iZombie S04E09 "Mac-Liv-Moore" Recap

Liv and Peyton offer to try to help Isobel go back to where she came from but Isobel doesn't want to go since it won't make much of a difference where she will die. Liv and Ravi have been tasked with working on the cases of the prisoners that were killed in the bus that was attacked by Angus' followers.

Blaine acquires a $100,000 brain that he wants Don E to consume as part of his master plan. Blaine had recently fed on a real estate agent which got him to thinking about acquiring certain properties that have dipped in value because of New Seattle becoming a zombie territory. But whenever things return to normal, these currently cheap properties will skyrocket in value. Don E consuming this plan will further his agenda once he reveals what the brain will allow Don E to do.

Liv and Ravi must investigate the death of a zombie woman and her human boyfriend, Walden. Liv feeds on the man's brain and begins to use the persona of a wannabe rapper. She and Clive question the man's brother who used to rap alongside Walden but eventually Walden got signed by a big manager and the two split up. He wrote a diss track about his brother for abandoning him but remains insistent he had nothing to do with his death.

Liv has a vision of one of the prisoners from the bus, Ronnie 'Sugar Cain' AKA Zombie Killer Cain, confronting the Walden/'Reign' and his girlfriend at the Scratching Post. Since Cain had been in prison before the Scratching Post opened it's clear that the vision is recent. A city-wide lockdown is put in place by Fillmore-Graves who are looking for Cain. This prevents Clive and Liv from being able to leave the precinct and follow the lead to the Scratching Post as they had originally planned.

At the Scratching Post, Don E is on the brain Blaine gifted him. He is now more timid and virginal around women, highly complementary towards his superiors, and Blaine informs him that he has special skills surrounding technology. Blaine wants Don E to set up an auction on the Dark Web where Blaine will auction off ten zombie cures to the highest bidders.

Peyton brings Isobel to the station since they were already on the way there when the sirens went off to indicate the lockdown. Isobel thinks it's cool to see real dead bodies up close.

When Major brings up the Angus' church to Filmore Graves, he reacts with anger and smashes up a locker. Despite Major having put information about a prior confrontation with the church in a previous report, someone in the organisation had filtered the information out to keep Graves from learning about it.

Clive, Ravi, and two other officers decide to play a dungeons-and-dragons-like game together. Detective Hunter decides to join in on the game and later shares an intimate moment with Clive in private during which they kiss.

Don E asks Blaine how people will know that the cures are legitimate and worth bidding on. Blaine says that they will cure and then kill a high-profile zombie and film it in order to legitimize the cures on sale. Blaine also asks Don E to snoop on Peyton's e-mails to spy on what she's been getting up to. He is also confused as to how it was that they had previously seen Ravi eating out of a brain tube but appears to be sexually active with Peyton, a human.

Ravi leaves the game early upon learning that Peyton is at the station and meets Isobel. He is immediately charmed by her intelligence and wit.

Major brings Jordan and Fisher to pick up a drunk Filmore-Graves soldier from the Scratching Post and bring him back to the base. When he wakes up, he finds that his ID has been taken and reveals that he wasn't drinking. He is shown to have a head wound, indicating that someone knocked him out for the purpose of stealing his Level 5 security clearance. It's revealed that Cain was the one to steal his ID and is currently holding Filmore Graves at gunpoint. Their conversation shows that he blames Filmore Graves for his wife and daughter becoming zombies, after which Cain had killed them. Cain shoots Filmore Graves in the kneecaps, after which Major bursts in and shoots Cain and disarms him.

Ravi asks Liv about Isobel dying and asking why Liv hasn't scratched her. He offers to scratch her the next time he is a zombie but Liv reveals that she already tried to scratch her and have other zombies scratch her too but it didn't take. Since Isobel has had different experimental treatments to save her life, it is possible that one of those things is the reason she is immune. Isobel overhears the last part of their conversation in which Ravi says that Isobel should be studied in case she is the key to finding a vaccine for the zombie condition.

Blaine has Don E bring the zombie mayor Baracus into a back room. He claims to offer a drug and a shot to offer him a high to further his pleasure before he will be able to enjoy a sexual tryst with some prostitutes. After he sniffs the drug and takes the shot, Baracus says he feels funny and then tells Blaine he knows he is human again and can feel the difference. Blaine then shoots him through the chest, with the entire portion of him taking the drug, exclaiming that he's human, and being shot dead filmed for uploading onto the dark web.

When Isobel reveals to Ravi that Liv helped orchestrate the coyote sneaking her into New Seattle, Peyton proceeds to fully reveal how Liv has taken over Mama Leone's operations. Ravi is shocked but still agrees to help out, as Isobel insists that she wants to be studied since she wants her life and death to mean something greater.

Major finds Cain barely breathing as he bleeds out on the floor of Graves' office. Major is ordered to scratch Cain, despite his pleas to let him die. Graves wants to have him publicly executed with the guillotine.

The body of Baracus is found on a bench, dead with a bullet wound through the heart. Peyton shows the investigators the video of him taking a drug, turning human, and being shot dead. No one has been able to find the video's origins. Meanwhile, the cures are being sold for millions of dollars just as Blaine intended.

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Méndez Prepares For Andra Chansen Duel

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Méndez is set to have the performance of his career that could make or break whether he does what no others will have accomplished -- qualifying to the Melodifestivalen finals sixteen years after his last time doing so. We caught up with Méndez the night before his Andra Chansen duel to see how he was feeling going into this momentous performance.

Watch our post-qualification interview with Méndez here:


Into The Badlands S03E02 "Moon Rises, Raven Seeks" Recap

M.K. has a confrontation with Moon, and tries to goad him into killing him so he will finally be put out of his misery. Moon leaves him alive, and later is sent by The Widow to hunt down and kill the Iron Rabbit's head (not knowing that the thief is actually Tilda), as well as to find Bajie and bring him to her since he has information she needs for her to thrive in the war. Moon is officially The Widow's new Regent.

Bajie sends a signal to Pilgrim, the son of Azra, who are travelling with their Acolytes on a long journey to find a new kingdom in the Badlands. They eventually find one deep within a ruined castle on an island; it was once an natural history museum. Pilgrim fights and kills some dissenters in their group while blindfolded, with the last dissenter being spared when he changes his mind and declares that he still believes in their cause.

Moon arrives at Lydia's camp and comes across Tilda, not knowing she is the Iron Rabbit's head, and none the wiser that the baby they are taking care of belong to Sunny, who learns that he passed The Gift to baby Henry. Lydia agrees to talk to Moon but discretely warns Tilda not to follow them or fight anyone.

M.K. has one of the house's servants sneak him a large dose of opium which he uses to attempt suicide, having grown tired and hopeless from his captivity and her failed attempts to bring back his Gift. While overdosing he has a vision of his Gifted self telling him that he's trapped inside M.K. because he blames himself for the death of their mother, forcing him to remember what really happened. The scene changes to the violent day when his mother died. The scene is replayed and M.K. watches in horror as Sunny stabs and kills M.K.'s mother. Seemingly, M.K.'s Gift then returns to him.

The Widow visits Lydia to try to convince her to help her hunt down the Iron Rabbit. But Lydia stands strong and refuses to give in to threats. The Widow reveals that she doesn't want to threaten Lydia, but to offer her a high-ranking position and a sizable portion of land to rule over if she only gives up the Iron Rabbit.

Sunny and Bajie have learned from Lydia about Ankara, the Mad Witch who possesses important knowledge about the Dark Ones. They intend to set out to north to Vulture's Peak in order to find her, and Tilda asks Sunny if she can come with them but he warns her that he can't offer her the redemption she is looking for.

The Widow returns to her home and learns of M.K.'s attempted suicides and calls for a healer to come tend to him.

Finally, Pilgrim performs a ritual in which he must sacrifice Azra, who willingly has her back pierced by hooks before they are used to lift her high into the air where she declares that she can see everything.

