The Punisher S01E05 "Gunner" Recap

Lieberman is upset at Frank for risking exposure by saving Madani but Frank doesn't regret saving her life. Frank returns to Lieberman's home to help patch up the family car. Madani is feeling guilty over her mission going wrong despite being advised that she did everything she could to the best of her ability and no one blames her for it.

Frank and Lieberman determine they need to find Gunner Henderson, who was another one of Frank's former squad-mates. Henderson had been the one to film the video of Zubair's execution.

Madani meets with Karen Page who's is curious about the incident down at the docks with the car explosion. She hasn't decided whether or not she'll be writing a story on it though since she needs more information on the matter. Madani admits that Wolf was dirty, off the record. Karen won't explicitly admit that she knows Frank is still alive but subtly suggests that it's best to leave him alone to do his (revenge) business. Madani later tells her partner Stein that Frank is still alive but this information needs to be kept secret until she can figure out what to do about it.

CIA Director of Covert Operations William Rawlins is shown to be eavesdropping on Madani and Stein's conversation about the names of soldiers she wants him to investigate. Rawlins is the "Agent Orange" whom Frank attacked and blinded during a botched mission overseas with the super secret squad. He is also awarded a medal of honour and the promise of a potential promotion to deputy director when the current one retires.

Karen meets with Frank and tells him about her meeting with Madani. Frank admits to having pulled Madani out of a car. The two end up arguing as Karen is worried about Frank, wanting him to be able to have a lie after all this revenge business is finished, while he remains determined to stop these evil men and protect the people that are still alive that he does care about, including Karen herself.

Frank and Lieberman track Henderson down in rural Kentucky where he's been hiding out isolated in the woods. Henderson begins shooting arrows at Frank, forcing him to hide until he identifies himself and insists he's not part of the conspiracy against them. Eventually, Henderson believes him and is willing to give Frank the names he has, which is all Frank wants. Henderson shares how he realised what they were doing was wrong because a young man that was killed ended up having his body used to smuggle heroin into the States. The people present included the colonel, Bennett, and Agent Orange.

Frank and Henderson are alerted to a team of mercenaries coming after them, having been sent by Rawlins. Their mission is to kill Henderson before DHS can find him and learn what he knows. Frank helps Henderson to fight off and kill the mercenaries while Rawlins is shocked to see Frank alive and well on one of the men's surveillance body cameras. Lieberman helps Frank by feeding him information from a drone he has flying above the fight in the woods. Frank and Henderson are able to eventually kill all of the mercenaries but Henderson is mortally wounded, while Frank is also injured but still alive. Frank also speaks into one of the body cameras to let the viewer know that he's coming for them, not knowing that it's Rawlins (Agent Orange) watching.

Frank was supposed to have dinner with Lieberman's family but misses the get-together because of the mission. He says goodbye to Henderson in his dying moments and collapses in the woods from his own injuries. Lieberman finds his body and brings him back to New York City.

Madani goes out for drinks with Billy Russo again and invites him back to her place to have sex. He is taken aback when he sees her injuries once he starts to undress her but she won't be deterred.

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