The Librarians S03E07 "And the Disenchanted Forest" Recap

Eve informs the other Librarians of Flynn's resignation and departure from the Library, stemming from Darrington's concerns that having more than one Librarian will lead to a Civil War. The Librarians ponder whether Flynn now hopes and expects two more of them to resign. Eve decides that the best course of action is to bring the Librarians to a team-building camp, having spotted it from the clippings book but also wanting the team to come back together again.

At the camp, Jacob develops an attraction to one of the counsellors. The Librarians take part in the various team-building exercises while learning that various campers have been disappearing under mysterious circumstances. The camp organizer simply calls them quitters with no further explanation.

Jacob and the counselor he's interested in go searching through the forest, while Eve follows a lead that sends her into a cabin. A man named Tannon sends her away, having already heard of her as the unachievable standard in his own profession and doesn't want her winning the competitive aspect of the camp.

Jacob's counselor is smitten by his charms and his admitting to believing in magic so she reveals to him that she is actually a reporter who was fired for writing about the Library. She thinks that these strange happenings will lead to the Library and vindicate her professionally so she could get her job back. She runs off when he takes too long to respond to her and his hand gets pricked on a tree. He finds footage from a Gopro belonging to another camper that is shown to have been yanked away by some live vines and branches. Ezekiel and Cassandra discover a mysterious suitcase in the lake that they believe is related to the case.

Cassandra and Ezekiel distract the team organiser, Mr. Bender, while Eve and Jake search through his cabin to try to find more information regarding the disappearances. Jake becomes disoriented by the sounds he has been hearing on and off since his hand was priced in the woods. Jake and Eve argue about her aggression in pushing the team to come together but Jake determines that she is just trying to fill the void that Flynn left behind when he quit without even saying goodbye. In her moment of passionate outburst, she knocks over a file that holds all the information not he missing campers and sets off to find Ezekiel and Cassandra while Jake goes to talk to his counselor. Jake apologises for earlier and tries to tell her the truth about his connection to the Library but collapses due to the sounds he's been hearing. Vines emerge and yank him into the woods.

She tells Eve, Cassandra, and Ezekiel about Jake being pulled in by vines. Jenkins tells them that this is the Devil's Forest and people have been disappearing there for at least the last century. They consider that Bender might be an immortal stealing souls to extend his own lifeform. Native Americans had believed that there was a Grandfather Tree from which all the world's forests originate. Eve and the Librarians confront Bender who admits he has been hiding the disappearances but doesn't know what's going on.

Eve and the Librarians finally track down the Grandfather Tree and find Jake's image in the tree. Some team members try to destroy the tree but then Jake's face speaks to tell them not to cut the tree down. Jake is being used as a translator for the Grandfather Tree and Jake was the perfect person for this since he's a linguist that speaks over 64 dialects. They give the Librarians a golden acorn that can be used to rebuild the forest if it is ever destroyed. Eve promises to protect it, after which Jake and all the other campers and people taken over the years are released from the trees. Jake brings his counselor to the Library to assure her she was right and reveals he is a Librarian. He sadly tells her he can't be with her since his destiny is with the Library.

The Librarians airs on Wednesdays on TNT.


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