Into The Badlands airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


Killing Eve S01E04 "Sorry Baby" Recap

Eve attends Bill's funeral, devastated and more determined than ever to find his killer. She excuses herself from the funeral when she becomes overwhelmed by seeing Bill's baby crying.

Villanelle gives Konstantin a toy for his birthday to give to his daughter, a thinly veiled threat that she knows more about his life than he might have thought. He is visiting to punish her for her recent antics and assigns her to work with two other operatives, Nadia and Diego. Together they are to assassinate Frank Haleton, Eve's former MI5 boss.

Eve gets into an argument with her husband about his belief that she and Bill were involved in a more than professional/platonic capacity despite her insistence that nothing happened. When Eve begins to unpack her suitcase from the trip she finds various gifts Villanelle wrapped and snuck into her bag along with a note saying "Sorry baby" (for killing Bill). Eve brings her colleagues the items, including expensive clothes all in her size as well as a perfume called "La Villanelle". The items need to be examined for trace evidence as well as searching for which stores in Berlin would sell the items.

Villanelle, Nadia, and Diego prepare to complete their assignment. Through a series of arguments and exchanges it's revealed that Villanelle and Nadia used to be involved, while Nadia is now involved with Diego. They head to Frank's home and find that he isn't in, but his mother invites them in for some fruitcake. Villanelle and Nadia are the ones that go inside while Diego has gone out back to be backup in case it's required. Villanelle and Nadia leave after they learn that Frank has gone back to London in a hurry.

Eve's colleague traces some unusual activity involving Frank's landline calling his mobile phone while the phone was still in the house. Back at Frank's place, he drives off in a hurry while the assassins take off in a high-speed chase after him. Villanelle is driving the car while Nadia and Diego are arming themselves. Eve is trying to reach him, having been in the area to call on him, while her colleague traces his car.

Eve calls Frank to ask him to stay put so they can talk but is shocked to hear him frightened and distraught, saying he is being chased. He has stopped his car and so have the killers. They arm themselves and begin moving towards the car before shooting up the car with their assault rifles. Frank has already gotten out of the car and is hiding in the some bushes not too far away. Frank is still on the phone with Eve and begs her to come find him.

Villanelle is referred to as "Oskana" by Nadia, whom she manipulates into killing Diego after their failed assignment. Villanelle makes Nadia believe that she will give her all that she wants and deserves as they will run away together. Eve has given Frank directions on a place he can run to where they will meet up but he is still afraid to move while the remaining assassins are still around. Finally, Villanelle backs over Nadia with her car and then back forward with hit. Frank takes off running towards the meeting point and Villanelle spots him, prompting her to get a sniper rifle out of her car and shoot at him but it's the last bullet in the weapon. Eve's colleague figures out that Frank is a mole and that the house he was at belonged to a woman that was former Russian intelligence. Frank manages to reach Eve's car and get inside but Villanelle is chasing after him on foot and right as Eve tries to start the car, Villanelle shoots her gun.

Killing Eve airs on Sundays on BBC America.


Méndez, Margaret, and Renaida Among Names To Compete in Andra Chansen

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Andra Chansen always marks an interesting set of analysis, as sometimes odd duels are formed that send fans spinning into speculations as to what factors will give a particular competitor the edge to the voting public. Margaret will face Moncho in the first duel, and many believe that Margaret will be the one to win it due to the larger successes she has had on the Swedish charts as well as the greater commercial traction her song has had compared to Moncho's. If she qualifies, it will be the first time a foreign, non-Swedish act has made it to the Melodifestivalen finals.

Renaida and Olivia Eliasson are set to duel in the second round and this is arguably the most difficult to predict since they are both relatively new to their professional careers, with their Melodifestivalen entries being their largest commercial hits to date. Additionally, Renaida's song has been available for about a month now due to her being a qualifier from semi-final 1, while Olivia only just qualified last week. Thus it makes the numbers one would hope to look over to compare skewed due to extenuating circumstances.

Felix Sandman will duel Mimi Werner in the third round and there is little to no doubt that Felix will be the one to win it. With his pre-established name and fan-following, and the immediate traction the song has begun to build in such a short amount of time, he could have just as easily been one of the direct qualifiers from his semi-final. Finally, Méndez will duel Sigrid Bernson. This is likely to be another close match, as Méndez's song has been massively popular with the Swedish public while Sigrid is quite well known and liked, particularly by her young fans on social medias.

Watch our press conference interviews with Méndez, Olivia Eliasson, Felix Sandman, Renaida, Margaret, Moncho, and Mimi Werner here:


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S05E19 "Option Two" Recap

Coulson and the rest of the team reconvene about what to do next since Hale escaped. The various members disagree with Yo-Yo for killing Ruby and only Fitz and Simmons agree that she did the right thing. There is extra resentment about Fitz and Simmons breaking out and disobeying Daisy's orders. Fitz and Simmons ponder with Deke about whether his existence displays that they're stuck in a time loop or if them saving the world means that Deke will blink out of existence. They give him the gravitonium and tell him to guard it.

Talbot is apologetic to Coulson for the brainstorming he was subjected to and the disruptions is caused. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the Confederacy ship over River's End. Qovas is preparing an attack, causing Coulson to accidentally put the base on lockdown when he selects the option to prepare for a nuclear attack as opposed to an alien invasion.

Qovas' troops, the Remorath scavengers, are still able to teleport into the lighthouse and take off in pursuit of the gravitonium. While Coulson, May, Mack, Fitz, and Deke work to defend the control room, Yo-Yo leaves to retrieve Tablot who wants to make things right for Robin and her mother. Yo-Yo puts him in cuffs and tells him they're a necessary precautionary measure because none of them know if he is fully in control of his actions after the brainwashing he succumbed to.

Yo-Yo brings Talbot to the lab where Simons, Piper, and Davis are guarding the gravitonium. While Yo-Yo, Piper, and David work to clear the halls, Talbot manages to get hold of an ice gun to knock Simmons out. He proceeds to place himself in the particle infusion chamber and absorb the remaining gravitonium. He uses his new powers to rescue the remaining SHIELD agents, before taking off with Coulson to an unknown location.

Meanwhile, Daisy has been following a lead to relocate Robin and Polly with the help of Caine, who provides her with the Centipede serum which was previously used to keep John Garrett alive. However, Caine fails to retrieve an important ingredient, which leads to Daisy digging up her mother's grave.

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Mimi Werner Thrilled To Be In Andra Chansen (Melodifestivalen)

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Mimi Werner qualified to Andra Chansen on her sophomore endeavour in Melodifestivalen. With a vibrant, warm number designed with numerous orange accents, Mimi is quick to share about her love of fashion. This creative eye comes in handy when she designs various pieces for her own wardrobe, including a special jacket she wears for her number with "Songburning" embellished on the back.

Mimi's music is primarily rooted in the country genre, albeit with varying degrees of a pop flair depending on the release. Mimi also teases about a new album she'll be releasing following her run in the contest. With fewer and fewer mainstream Swedish artists, particularly those that participate in Melodifestivalen, bothering to release full studio albums it's particularly impressive for an artist like Mimi to have completed a project and have it prepared to release in a timely manner.

Watch our full interview with Mimi Werner here:


Krypton S01E06 "Civil Wars" Recap

Daron and Nyssa conspire with Jayna on their scheme to assassinate the Voice. Jayna decides to recruit Dev-Em to their conspiracy, despite Daron and Nyssa's initial skepticism about whether he can be trusted to their cause. Dev-Em agrees to back her with whatever she asks of him.

Dru-Zod explains that Brainiac didn't travel through time to destroy Krypton but it was always part of the history that leads to Krypton's eventual demise. Seg feels betrayed since Adam had never told him that Krypton would eventually be destroyed. Adam knows that General Zod is Superman's greatest enemy and implores Seg and Lyta not to trust Zod but Seg tells Lyta to cuff both of them until they can both explain their side of things. Seg confronts Adam about keeping secret further details about the end of Krypton and the lone survivors being General Zod and Superman. Adam now believes that Brainiac should be allowed to take the core of the planet which will lead to Krypton's eventual destruction in order to maintain the timeline but Seg can't fathom the idea of leaving Krypton to stay on a path to demise.

