The Punisher S01E04 "Resupply" Recap

Frank tries to attack a weapons shipment belonging to Turk Barrett but discovers that a Greek gang has already taken the supply. He must now work to find the weapons while also taking time to check in on Lieberman's family. Meanwhile, Madani is approached by her mentor Rafael Hernandez, who advises her not to investigate Wolf's corruption.

Curtis visits Lewis Wilson to check in on his progress, as Curtis has decided to dig a trench in his father's backyard and sleep there instead of in his room.

Frank helps Lieberman's daughter Leo, who is working on repairing the kitchen sink. Lieberman's wife is struggling to parent Zach, who has been lashing out because of the traumas associated with losing their father. Frank relates to them, as a man who lost his family. Lieberman watches the encounters closely, feeling tormented by not being able to tell his family he's still alive. Frank also offers to do the repairs on her car.

Lewis heads to a recruiting session for Anvil, the security company that Billy Russo is running. Billy dismisses Lewis from the program when Curtis advises him about Lewis' unstable mental health and trauma.

Madani is put in charge of the operation tasked with recovering the same weapons shipment that Frank is going after with Lieberman, who discovers that the recovery mission is happening after hacking the Department's files.

Lieberman decides to help Frank's play to get the weapons back. Madani and Castle end up in a high-speed chase to get the DHS shipment of weapons. It ends when Lieberman rams Madani's car with his truck. Frank pulls Madani out of the car before it explodes and lays her down on a patch of pavement. She recognises him, despite being disoriented. Frank admits to killing Wolf when she asks him, and warns her not to get in his way.

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