The Librarians S04E09 "And a Town Called Feud" Recap

Eve, Jacob, and Ezekiel head to a small town to investigate some strange happenings related to a local legend about two brothers that joined opposite sides of the Civil War and ended up killing one another. They decide that a locket split in half is at the heart of these happenings, and they must keep the two parts apart despite the fact that they're intended to be brought together in an upcoming ceremony. Recently, locals have been claiming to see ghosts of the Loveday brothers and other Civil War soldiers.

Cassandra and Jenkins decide to investigate the brother Librarians that Darrington claimed as proof that there can only be one Librarian at the time. Their falling out was said to be the cause of the Dark Ages but Cassandra and Jenkins hope to prove Darrington wrong.

Ezekiel is approached by a strange man who summons him to meet up later. Ezekiel brings Jacob with him and they learn that the man is a conspiracy theorist who believes the government is using the story of ghosts to cover up the fact that they're actually working with alien robots. The team later encounters ghosts of the soldiers who are chanting 'The brothers are rising' which prompts the team to guess that they need to steal the locket before the two halves can be joined the following morning.

Ezekiel and Jacob have become increasingly competitive with one another due to the nature of the case of feuding brothers. They return to the museum where the locket is being kept and find some old photographs in a safe that Ezekiel breaks into. They are caught by the museum curator who reveals that the locket has been moved to a secret location. Police arrive to arrest them for attempted robbery.

Cassandra opens up to Jenkins that she's worried that if there can truly only be one Librarian that she won't make the cut. But ideally she would rather the team stay together. Jenkins admits that he likes having them all around. Their investigation into the Librarian brothers' feud reveals that they truly did cause the Dark Ages because they had put their own personal egos ahead of their service to the Library.

At the ceremony, the two locket halves are joined together which causes the ghosts of the Loveday brothers to appear along with the other soldiers. Eve tells the museum curator to break the locket apart but she is unable to pull it apart. The ghosts possess the townsfolk while the ghosts of the brothers possess Ezekiel and Jacob who had been arguing over which of them could be the one to pull the locket apart. Eve finally manages to pull the locket apart but it doesn't end anyone's possessions. The re-enactment goes through and the townsfolk all fire but they all miss one another after which they're freed from their possession. The ghost brothers are revealed to have reconciled their differences before eventually dying in a bomb blast. The museum curator admits to have lied about the brotherly feud for her own interests in keeping the museum open. One brother had lost his son, which drove him away from wanting to fight in the war, while the other brother decided to turn away from the Confederate because he fell in love with a black woman.

The team returns to the Library where Cassie and Jenkins have now been convinced to believe Darrington's claim that there can only be one Librarian despite their earlier beliefs that the team could remain intact. Conversely, Jacob and Ezekiel are now supportive of the idea of there being multiple Librarians despite their earlier belief that there could only be one.

The Librarians airs on Wednesdays on TNT.


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