Seg and Lyta decide to free General Zod and head to the vault. Seg learns more about why Zod disapproves of Superman and Zod explains that they are enemies because Superman turned his back on his heritage but also says he never took pleasure in their being enemies. God also says that he was good friends with Seg's son.

A convicted terrorist bomber is released in order to be a scapegoat for the pending attack on the Voice of Rao. Unfortunately, one of the soldiers that serves under Jayna grows suspicious of certain aspect involved in the plot and Jayna is forced to kill him.

Seg and Zod use their co-mingled blood to open the vault, prompting a horrified Adam to explain that the weapon they have found inside is Doomsday, a practically unstoppable humanoid killing machine created long by the Els and the Zods that will destroy whatever gets in its path. They ultimately decide not to release Doomsday but Seg still decides to cut ties with Adam.

The Voice commands Dev to open the Nova Cycle ceremony to the public. Jayna and Daron forbid him from aborting the plot which prompts Dev to evacuate the ceremony and escort the Voice back to his chambers. It's there that various Sagitari are prepared to kill him but the Voice, having been possessed by Brainiac, lashes out with destructive tentacles to fight them off.

Krypton airs on Wednesdays on Syfy at 10/9c.


The Handmaid's Tale S02E02 "Unwomen" Recap

June is transported to the former headquarters of The Boston Globe, which is another safe place that's been arranged by Mayday. She is told that she must stay there for a couple days and if she is still there then another transport will come to bring her to the next location.

Emily is revealed to have been taken to the Colonies, a place where disobedient and lower-class infertile women (referred to as "unwomen") are forced to perform the hard labour of digging on highly toxic land. Many of these unwomen become sick from the chemical exposure, and Emily does what she can to help them.

A flashback of Emily's life begins after the attack on the Capitol Building and the White House. She works at a university where her boss, Professor Dan, informs her that she will not be teaching the following semester at the university. Instead he gives her a lower position in an effort to keep her hidden so she won't be criticized or attacked for her sexual orientation. Professor Dan is also gay, so he is not taking these actions from a homophobic place, but merely because he thinks he is doing what will keep Emily safe.

Nick visits June at the Boston Globe and she becomes angry at him when he tells her she will need to wait for several weeks before it will be safe enough to leave since numerous parties have been sent out to find her. Nick decides to give her keys to a car and a gun, if she really feels that she's better off trying to escape early, but after getting into the car she changes her mind and comes back inside where she initiates sex with him.

In another flashback into Emily's life, Professor Dan is hanged at the university with the word "faggot" spray painted underneath him. This prompts Emily to try to emigrate to Canada with her wife Sylvia and their son Oliver. But they run into some trouble at the border when their same-sex marriage is no longer recognised by the government, meaning she is no longer able to leave the country Sylvia. Through the line of questioning it's also revealed that she is the biological mother of Oliver. Sylvia is able to leave with Oliver due to her being Canadian.

A commander's wife is brought to the Colonies and the unwomen are entirely unwelcoming to her, with the exception of Emily who decides to befriend her. Emily learns that the woman was sent to the colonies for committing a "sin of the flesh" which happened when she fell in love with a man that wasn't her husband and she had sex with him. The woman starts to get sick from the chemical exposure and Emily give her some tablets which are later revealed to be poison that kill her. Emily blames her for "holding a woman down while her husband rapes her." After the woman dies, the unwomen are warned that they will be subjected to consequences for this death. Janine arrives at the Colonies, where Emily briefly greets her before Janine is dragged off to go through whatever protocol newcomers must go through.

June arranges a memorial for the Boston Globe employees who were executed at the newspaper's former headquarters and prays to God to send an angel to watch over it.

The Handmaid's Tale is available for streaming on Hulu.


The Handmaid's Tale S02E01 "June" Recap

Offred and numerous other handmaids are taken to Fenway Park and made to believe that they will be hanged as punishment for their disobedience. But just as they're seemingly about to be hanged, the whole scene is revealed to be a charade to frighten them into compliance.

In flashbacks throughout the episode, June's life with her husband Luke and daughter Hannah are shown. The time period is after the conservative regime had started to gain power and they struggle to cope with the effects of it. Hannah is admitted to the hospital when she comes down with a fever at school. June has to leave work to go pick her up and upon reaching the hospital, one of the workers questions June about if she had medicated Hannah to try to bypass the school's fever policy and other questions to ascertain if she and Luke are fit parents. Later, June brings Hannah home where Luke is watching a news story about the Capitol building and the White house being attacked by terrorists.

During another punishment, the Handmaids are forced to kneel and hold a rock with their arm extended out for a tremendously long period of time while they are rained upon with no cover from the cold. When Aunt Lydia learns that Offred is pregnant, she is excused from completing her punishment. Offred is brought inside to change out of her wet clothes and be tended to in order to ensure that her baby is cared for.

Aunt Lydia brings Offred a meal but she refuses to eat it. Aunt Lydia warns her that all of her friends that followed her disobedience will be punished while Offred will be exempt due to her pregnancy but Offred still refuses to eat. Aunt Lydia brings Offred to a prison room to show her another pregnant handmaid, Ofwaytt, who is chained up after she attempted to kill herself with drain cleaner. Offred relents and agrees to eat, but Aunt Lydia torments her by bringing in all of her friends and has them burned with a gas flame one by one while Offred finishes her meal.

Offred attends a pregnancy check-up where Serena and Fred each visit her in the medical room, separately. Serena threatens her to behave herself and be obedient before Fred also enters the room. The first ultrasound shows an image of the embryo in development, although it's too early to be able to hear a heartbeat. Serena is more polite to Offred after getting to see the image of the embryo, having been emotionally moved by the experience. As Offred is finishing her check-up, the last guard to leave the room addresses her as "June," much to her shock. As she begins to put her belongings back on, she finds a key that's been left for her with a red square on the end of it inside one of her boots. She finds another door in the room marked with a red square and exits that way. She follows a series of red squares left behind that lead her to a van parked underneath the hospital. Upon getting inside, the van drives her away.

Fred uses his status to order a highly resourced search for Alfred after she goes missing.

The van brings June to a safe house in Back Bay. The driver tells her to wait in the entry way, saying that someone will come for her. She hugs him and thanks him before he leaves. It's Nick who emerges to meet her and she embraces him. He warns her that people are looking for her and tells her to get undressed to change out of her handmaid's dress. He also tells her she'll need to cut her hair to further her disguise. He tells her that he's set up a place for her to stay until it's safe enough to sneak her out of the city. June burns her handmaid's dress before cutting off her hair and then cutting the red cattle tag out of her ear.

The Handmaid's Tale is available for streaming on Hulu.


Shadowhunters S03E06 "A Window Into an Empty Room" Recap

Heidi holds a woman captive to feed on her and use her belongings to pamper herself in preparation of meeting Simon, who has been working with Kyle to test out the powers of his mark. When Simon returns to his apartment he finds Heidi waiting for him, saying that they're bonded forever. Simon encourages her to talk to Raphael since he was the one who dug her up, angering Heidi who reminds him that his blood runs through her veins. She tells them that they belong together and that he will see the truth of this eventually.

Alec is struggling about the idea of him growing old and feeble and a burden to Magnus. Magnus tries to reassure him but Alec takes what he's saying as a suggestion that he should have dated someone else before him. Izzy later advises Alec that what he and Magnus has is real and that they will find a way to make it work.

Alec's mother comes to visit him and Izzy and tells them she's found a place. She is also looking for Jace but no one seems to have noticed yet that he is missing since everyone thinks he has gone to get treatment for his mental health. In actuality, Jace is getting orders from Lilith to find the last virtuous mundane to complete the ritual to bring Jonathan back. Lilith says that she knows the real Jace is still buried inside and that when all this is through he will wake to find all his friends dead and his world burning at the hands of Jonathan.

Simon tells Maia about Heidi and she advises him to help Heidi since it can't be easy to be a new vampire without a support system. Simon decides to text Raphael to ask for some tips on how to be a good sire.

