The Librarians S04E06 "And the Graves of Time" Recap

Russian henchmen raid one of Nicole Noone's old grave to retrieve a mysterious key.

Flynn wants to find answers about whether Darrington is right about multiple Librarians being a risk for Civil War. The Equinox is 41 days away and it's then that Flynn and Eve will need to tether themselves to the Library or there will be dire consequences. Everyone back at the Library is searching for Eve, who has left for England to track down Nicole Noone to learn why she doesn't want to stay with the Library.

Eve and Nicole must work together when some more of the Russian henchmen raid another one of Nicole's old graves. A fight breaks out and the urn is shattered, revealing another key. The men get away with the key while Eve and Nicole are arguing over who has the better fighting/Guardian style and approach. Nicole reveals that she has been hiding artifacts in her old graves. The keys lead to Koschei's Needle, a powerful artifact for war that can destroy a nation or an immortal. Nicole wants Eve to leave but agrees to let her help when Eve threatens to call the rest of the Librarians.

Ezekiel hacks Eve's credit card history and learns that Eve went to England to track down Nicole. Flynn and Jenkins set off to find them while the other three Librarians will stay behind and look after the Library. Eve and Nicole head to another one of her many graves that she has been creating every twenty years to fake her death and start all over. Eve is sympathetic to Nicole having to say goodbye to so many people. Eve is shaken by the revelation of how heavy a burden the immortality from tethering oneself to the Library is.

Flynn and Jenkins discover that Eve and Nicole are after the needle and argue over their disagreement regarding Nicole's former imprisonment. Meanwhile Eve admits to Nicole that she is afraid of being alone and end up like her. They continue on their journey and come across Flynn and Jenkins who had tracked them down. Flynn has managed to triangulate the location of the needle and Jenkins is upset that Flynn and Eve trust Nicole. Jenkins believes that Nicole wants to use the needle to kill him but the argument is interrupted by gunfire.

The group must run away from Ukrainian military that are chasing after them. Eve and Jenkins end up captured by the men that have been hunting down the artifacts in Nicole's graves, while Flynn and Nicole remain free. The man in charge is receptive to working with them once Jenkins says that they are not in league with Nicole. The man claims that Nicole destroyed his family. Flynn and Nicole find the group and watch from afar, hidden in the trees. Nicole recognises the man in charge and appears fearful before telling Flynn they need to continue on their mission. Flynn reluctantly agrees to go with Nicole when she tells him he should trust Eve to be able to take care of herself and get out free.

The man in charge tells Eve and Jenkins that he is a descendant of the Romanovs. Their family was corrupted by Rasputin and Nicole was acting as his accomplice. Eve believes in the goodness in Nicole but Jenkins is more inclined to believe the man. Eve is shaken when the man shows her photos of Nicole with Rasputin a century ago.

Nicole tells Flynn they have both become prisoners of the Library and he's the only one that can't see it. They continue on their journey and reach the location of the needle. They must decode the riddle to find where in the area it is hidden. Flynn cracks the code and unlocks the security measurements, triggering a mechanism to pull the hidden chest out of the water.

Jenkins and Eve track Nicole and Flynn down while accompanied with the man and his henchmen. Nicole tells them that the man in charge is actually Rasputin and he used dark magic to stay alive. She knows this because she had infiltrated his organisation. Jenkins is pondering whether Nicole is telling the truth when Rasputin grabs the needle and stabs Nicole with it to restore his youth. Rasputin's henchmen run away, not having realised the magnitude of what they were getting involved with.

The group runs away from Rasputin and Eve chides herself for letting Nicole down. Flynn had installed a radiation detector on his phone and he decides to run toward it. Rasputin sends Flynn flying off but Eve uses her strength to force Rasputin to stab a pipe full of radiation with the needle which results in his death. Nicole is brought back to the Library where Jenkins has a ritual performed to give his own immortality over to Nicole to save her life.

Nicole thanks Jenkins profusely and leaves the Library, though not before advising him to not be a prisoner. Later, Eve meets with Jenkins who informs her that Flynn has left behind his tethering ring and taken his belongings. He has resigned from the Library.

The Librarians airs on Wednesdays on TNT.


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