands Puck use his connections to help them fight. Puck wants to leave, saying he's a lover, not a fighter. Another sensate appears to Puck and warns him he needs to get away from the cluster and get on blockers 24/7. He tells the group that he's been quarantined because the Cannibal (Whispers) is hunting.

Wolfgang and Kala are packing up their belongings in their respective apartments. They begin to visit one another. Kala explains why she hasn't told Rajan about them yet, with this investigation he's involved in. Kala asks Wolfgang to clarify her confusion regarding what their relationship is, since they have felt a great deal for one another without actually meeting each other in person. She wants to know something true. Wolfgang opens up about the depth of his feelings for her, professing his love for her. She tells him she loves him too and they decide to meet in Paris. The moment is interrupted by Lila visiting Wolfgang. She reveals she has sold Wolfgang out to Whispers, whose men barge in at that moment. Wolfgang shoots some of them but others tase him into submission. Whispers walks in and looks Wolfgang in the eye. Lila gloats as Wolfgang is sedated. Kala panics and reaches out to the rest of the cluster to say that Whispers has gotten Wolfgang.

Will reveals that he has a plan but they will need more blockers. Kala gets to work preparing a larger supply of blockers. The rest of the cluster begins to pack up so they can all meet up physically in London. Wolfgang wakes in Whispers' custody with the after-memory of Angelica apologizing to him for his captivity. Whispers has Wolfgang connected to Angelica's "Traceworks" technology. Wolfgang tells Whispers he's going to kill him but he is injected with something painful and each cluster member experiences the painful sensations of Wolfgang being shocked repeatedly with electric paddles. Through this torturous experience, Whispers is able to hack into Wolfgang's mind and learn Kala's identity. Wolfgang passes out from the torture while the rest of his cluster boards their flights to London.

Wolfgang is repeatedly tortured and the cluster suffers together under the pain of the sensations. Lila also visits Wolfgang to gloat. Whispers uses these torture sessions to get the names of the rest of the cluster members and where they are hiding. Will visits Jonas to try to get his help but Jonas has no help to offer, believing that the only way out of Whispers' clutches is suicide. Will meets in the secret room with Whispers, offering to turn himself in on the condition that Riley be spared. Whispers remains undeterred in his efforts to hunt down the entire cluster. Will then reveals that he is physically present in the secret room and Whispers can't visit Will because he's on blockers. Jonas tries to tell Will to stop what he's doing but can only visit Whispers because of Will being on blockers. Will beats Whispers into falling unconscious while the rest of the cluster goes to where Jonas is staying to knock him out and kidnap him as well. Through a coordinated effort, the cluster is also able to sneak Whispers out of the BPO facility. In the car they are driving out, they all gather with Whispers and Jonas as their prisoners. Will speaks to an unconscious Whispers, declaring war.

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