Izzy tells her mother to come out with her and Alec for a night out and she agrees on the condition that Izzy bring Charlie, the hot doctor she's been seeing.

Alec runs into Jace on the street and asks why he's back already. Jace claims that he has completed his treatment already and is cleared for duty. He comes back to the Institute and pretends like everything is okay but Clary is suspicious that something is off with him.

Simon goes to meet with Raphael but finds Heidi waiting for him, having catfished him with Raphael's phone. He tries to make amends for being dismissive before and says he's willing to help her as her sire but rejects her advances when she tries to kiss him, saying that he has a girlfriend. She pretends to be accepting of this information but appears to be furious after he leaves.

Clary visits Magnus for help in understanding what happened when the demon touched her before she passed out. He examines her magically and determines that the energy signature is from the same demon that corrupted the ley lines. Magnus magically sends a message to an old contact, Brother Zachariah, that should be able to help him identify the beast. Clary shares how Jace had been acting strange earlier and didn't seem to be happy to see her. Magnus advises her to be patient and then gets a message back form Zachariah that he's willing to meet tonight.

Simon gets back to his place and advises Maia that they need to go into hiding until they can figure out what to do about Heidi. Simon is worried about Maia's safety but she is confident she'll be able to handle any threat that should come for her.

Jace sets his sights on Charlie, the doctor Izzy has been seeing, to be the final victim in Lilith's ritual after meeting him at the family dinner with Izzy, Alec, and Maryse. While at the hunter's moon, Marlyse talks with Luke, who is kind to her about her being excommunicated. It's suggested that there is a flirtation that will blossom into something greater.

Magnus and Clary are waiting for Zachariah and Magnus opens up about the fight he had with Alec. Clary assures him that they will find a way to work it out. Zachariah arrives and Clary is shocked to learn from him that Jace never came to the Silent City for treatment. However, they do receive the information from him to aid in their quest to uncover the identity of the demon that's been threatening them.

Heidi watches Simon from outside the hunter's moon and sees him talking to Izzy, coming to the conclusion that she is his girlfriend instead of Maia. She tries to attack Izzy in a back room but Izzy is able to knock her own. She is prepared to kill Heidi but Simon hears the conflict and steps in to stop the fight. He promises that he will make sure she never hurts anyone again despite Izzy's wishes to turn her in to the Clave. Izzy inadvertently saves Charlie from being taken outside and possessed by Jace.

Simon brings Heidi back to where she's been staying and turns her in to the Praetor Lupus in the hopes that they'll be able to rehabilitate her. He seems saddened to not have been able to be the one to directly help her but Kyle assures him that he's doing the right thing.

Jace spots Ollie, Luke's cop partner, coming in to let him know about a lead she found on the recent murders. Jace follows her outside as she's leaving.

Clary and Magnus teleport back to the city and Magnus deduces that the woman who came to ask for the elixir to make someone fall out of love was the actual demon and they had stolen a sliver of Clary's soul in order to give to Jace.

Jace attacks Ollie as the Owl demon and Clary and Magnus run up on the scene as he's trying to possess her. Luke also arrives and shoots the Owl demon in the back multiple times after he has fought Clary and Magnus. This causes him to uncloak his disguise, showing everyone that the Owl is actually Jace. Jace uses his demonic abilities to escape and Ollie also scurries away, having now been possessed.

Shadowhunters airs on Tuesdays on Freeform at 8/7c.


iZombie S04E08 "Chivalry Is Dead" Recap

Peyton tells Liv about Major being in charge of the team shooting up a newspaper office. Live asks Peyton not to tell Ravi or Major about the human smuggling she's gotten involved with. Peyton is understanding of why Liv is doing this line of work and demands to be part of the operation and help with the cause. Liv doesn't want Peyton to put herself in danger but does mention that a lack of funding for resources if one of the operation's biggest problems. Peyton finds out about a stash of cash from a criminal associate in prison in exchange for him being transferred from gen-pop to a white collar prison.

Liv meets Clive and Ravi at this week's crime scene where the victim has been found wearing a suit of armour. He was a medieval history professor who enjoyed LARP-ing in his spare time. Liv and Clive head to Garrett's (the victim) LARP-ing group to find out who would've had a grudge against him enough to stab him with a sword. The group claims that Garrett left the group after the wall went up because he felt it wouldn't be a good idea for zombies and humans to LARP together. He left to play with a new zombie LARP group but Garett wasn't actually a zombie, as evidence by Liv's ability to consume his brain and have visions from it.

Liv is helping Clive with the autopsy when Isabel, one of the people Liv is helping in her secret operation, calls her for help. Her coyote briefly goes missing but returns at the end of the phone call.

Angus and Blaine have an uneasy deal set up but Blaine feels compelled to ask him for a favour after Mr. Boss comes to visit him. Mr. Boss wants to go after the same stash of cash that Peyton is trying to get her hands on to help with Liv's operation. Beth and Geo, two sick individuals, arrive in New Seattle and Liv scratches them so they can be saved from death and start life anew. But the third person set to arrive, Isobel, doesn't arrive as planned. She and the coyote she was supposed to come with, Curtis, are missing.

Major decides to join Russ on some secret mission to try to make more money. The mission turns out to be beating up some zombies involved with a side-job Russ has going in which he sells watered down supplies of brains. They let the zombies live but ransack their operation space.

Liv and Clive track down some zombie LARP-ers that Garrett had joined up with. The zombies didn't know that Garrett wasn't really a zombie and were shocked when they were playing a game and he began to bleed once he was stabbed with a sword. A zombie named Kevin admits to being the one to stab him, as he was portraying Arthur opposite Garrett's Lancelot. Clive knows that killing Garrett was an accident but everyone needs to come in the next day to make a statement.

Angus and his followers block the road on which the prisoners are set to be transported. His followers surround themes and attack it. After tipping the bus onto its side they feed on the prisoners and other passengers inside. The accountant that told Peyton about the money is brought to Mr. Boss. He reveals where the hidden stash of money is but Blaine is still instructed to feed on the man's brain to ensure that the information is legitimate.

Liv has a vision of "Arthur" barging in on Garrett sleeping with "Guinevere" who was Arthur's real wife. When she is brought in, she admits that after her husband became a zombie and they were no longer able to have sex she needed to seek that intimacy elsewhere despite still loving her husband. She still believes her husband is innocent but is shocked when she sees a photo of the murder weapon since it wasn't Excalibur, the sword that he is supposed to fight with while LARP-ing. One of the other LARP-ers reveals that Arthur tricked Garrett into thinking he was wounded so he'd be able to stab him since Garrett was too good a fighter to lose legitimately.

Blaine and Mr. Boss arrive at the locker where the money is supposed to be but it's already been taken by Peyton. She has brought it to Liv and the other members of the operation so they can use it to save more people. It's then that Isobel finally arrives with Curtis the coyote. But despite Liv repeatedly scratching her, it doesn't work and she is unable to be turned into a zombie.

iZombie airs on Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.


Into The Badlands S03E01 "Enter the Phoenix" Recap

It's been six months since Sunny returned to the Badlands with his child. There is a civil waging between the last two barons left: The Widow and Chau. The Widow meets with a skilled warrior, Moon, hoping to recruit him to her side but when he refuses the two break out in a fight. After considerable action between the two, they reach an impasse and Moon agrees to hear out her proposal.

Tilda, who has gained the name of the "Iron Rabbit," is working with a group of thieves to steal supplies from The Widow. Along the way, they inadvertently help Bajie to escape captivity while he is being transported.

M.K. is being held captive by The Widow, who is trying to help him get his power back. He has a large cage with a luxurious bed and women coming in and out his bed. He is despondent from the agonising process of pain to try to trigger his powers again. She tries to tell him that she's the only one he has left since Sunny hasn't tried to come for him for the last six months.

Sunny viciously beats some scavengers to death when they attack his in the trailer where he has taken refuge with his son. He has resorted to drinking often to nurse his emotional wounds following the loss of his love, and discovers a flier offering a large bounty for him on the body of one of the scavengers.

