The Punisher S01E06 "The Judas Goat" Recap

Lieberman calls Hoyle to help treat a badly wounded Castle, whose injuries have turned septic. Hoyle saves Castle's life but blames Lieberman for his wounded state.

Billy and Madani are still involved but he confronts her about her investigation into Castle when he finds the folder on him after a hook-up. Billy questions if she is just using him as part of her investigation but she says that her work and their hook-ups have nothing to do with one another.

Lieberman struggles to deal with being away from his family as he sees his son continue to act more and more rebellious and aggressive as a means of coping with his trauma and loss.

Billy meets with Madani in secret to talk about Castle once more, and learns that Castle was involved in Henderson's death. After this, Billy goes and asks Hoyle about Castle. Hoyle denies knowing anything and Billy tells him that Castle is actually alive. Hoyle later visits Castle to tell him that Billy is looking for him and wants to help. Castle meets with Billy but declines his offer to get him a new identity.

Wilson is arrested after confronting and NYPD officer while helping one of his fellow support group member, O'Connor, to hand out pro-Second Amendment pamphlets outside a courthouse. Wilson is bailed out by Hoyle but then kills O'Connor after learning that he lied about serving in Vietnam.

Billy is revealed to be secretly working with Rawlins.

The Punisher is available for streaming on Netflix.


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