High Ticket Demand for Peter Jöback "Med hjärtat som insats" Cirkus Show Leads To New Dates!

After great demand and high ticket jolt to Peter Jöback and upcoming show "Med hjärtat som insats" is released today, more ideas for the autumn show at Cirkus in Stockholm. Happy news for Peter Jöback, who now once again finds himself on Broadway, where he has achieved success starring in "the Phantom of the Opera's" 30 anniversary.

"Med hjärtat som insats" unfolds my life as Peter Jöback himself describes it, and is a tribute to bygone eras and the present narrated somewhere on the border between the language of film and stage expression. Peter Jöback and his creative team Hans Marklund and Magnus Renfors is the brains behind this grand music experience that is so unique in its kind that has given rise to a new concept they call "POPTEATER".
Circus turn into an arena theater and the audience is thrown into the middle of the action epicenter. The show is limited as some of the scene's surface to the imagination, what exactly is dream and what is reality? 
We welcome you to an unforgettable evening - a different arena and total experience with music, dance, food and drink, premiering September 20 at the Circus, the show is played Fridays and Saturdays throughout the fall. 
Thu 25 Oct at. 20:00
Fred 26 Oct at. 21:00
Sat 27 Oct at. 15:00
Sat 27 Oct at. 21:00
Thurs 01 Nov at. 20:00
Fred 02 Nov at. 21:00
Sat 03 Nov at. 15:00
Sat 03 Nov at. 21:00
Thurs 08 Nov at. 20:00
Fred 09 Nov at. 21:00
Sat 10 November 15.00
Sat 10 Nov at. 21:00
Thurs 15 Nov at. 20:00
Fred 16 Nov at. 21:00
Sat November 17 at 15:00
Sat 17 Nov at. 21:00
Thu, 22 Nov at. 20:00
Fred 23 Nov at. 21:00
Sat 24 Nov at. 15:00
Sat 24 Nov at. 21:00
Thurs 29 Nov at. 20:00
Fred 30 Nov at. 21:00
Sat December 1 15:00
Sat 01 Dec at. 21:00
Thu 06 Dec at. 20:00
Peace 07 Dec at 21:00
Sat 08 Dec at. 15:00
Sat 08 Dec at. 21:00
Thu 13 Dec at. 20:00
Peace 14 Dec at. 21:00
Sat 15 Dec at. 15:00
Sat 15 Dec at. 21:00 
Idea: Peter Jöback & Magnus Renfors
Director / screenwriter: Hans Marklund 
Premiere September 20
The performance lasts 100 minutes 
Ticket options: Dinner Show-ticket incl. dinner package or only show ticket
Tickets: Ticketmaster here
"With the heart that effort" produced by: 2Entertain, Live Nation, Vicky Entertainment Production in association with Sinclair Entertainment.


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