Tilda and the thieves are revealed to be protecting Lydia in a Totemist camp where they help refugees from the war. Lydia tells Tilda to stay away from the camp for a while, believing that her antics are too risky to the well-being of the refugees. Tilda becomes angry, saying that Lydia is breaking her promise to help her rescue M.K. She tries to get Bajie to help and mentions Sunny but Bajie points out that no one has seen Sunny in six months.

Sunny seeks help to treat his son Henry, who is sick. But his efforts turn up futile, forcing him to carry on and look elsewhere. Sunny ends up spotting Bajie at a marketplace, gambling and drinking. Bajie is about to get beat up for cheating and have his compass stolen but Sunny steps in, takes his compass back, and saves Bajie from the beating. While Henry is being tended to by a medicinal caretaker, she pricks his hand to check his blood and his eyes turn black. She calls Sunny and Lydia back, who learn that Henry has The Gift.

A new threat emerges in the form of a mysterious new leader who has bodyguards that also have The Gift along with tremendous fighting and killing abilities that will be unleashed to protect their leader.

Into The Badlands airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


Killing Eve S01E03 "Don't I Know You?" Recap

Villanelle murders another victim, this time it's a man that thought he was attending a regular session with a dominatrix. The team is shocked to learn about the death due to the fact that Villanelle gave a false name, Eve's to be more exact, in order to lure Eve to Berlin. The victim was a hacker working for the Chinese government. Eve asks her colleague, Bill Pargrave, to come to Berlin with her due to his knowledge of German and experience in the field. He is reluctant to go but eventually agrees.

Meanwhile, Villanelle hooks up with an American woman tourist and asks her to let her call her Eve as part of a kinky role-play fantasy. When Eve arrives with Bill, they begin their investigation by visiting the room where the man was murdered. Villanelle follows Eve from afar and steals her suitcase to learn more about her. Konstantin visits Villanelle to give her another job off the record, which is to follow Eve since she is in Berlin to investigate Villanelle's work. Konstantin doesn't know that Villanelle was the one to lure her to Berlin in the first place, and warns her to behave.

Eve and Bill visit an employee of the Chinese consulate who reveals that the Chinese government are pushing a cover-up story that he died of a heart attack in order to hide any scandalous aspects that would embarrass their government. While Eve and Bill are walking down the street, Villanelle bumps into Bill and he sees her face though he doesn't know who she is.

Villanelle even follows Eve to a store where she is shopping to get new clothing since her suitcase was stolen. Bill accompanies Eve to the dinner she is set to have with the Chinese consulate employee member, intending on setting up in a bar until she is finished and meeting her afterwards. But Bill spots Villanelle watching Eve on the train platform she is preparing to board and recognises that she matches the description Eve gave of the nurse she believes to be the killer. He stops Villanelle from getting on the same train as Eve by pretending to be a tourist interested in where she got her scarf, then continues to follow after her.

Bill calls Eve and leaves her a voicemail to say that he is following who he believes to be the killer. He loses her trail when Villanelle uses her looks to jump the queue to get into a nightclub. Bill has to wait through the entire queue to get inside. Chen tells Eve about some shady dealings the victim was involved with that the Chinese government covered up and gives her a USB drive with further information. Eve then leaves the dinner to head to the club where Bill has told her he has followed the killer to.

Eve get the guards to let her in after explaining that she is part of the British authorities. She is unable to find Bill before Villanelle gets to him and stabs him repeatedly. When Eve gets to him, he is already bleeding out.

Killing Eve airs on Sundays on BBC America.


Moncho To Battle Margaret In Andra Chansen (Melodifestivalen)

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Moncho defied the odds to qualify from the Melodifestivalen semi-finals and has earned another chance to battle for a spot in the finals. This time he will be facing off against Margaret, but he is the first to admit that neither of them is particularly inclined towards any sort of negative, competitive energy. Both artists would rather focus on the gift of being able to perform their songs once again for the audience in the arena and tuning in to the show.

"Cuba Libre" is a step in a new creative direction for Moncho, who has spent the bulk of his career being a hip-hop artist releasing harder rap music as opposed to the warm, feel-good Caribbean-influenced pop he has brought to the contest. He has also been consistent in making music videos for his past releases, and has even gone so far as to shoot one in Barcelona.

Watch our full interview with Moncho here:


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S05E18 "All Roads Lead..." Recap

Talbot's brainwashing has been activated and he recites a mantra to himself to complete his mission. He steals a gun and tells himself to be prepared and that no one has to get hurt. While sneaking around, he is caught by Mack and claims that he is just walking around because of all the time he spent being cooped up in captivity.

Fitz and Simmons are still being held captive by Ruby who is forcing them to repair the gravionium weapon.

Daisy and May locate the Blue Raven Ridge base and enter it to apprehend Hale, who is more than willing to surrender after a terrifying encounter with Creel in which he informed her of Quinn and Hall's consciousness being trapped within the gravitonium. Hale reveals how Ruby wants to become the Destroyer of Worlds and is prepared to take them to the facility where she has Fitz and Simmons captive. May and Daisy call Coulson to inform him, Mack, and Deke to tell them what they have learned and how badly Creel has been psychologically effected by being exposed to the gravitonium.

Talbot visits Robin, intent on questioning her about the things she has learned through her visions. Talbot chokes Robin's mother to death while Robin ignores her pleas to find help. Talbot tells Robin she is coming with him and Robin replies that she already knows.

Strucker helps Ruby being the infusion process. She screams in pain as it begins which is heard by Hale, May, and Daisy arrive. Strucker is distraught that Ruby is in pain and Simmons is able to pause the infusion process when Ruby has only taken 8% of the gravitonium into her body. They open the chamber and Ruby levitates out before dropping to the ground. Strucker tries to comfort her and Ruby promises he's not going anywhere but Ruby accidentally crushes Strucker's skull, killing him with new abilities she can't control. Ruby cries out, begging them to get the voices out of her head and she throws Fitz and Simmons against the wall when they tell her there is no way to reverse the process. May helps Fitz and Simmons escape from the room while Ruby continues to cry out in pain.

Coulson and Mack catch up to Talbot, who has Robin in his custody. Coulson tries to make him see that he's been brainwashed so Robin will be safe. Eventually, Coulson and Mack are able to subdue him and get Robin back.

Daisy tries to reason with Ruby and help her get control of her abilities, while Hale also tries to calm her down. Yo-Yo shows up to try to help Daisy, who is intent on not using her powers in the presence of the gravitonium because doing so would risk destroying the world. Ruby wants to take Daisy out but Hale tells her that Daisy is on her side and all she ever wanted was for Ruby to fulfill her potential, apologizing for how wrong everything has gone. When Yo-Yo shows up, she realises that Ruby is the one who took her arms. Daisy tries to reason with Yo-Yo and understand that Ruby is just a kid who needs help but Yo-Yo decides to avenge the loss of her arms and stop an ever-out-of-control Ruby by slicing Ruby's neck with her own chakram. Hale cries as she holds her dying daughter in her arms and then Ruby's dead body begins to levitate. A blast of energy shoots out of her and then Hale escapes before May, Fitz, and Simmons return. Daisy is angry at Yo-Yo for killing Ruby, but Yo-Yo remains sure that she has just saved the world.

Later, Hale is seen visiting the Confederacy ship and informing Qovas that SHIELD has gained possession of the gravitonium and can reveal where they're hiding.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Fridays on ABC at 9/8c.


Gotham S04E19 "To Our Deaths and Beyond" Recap

Tabitha lures Bruce and Selina to the lair where she has teamed up with an outside faction of the League of Shadows. They are preparing a ritual in order resurrect Ra's al Ghul but require Bruce's blood to do it because he was the one to kill Ra's.

Back at the Narrows, Nygma has robbed several banks and brought back the bounties in order to distribute wealth to the inhabitants of the Narrows. Ed/Riddler wants to know what Lee sees him as and she says he's a friend though it's implied there's something more. Oswald arrives with Butch/Grundy, wanting to be brought along on the next robbery. Oswald also accuses Lee of stringing Riddler along with the promise of affection.

