The Librarians S04E08 "And the Hidden Sanctuary" Recap

Cassandra is suffering from nightmares about her own mortality after a mission in Ecuador went badly. She decides to take a brief hiatus and visit Havenport, Ohio, as it's supposed to be the safest city in the US. She stays at a local home where she meets her landlady Carla and her son, Freddy. They used to live in the city but had moved in order to seek out a safer life.

Cassandra is shown around town where she meets some of the locals and observes how there aren't any traffic lights or stop signs. The town is also about to have a celebration of going 10,000 days without any sort of accident. It's eerily safe, with no accidents. Cassandra is nearly hit by a car but she manages to fall back and be caught by Councilman Weeks who has a flirtation going with Carla.

Cassandra decides to take up a job at the local library and gets a call from Jenkins who wants her to come back but refrains from pushing her into doing so. She mentions nearly getting hit by the car and Freddy overhears her. He asks her about how things are off in the town but she is determined to enjoy her hiatus and encourages Freddy to find the right book in the library that will offer him adventure and excitement.

Cassandra begins to enjoy making a life for herself in the town. She is helping Councilman Weeks put some posters up when he seemingly pricks his finger and becomes alarmed but pretends everything is fine and leaves Cassandra to finish her work. He passes by a small snow globe in a display case and says there is a problem, after which a crack appears in the glass.

Freddy approaches Cassandra again, pushing her to understand that people should be asking questions about why things are so seemingly perfect. He shows her a secret room he has in which he has compiled all kinds of research into the town's history and their records which reveal that the town defies all kinds of statistics. She begins to grow suspicious until she finally realises the truth of his statements by lighting a bunsen burner and sticking his arm into the flame. He isn't injured at all so she runs off trying to figure out what's going on and maintain her happy, safe life.

Ben follows Cassandra to the town square where they observe a strange series of accidents triggering one after another. Whatever was protecting the town from being hurt is seemingly no longer working. The residents gather for a town meeting in which they express their concerns to Councilman Weeks who still wants to have the festival even though the record won't be broken.

Cassandra decides to try to solve the case of what has happened to cause the town to be so safe and consequently no longer. But the various town members becomes suspicious of Cassandra as a newcomer and begin to blame her for the town no longer being a safe neighborhood. She tries to get her bag and leave but the connection is bad in trying to call Jenkins to summon a door out of the town. Freddy offers to help Cassandra and reveals that photos from the town all have a particular lens flare that Cassandra recognises as a fairy.

Cassandra and Ben read up on fairy mythology and determine a course of action to try to find the fairy. They lure it out by trying to drop a book on Cassandra's head and throwing up iron shavings that will slow the fairy down because it's allergic. They follow after the fairy only for Councilman Weeks to arrive and snatch the fairy up with the snow globe. He reveals how he was lost in the woods as a child and found a fairy stuck. She granted him a wish as thanks and he wished that no one would get hurt anymore. Ever since then she's been protecting the town. Now Weeks blames Cassandra, who determines that by using the magical portal to come in, she punctured the magical barrier. He chases after Cassandra and Freddy, who run outside and are confronted with the entire town.

Freddy has taken the snow globe and smashes it to free the fairy. She is angry about being forced to serve humans for 27 years and begins to shoot fire beams from her eyes to get revenge. Everyone escapes into the local town hall where everyone has now shifted the blame onto Weeks. Freddy steps up to defend him, saying that they're all to blame for not seeking the truth out despite it being clear that something was wrong in the town.

The townsfolk all cry out for Cassandra to help, causing her to flashback to the failed mission in Ecuador. She then has a vision of Jenkins asking her what she wants to be and she declares that she wants to be a Librarian. She determines that they must lure the fairy into the gazebo since it's made of iron and is the only thing large enough to trap her. Weeks volunteers himself to be the bait. Through a series of coordinated lures, the townsfolk are able to get the fairy to go after Weeks and get trapped in the gazebo.

Cassandra implores the fairy to understand that Weeks was just a scared little boy trying to protect a scared town. The fairy won't be deterred from her vengeance quest but Cassandra reminds her that she owes Freddy a wish for freeing her. He wishes for the fairy to know what it's like to feel fear. This is what convinces the fairy to return to her natural size and be free to go on without harming the town.

Havenport begins to re-implement the necessary safety measures of a typical town. Cassandra says goodbye to Freddy and Carla, implying that Freddy will one day be invited to become a Librarian. Cassandra also encourages Carla to give Weeks another chance, and is told that she'll always be welcome to visit the town again. Jenkins comes to pick Cassandra up and bring her back to the Library.

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