Samir & Viktor to attempt World Record-Setting Tour

Samir & Viktor shufflade directly on to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest and is now moving to grips with implementing the world's fastest tour while making a world record attempt in cooperation with the web.

Samir & Viktor landed their first direct qualification to the Melodifestivalen finals with their latest hit "Shuffla". They are now loading up to take on a world record attempt to begin right after the finals. Starting March 16, they will set out on a speedy tour around the country and the plan is to conduct 11 concerts in 11 cities in 3 days! The start of the tour is Uppsala on 16 March and if all goes according to plan, they will end the tour with a new record on 18 March in Gränna. All shows are free for children and adults and in connection with the gigs there will also be signings. Two of the shows made will benefit Barncancerfonden, an organisation to help children suffering from cancer
To succeed with the record attempt, Samir & Viktor will mainly be traveling via helicopter between the towns. 
The world's fastest tour is also the world's most enjoyable tour! So cool get to go out to all the cities where we have so many friends and fans that we love! - Viktor
It will be cool, we're going to helicopter over half of Sweden and play in 11 locations during a weekend, crazy!! Also feels good that we're doing two gigs with Barncancerfonden! - Samir
Tour stops for the world's fastest tour:
16/3 - Uppsala
16/3 - Eskilstuna
16/3 - Västerås
16/3 - Örnsköldsvik
17/3 - Höga Kusten
17/3 - Norrköping
17/3 - Kosta
17/3 - Linköping
18/3 - Uddevalla
18/3 - Göteborg
18/3 - Gränna


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