Ra's is angry at being brought back after all the work he did to finally be able to die, even going so far as to rip the throat out of one of his followers. They criticise Barbara's limited scope of what she wants to use her power for. Tabitha is horrified to learn that the Demon's Head doesn't automatically return to Ra's when he's resurrected and that he intends to rip it from her dead body if she doesn't give it back willingly.

When Ra's is reunited with Barbara he is disappointed by what he sees as her limited ambitions. He demands the return of the Demon's Head since she hasn't even unlocked the secrets it holds. He demeans her accomplishments and the two get into a fight before Ra's is forced to fight off the various women in the League that serve Barbara. Ra's kill and injure many of her followers before chasing her out into the street where Barbara gets away with the help of Bruce driving up in his new luxury car with Selina and Tabitha along for the rescue mission. They reconvene at Wayne Manor and Bruce deduces that he needs to be the one to kill Ra's since he was the one to kill him before. Barbara also theorises that she needs to be the one to kill him while having the Demon's Head in her hand, believing that this could be the key to unlocking her power.

Alfred tries to get the mystical knife back that Bruce used to kill Ra's from the historical society they had returned it to. When the man refuses to give it back, Alfred and Tabitha create a rouse that distracts all parties present so Selina can steal the knife and swap it for a decoy. Bruce and Barbara argue over who Selina should give the knife to and she only hands it over to Barbara after she holds Alfred at gunpoint. Selina feels defeated and leaves with Barbara and Tabitha after they shoot out Bruce's tire.

Riddler agrees to bring Oswald and Grundy along on his next robbery, claiming that the presence of Ed's lovestruck feelings is interfering with his criminal efficiency. Riddler promises that this next score will get each of them 100 million dollars and that they need to help him kill Lee.

Selina leaves Barbara and Tabitha upon learning that they don't have a more sophisticated plan, given Barbara's inability to control the Demon's Head or know a deeper purpose to using it. Selina returns to Bruce and Alfred to ask them for help to prevent Barbara from getting herself killed. When Barbara faces off against Ra's, she tries to stab him with the knife but it does nothing to kill him. The two fight briefly but then he gets the upper hand and starts to drain her. Bruce arrives and knocks them aside but is quickly pulled out of the commotion from the other members of the League. Barbara is impaled by the dagger but manages to unlock the secrets of the Demon's Head. She is able to master it but then Ra's threatens the life of Tabitha. Barbara willingly gives up the Demon's Head to save Tabitha's life and afterwards the female League members still recognise Barbara's worth as a leader and decide to continue serving her. Ra's is restored to his former state instead of his zombie-like condition. Bruce asks him to turn over the knife so he can kill him again but Ra's says today is not the day he will die and snaps the knife in half before disappearing. Barbara finally reconciles with Tabitha after all of their falling outs.

Riddler seemingly traps Lee with the intent to kill her but instead betrays Oswald and Grundy by leaving them trapped in a bank vault to be apprehended by the police. Riddler tells Lee that he knows she is using him but he will make her fall in love with him nonetheless because he understands her. The GCPD arrive sooner than expected and Lee declares that she will give herself up to them while Riddler will get away.

Finally, it's revealed that Ra's has had a vision of a cataclysmic even that will bring incalculable destruction to the city. This is the reason he has decided to stay alive for the time being in order to use the impending disaster to shape Bruce into a "dark knight of Gotham."

Gotham airs on Thursdays on FOX at 8/7c.


Krypton S01E05 "House of Zod" Recap

Seg strugles to find shelter and a communications device to call for help in getting him back home. He discovers a woman, Raika, who promises to bring him to safety if he frees her. She guides him to a value which bears a symbol that combines the crests of houses Zod and El. While Raika has fallen unconscious, the people that Seg meets are alarmed when they learn that Seg is an El and keep their weapons on him.

Daron is enraged to learn that Nyssa has tried to help Lyta and thus exposed their plans to Jayna because Seg wanted her to, despite her claims to have done it to future their plans.

In flashbacks, Jayna is revealed to have had to leave her brother for dead out in the freezing cold as part of her rigorous training to become a great military leader. In the present, Jayna signals to Nyssa that she will cooperate just as Lyta is about to be killed. Daron stays the execution by claiming that Kol-Da has recanted, while in secret viewers learn that he and Kol-Da are lovers. Lyta is shocked and overjoyed to learn that her mother saved her and while Jayna refrains from telling her the details, she says that she loves Lyta but Lyta has also brought dishonor to the House of Zod.

In secret, Kol-Da is killed by unknown parties after the stayed execution of Lyta. Daron orders a full investigation into her death but in a private conversation with Nyssa it's revealed that he was the one that ordered her death as a sacrifice necessary to their larger plan.

Seg learns that the people he has met are exiled believers of the ice goddess Cythonna, and they have guarded this sacred vault for generations. He is able to escape once more but his respirator begins to fail to the point of his oxygen level being completely depleted. He decides to use what's left of the batteries to power his comm device, which he uses to call Adam in the hopes that Lyta can find him.

Ultimately, it is the Commander who finds Seg out in the snowstorm, very near death. He takes him back to the base and explains to Seg after he is well enough to talk that the vault is what holds the key to stopping Brainiac and saving Krypton. Adam and Lyta arrive in order to rescue Seg, after Seg played her a message in which he confessed his love for her (while the entire conversation was overheard by Nyssa). While Seg makes his escape with Adam, Lyta stays to fight the Commander alone. After they battle a bit, the Commander then reveals that he is actually her son, Dru-Zod.

Krypton airs on Wednesdays on Syfy at 10/9c.


Black Lightning S01E13 "Shadow of Death: The Book of War" Recap

Gambi advises Jennifer that Tobias has the ability to see the worst in people and bring it out, which is something he did to Khalil when convincing him to get the spinal implant to walk again but has now been turned into a weapon. Tobias also rescued Syonide from an orphanage and trained her to be an assassin, eventually implanting a body armour under her skin.

Martin Proctor learns that many of the pod occupants are in an unstable condition and the only way to save them would be to find the correct metahuman DNA sample capable of stabilizing them. He also learns that Lala is the only lead they currently have to try to find Tobias. He sees the metahumans as bioweapons that need to be collected to arm themselves.

Tobias informs Lala that he was the one that spent the money to revive Lala with a control mechanism installed. The visions Lala has been having is a side effect of the procedure that causes him to be haunted by those he has killed. Tobias installs a bomb in him to be sent to the A.S.A. but Proctor figures out he has been armed with a bomb and gets out in time for Lala to only kill a few other agents.

Jefferson is near death and is having visions of speaking with his late father Alvin, who gives him a pep talk that coaxes him into waking up. However, they come to discover that Jefferson's powers are gone. Proctor sends agents to capture the family which Inspector Henderson hears about and sends police to go after.

Jennifer is able to generate enough electricity to restore Black Lightning's powers which is just in time to help the family fend off the impending arrival of the A.S.A. agents and the police that are also on the way. Bambi advises the family to go into hiding since they will never not be a target but they all agree that the right thing to do is to stay, fight, and protect their community. They are able to fight off the men that attack their cabin in the woods with little to no injuries. They manage to escape in a van just as the police arrive.

Once Tobias's men attack the A.S.A. headquarters, only Proctor is able to escape. The Pierce family confronts Martin and Gambi has the realization that Proctor is running a rogue operation. Gambi proceeds to kill Proctor as the culmination of making amends for the work he did with the A.S.A.

Despite Lynn's best efforts to save the kids in the pods, they don't survive. However, she is able to expose details of the A.S.A. experiments to the media which triggers a massive scandal for the government. Public opinion is once again in favour of Black Lightning and now Thunder, as they're revered as heroes for having stopped this rogue government conspiracy.

Secretly, Tobias has retrieved Martin Proctor's severed thumbs and uses them to open Proctor's briefcase. This provides Tobias with the means to take out Black Lightning once and for all.

