Robert Gustafsson moves into the Rondo in the fall with a new dinner show

Robert Gustafson will take his smash-hit band Rolandz and his other characters to enrich Rondo in Gothenburg in the autumn. The show is called "Rolandz Rondo" and will premiere in September and they are likely to be both festive, popular and have a lot of 'fuldans,' of course.
It was in 2011 that Robert Gustafsson last stood on the Rondo stage during which he made grand success with his acclaimed anniversary show. Now, one of our foremost comedians and actors is back and is bring everyone along with Rolandz on a sparkling show with a lot of bawling singing. Cult band Rolandz had their breakthrough in 2008 and is now also present in this year's Melodifestivalen with his entry "Fuldans". Roland Järverup is the head of the band. The sympathetic Värmland, we met for the first time in "Screwed in Tallinn" and has become one of Robert Gustafsson most popular characters. 
"It will be fun to come to the Rondo! Have the hairspray in Gothenburg? And work the InterRail card on the tram? I'll take the bus or else ..." - Roland Järverup
Besides Roland, as appears also more of Robert's wildly popular characters in the show and entertains with both fresh and long-awaited material. Who could fail to love the jovial and spirited Greger Hawkwind, fire chief with his kilt, his heels and his pipe. And do not be surprised if even out-of Göteborg Wejron in the early morning, stepping forward with a clenched fist and thermos and calls to fight. Or why not the speedway legend Tony Rickardsson who is not at all bitter with no gas present their truths and makes us roaring with laughter. 
Besides all acclaimed performances on stage, so has Robert Gustafsson also made at least as many acclaimed roles in the film. He has been praised for its outstanding role performance in "Four Shades of Brown", he received a Guldbagge for 2004. Most recently, he has been praised worldwide for its amazing role performance in "A hundred year old who climbed out the window and disappeared" (the film is the biggest Swedish success ever and has been sold to 52 countries). For that role was Robert Gustafsson also nominated for Guldbagge for Best Actor. 
"Rolandz Rondo" is played on the following dates in the fall:
Thurs 27 Sept at. 21:00    PREMIERE! Fred Sept 28 pm. 21:00
Sat Sept 29 pm. 21:00
Thu 04 Oct at. 20:00
Fred 05 Oct at. 21:00
Sat 06 Oct at. 15:00   and   kl. 21:00
Thu 11 Oct at. 20:00
Fred 12 Oct at. 21:00
Sat 13 Oct at. 15:00 pm. 21:00
Thu 18 Oct at. 20:00
Fred 19 Oct at. 21:00
Sat 20 Oct at. 15:00 pm. 21:00
Thu 25 Oct at. 20:00
Fred 26 Oct at. 21:00
Sat 27 Oct at. 15:00 pm. 21:00
Thurs 01 Nov at. 20:00
Fred 02 Nov at. 21:00
Sat 03 Nov at. 21:00
Thurs 08 Nov at. 20:00
Fred 09 Nov at. 21:00
Sat 10 Nov at. 21:00
Thurs 15 Nov at. 20:00
Fred 16 Nov at. 21:00
Sat 17 Nov at. 21:00
Thu, 22 Nov at. 20:00
Fred 23 Nov at. 21:00
Sat 24 Nov at. 21:00
Thurs 29 Nov at. 20:00
Fred 30 Nov at. 21:00
Sat 01 Dec at. 21:00
Thu 06 Dec at. 20:00
Peace 07 Dec at. 21:00
Sat 08 Dec at. 21:00
Thu 13 Dec at. 20:00
Peace 14 Dec at. 21:00
Sat 15 Dec at. 21:00 
Tickets go on sale March 5, sold by: and
Presented by: 2Entertain and Vicky Entertainment Production.


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