The Gifted S01E11 "3 X 1" Recap

Two years ago, in Athens, Georgia, Blink and her boyfriend/date head to her car after a movie-date. They are surrounded by a group of Purifiers that vandalise her car before setting fire to it.

Esme and her clones/sisters reach out to the Underground to ask for help in rebuilding the Hellfire Club by dealing with the remaining Hounds but their request is denied. Reed and Caitlin want to get their kids back and leave for Mexico as originally planned, as they feel that the tensions regarding their willingness to talk to Sentinel Services is too much to be able to stay with the Underground. The kids aren't fond of leaving the Underground, as they would rather stay and fight. Still they all leave as a family and stop off at another mutant refugee location where they are reunited with Wes.

Esme and her sisters visits Andy to try to convince him not to leave the fight and then they visit Polaris whom they attempt to manipulate into assisting the Club. Her father was a member so this is a pressure point they hone in on as well as her pregnancy and the consequent desire to make a safer world for her baby.

Polaris argues with the other leaders about what to do, having been convinced to take down the Hounds. Eclipse doesn't want to compromise their integrity. Sentinel Services unleashes an attack on the base the Struckers are at using a set of Hounds that have been enhanced by the experimentation. Polaris, Blink, Eclipse, and Thunderbird make their way to the base, having ben tipped off to the attack by Reed.

Andy is badly injured in the fight and the Underground leaders struggle to fight off Sentinel Services, in particular the hounds, and to help the others get away. It isn't until Esme and her sisters arrive and pick up the slack to disarm the Sentinel Services guards so the group can get away in their vehicles.

Despite the setback of the escaped hostages, Campbell and Jace have a meeting with the director of Sentinel Services and propose an international expansion of the Hound program, believing it to be the most effective way to hunt down mutants.

The Underground decides to go ahead with their partnership with the Hellfire Club, but it's revealed that the sisters were the ones that orchestrated the attack from Sentinel Services.

The Gifted airs on Mondays on FOX at 9/8c.


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