Black Lightning will return to the CW for season 2.


Shadowhunters S03E05 "Stronger Than Heaven" Recap

Lilian pretends to be a friend of Ragnor Fell in order to gain Magnus' trust. She is searching for help in performing magic to make someone fall out of love. Magnus claims he can do this but recommends against it, saying that it's better to fall in love. She claims that it's for a former lover that's a soldier needing to stay focused on the task at hand. He gives her the elixir and says that it requires a sliver of her soul to be put into it an hour before it is administered as she is the supposed object of affection.

Jace tells Clary he's planning of going to the City of Bones for treatment from the Silent Brothers, as they have a history of helping Shadowhunters with mental health issues. She is concerned that if they can't help him that he is risking losing it all, including being a Shadowhunter. She wants to talk to Angels to ask for help with the situation, as she remains determined to help him no matter how difficult it may seem.

Alec asks Magnus if he can move in to his place. Magnus thinks it's a good idea for the future, saying they've only been dating for two months and that their relationship will change once they move in together. He says that one thing he's learned after being alive so long is to take your time in a relationship.

Simon has one of his gigs cancelled and doesn't know who sabotaged him by pretending to be his manager. Jace decides to help him to keep busy and also because Simon is important to Clary.

Izzy agrees to go on a date with the doctor and Clary encourages her to do so since having a few hours off from the investigation could be good for her well-being.

Clary confides in Luke about Jace dying in the battle against Valentine and using the wish from Raziel to bring him back. She is distraught at having to lie to everyone she loves and now Jace is struggling with something that she can't seem to help him with. She asks Luke to help her contact Cleophas in an effort to contact the angels for help.

Lilith summons a demon to go after Clary and retrieve a sliver of her soul.

Jace tells Simon that none of the werewolves from Luke's pack were the ones to cancel his gig. However, he becomes suspicious of his new place and how perfectly it seems to suit Simon's interests. He decides to snoop through Kyle's room and discovers a wolfsbane plant. When Kyle comes back and confronts them for going through his room, Jace forces him to admit that he's a werewolf. Kyle admits he's part of Praetor Lupus, a secret werewolf organisation that act as guardians. They only intervene in special downworlder cases. Kyle was sent in to assist the investigation into the blast Simon sent out. Simon is hurt at being betrayed and the fact that Kyle cancelled his gig. He is upset at being lied to yet again and says he is leaving.

Alec snoops through a box he had seen Magnus rifling through and discovers a photo of Magnus with an old lover, seemingly from the 1800s.

Clary and Luke visit Cleophas at a remote home in the woods and she finds out she has been unable to contact the angels. She is able to give Clary advice on how to contact Ithuriel herself since she has shown tremendous power and his blood already runs through her veins. Summoning an angel won't be without risks but it's up to Clary to decide if she wants to take it, which she decides to do in order to try to help Jace.

Izzy enjoys her date but has to take off when her amulet bracelet begins to glow. She follows the lead and encounters the demon in the alleyway that Lilith had conjured. When she tries to kill it by cutting it in half, they instead re-form into two that she still struggles to fight but still manages to kill. Lilith senses their demise and flies out, intent on getting the job done herself. Her date finds her in the alleyway and insists that she come to the hospital to get stitches on the cut on her forehead (which she was able to cover for by breaking her heel and pretending she tripped and fell).

Cleophus instructs Clary on how to summon Ithuriel. After the first steps are taken, Cleophus and Luke must leave Clary alone to complete the ritual or they risk being severely injured or even killed by any angels that may appear to her.

Jace tracks Simon down and advises him to accept Kyle's help since it's the best option he has at the moment.

Alec admits to snooping through Magnus' things, though Magnus already knew, and apologises for doing so. Magnus accepts his apology and tells him about George, who he says has been dead for over a century. He says that the rest of the items in the box aren't what belonged to George except for that one photograph. The other mementos are each from a loved one he outlived. Magnus is immortal which means that he is destined to outlive the ones he loves and he wants to be able to cherish the moments he does have with the ones he loves. Alec is more understanding after he gets all of the context, though the revelations are intense for him to process.

Clary successfully summons Ithuriel, who knows she's there because of Jace. She asks if Jace is struggling now because of her resurrecting him. He tells her that's not the reason but returning from death has left him vulnerable against a greater threat than they realise. He goes on to say that a great evil has arrived in the realm of the mundane who is the master of the Owl. But just as he's about to say its name, he is killed by Lilith. As Clary wakes to see the winged demonic creature flying over her, Lilith steals a sliver of her soul before flying away. Clary passes out and wakes in the cabin with Luke and Cleopha watching over her.

Simon agrees to let Kyle help him but only under the condition that he can continue to live his life, including performing at the gig that Kyle tried to cancel from him.

Jace visits Alec and tells him he will be going to get treatment for his mental health at the Silent City. Alec says he wants to come with him but Jace tells him this is a fight he has to face alone. He later meets up with Kyle and Simon at the bar where Simon performs his gig. While there, Lilith spikes Jace's drink with the elixir concocted to strip Jace of all the love he has ever felt for Clary. After he drinks from it, he goes back into his subservient trance.

Shadowhunters airs on Tuesdays on Freeform at 8/7c.


iZombie S04E07 "Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Brain" Recap

Max Roberts is a 39-year-old professional wingman-for-hire. The morning after sleeping with a woman one of his clients claimed to be in love with he is found dead by the hook-up. He is determined to have been killed by poisoned condoms.

Don E chops off Dino's head to bring to Blaine for questioning regarding Blaine's father getting out of the well.

Liv consumes Max's brain and begins to act like a douchebag player. While under these effects she hits on Levon and tries to get him to sleep with her. She also visits Angus with him in the hopes of getting him to help them distribute brains to the zombies they have smuggled across the New Seattle border.

Clive joins a dating app to try to find someone to sleep with since he and Bozzio are now in an open relationship. When Ravi finds out about this he tries to help Clive pick up a woman to go home with. Eventually, Clive has a one-night stand with an escort. But after seeing Dale and talking about it with her he finds out that he was the first of the two to have sex with another person.

Chase Graves assigns Major as the "Vice President of Getting Stuff Done," with the first assignment being to storm into a newspaper office with other soldiers and shutting the place down for printing "fake news" (pieces that are unflattering to their agenda). A staff reporter calls out Major for being the chaos killer.

Live and Clive determine that a woman who was transformed into a zombie after sleeping with one of Max's clients that didn't disclose his status was the one who killed Max. She feels that her life was taken away from her since she will now never be able to live a normal life and have kids.

Peyton returns home after a hard day at work and discovers Liv printing I.D. cards for the zombies she has smuggled across the border.

iZombie airs on Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.


Killing Eve S01E02 "I'll Deal With Him Later" Recap

Villanelle completes another murder assignment in Bulgaria while Eve meets with her new handler on the covert MI6 task force that asks her about the research she has compiled on the theory she had formed on a female assassin killing high-profile targets. Eve is officially recruited to investigate the killer.

Villanelle returns to her apartment in Paris where her handler Konstantin is waiting for her. He reprimands her for not following orders to make the death of the witness in London look like a suicide, and leaving additional victims on the way. She is brought in for a psychological examination to determine whether she can handle going back into the field. The psychiatrist at first determines that she is fine but he then asks her if she's still having dreams about "Anna" and is shown a drawing. Villanelle is shaken by the line of questioning and makes some comments about her mother which leads the psychiatrist to declare her unfit for duty. Villanelle later pickpockets Konstantin to get the drawing shown during her session.

Villanelle decides to use the downtime to work out in her apartment. She is visited by her neighbor Sebastian who is attracted to her. He brings her a remedy to a black eye she is sporting from a recent job. He is originally from Spain and is a nice enough person. They go out for a walk and some ice cream. Villanelle's mood sours a bit when she sees a woman walking by and decides to go back to his place to have aggressive sex (on her part).

Back in London Eve recruits two of her old colleagues to join her task force. At their first official meeting she talks about different killings and various witnesses saying they saw a blonde woman they didn't recognise but the only person to witness an actual killing was the murdered hospital victim. Eve's former superior Bill is the most skeptical about the theory of this female serial killer. Eve goes into the bathroom and begins playing with her hair, triggering a memory of her encounter with Villanelle in the bathroom at the hospital when she disguised as a nurse. Eve sets the various task force members to work to look for information on the hospital nurses on duty at the time of the murder. Eve has another talk with Bill to try to convince him of the importance of investigating this theory and he agrees that it's worth following.

Eve sets Kenny to work on searching for women that have ever been flagged for psychopathic tendencies and sets Alena to work on following leads on accessing CCTV footage.

Villanelle disobeys orders and goes on the assignment she was sidelined from and kill a high-profile woman using a poison disguised as perfume.

Eve learns that one of her former superiors made up a lie about there being CCTV footage at a murder when there actually wasn't just because he wanted to show Eve up. Eve later admits to her husband that she's started working for MI6 and he is willing to support her but wants her to be sure that she is taking the job for the right reasons.

Villanelle returns to her apartment where Konstantin chokes her out for disobeying him but they are interrupted by Sebastian arriving to bring her a gift. Konstantin claims to be Villanelle's brother and Sebastian leaves, promising to keep her gift warm downstairs. Unbeknownst to her, Sebastian takes the bottle of poisoned perfume, as she had claimed to be a perfume maker. Konstantin informs Villanelle about Eve heading up a covert MI6 task force to find her through her various assassinations. Konstantin warns her to be more discrete from now on and she agrees only for them to be distracted by the sound of Sebastian falling dead on the floor outside her apartment after being exposed to the perfume. Villanelle proceeds to begin looking Eve's name up online while Eve is searching for Villanelle online too. Villanelle is shocked to find Eve's image and recognises her from the bathroom encounter.

Killing Eve airs on Sundays on BBC America.


Albin Johnséns album "DU & JAG FÖR ALDRIG" available now!

Just over a year ago released Albin Johnsén single "Tack För Idag", which was the beginning of a life story to get lost to find new paths. One, Albin, long and challenging journey in which he based on their own experiences of mental illness, unrequited love and the pursuit of self-esteem has shared their innermost thoughts to get back and finish to start something new.

With titles such as "Nordstjärnan," "Om Du Bara Visste" feat Julia Adams, "Flyg", "Paradiset" feat Maxida Märak and "Thanks For Today", the artist and lyricist Albin Johnsén proven that he possesses a unique ability to touch the Swedish soul. With its vivid verses and accurate descriptive and her touching sense, he has managed to put into words what many young people today can identify with. 
Albin Johnsén today has reached over 100 million streams on Spotify and therefore belong to a unique group of mighty few and easily counted Swedish artists who managed to cross this magical border. 
When Alan's album release he releases even his brand new single "ring inte mig" today,   13 April. 
Tracklist Album - Du & Jag För Aldrig:
1. ring inte mig
2. Flyg
4. 444
5. Tack För Idag
6. Para:diset feat Maxida Märak
7. Mera Manna
8. Nordstjärnan
9. Om Du Bara Visste feat Julia Adams


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S05E17 "The Honeymoon" Recap

Fitz, Simmons, and Yo-Yo travel to a Hydra facility in England in an effort to find a lead on the gravitonium weapon.

Coulson and Talbot are making their way through the icy mountains. Talbot feels traumatized and broken from all the torture he has endured but Coulson encourages him to not give up. Ruby chases after them but Daisy arrives and uses her powers to knock Ruby back. May and Deke help escort them back while Daisy fights Ruby. Deke watches them fight while hidden behind some trees and tries to offer her some support with gunfire but he ends up shot by Hale and her men. Daisy is forced to help Deke get away as the SHIELD team makes their escape on their ship.

Fitz, Simmons, and Yo-Yo manage to break into the facility and discover the particle infusion chamber they have been searching for. Fitz damages one of the components to render it useless while Yo-Yo reveals that in talking with her future self she learned that they are supposed to let Coulson die.

Deke is brought back to the Lighthouse where Mack and Piper are able to operate on him and save him from succumbing to his wounds. May confronts Coulson about his recent actions, which she sees as reckless. She also admits her romantic feelings for him in the process.

Ruby is furious at her mother for her attitude and controlling nature. Strucker continues to conspire with her and eventually Ruby decides to rebel against her mother's wishes and lock Hale in her cell. Ruby resumes control over the operation while working with Strucker.

Fitz, Simmons, and Yo-Yo find themselves trapped in a room while robot soldiers try to break in and attack. Yo-Yo is struggling with her new robotic arms so while Fitz and Simmons shoot at the soldiers, she tries to find an escape route in order to call for backup. But on the way out Yo-Yo encounters Ivanov and the two are forced to battle. She is able to beat him and upon discovering that his body is linked to all the robot, she is able to use this link to disable them. Unfortunately, Ruby and Strucker arrive on the scene and take Fitz and Simmons captive in order for them to fix the infusion chamber.

Daisy helps Talbot call his wife on a secure line but unfortunately, Tablot's wife has been compromised by Hydra and is being coached on precise phrases to say that will active some brainwashing lying dormant in his mind.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Fridays on ABC at 9/8c.


Gotham S04E18 "That's Entertainment" Recap

Jerome takes the interim mayor hostage along with many other powerful Gothamites, dosing one of them with Scarecrow's new laughing gas in the process. Penguin eventually sneaks away to visit Jim at the station and warn him of what Jerome has done.

Bruce has a birthday and Alfred gifts him with a new luxury car that also happens to be bulletproof so he will be better prepared on future missions to stay safe and protected.

Jerome brings the hostages to a music festival and orders Jim to bring him Jeremiah and Bruce Wayne in order for the hostages to be set free. Jim refuses, saying he will offer himself up in their place but Jerome refuses to negotiate with him and sets off one of the explosive collars he has set up on each of the hostages. Jim heads back to the station to determine a course of action, working alongside Bruce, Alfred, and Fox, and they all observe Jerome kill another one of the hostages on TV.

Barbara heads to an ancient door with the other members of the League of Shadows that only she can unlock as the new Demons Head.

The other Legion members have secretly begun to load up the laughing gas they forced scientists from Wayne Enterprises to engineer onto a blimp. While Bruce and Jeremiah make their way towards the festival stage, Jim has many snipers set up on various high points overlooking the stage where Jerome is set up but Jerome has his own men kill the snipers. He gives Jeremiah a knife and challenges him to try to kill him but m=knocks him down once he charges forward. A fight breaks out on stage while the blimp rises over the crowd and prepares to release the gas.

Oswald wakes up on board the blimp, having been knocked out and forced on board. The captain of the blimp is under hypnotized orders to release the gas once he is given the final signal. The GCPD takes out the rest of Jerome's men and is able to save the mayor once his collar malfunctions. Jim chases Jerome onto a roof and Oswald calls him to say he is on board the blimp. While Oswald manages to overpower the pilot and steer the blimp away from civilians, Jim is forced to shoot Jerome. Though Jerome willingly falls to his death, he first declares that he will live on.

Tabitha and Barbara fight over their differing beliefs regarding Barbara's new status. Barbara severs ties with her so her followers force her out and a fight breaks out. Tabitha is beat up by some of the women, after which another League faction still loyal to Ra's al Ghul pick her up off the street.

Jeremiah finds a gift left for him and opens it, not knowing it is a trick from Jerome that contains a modified version of the laughing gas which drives him insane.

Gotham airs on Thursdays on FOX at 8/7c.


Krypton S01E04 "The Word of Rao" Recap

A new figure emerges called The Commander, who is in the scene of Black Zero and is ordering his men to find Seg.

The failed Initiative to find members of Black Zero has caused discontent among the people. The Voice of Rao requires a scapegoat to appease public opinion and orders Vex to arrest someone of high authority. This leads to Lyta being arrested on charges of treason. When Kem informs Seg of Lyta's arrest, Seg asks Nyssa to save Lyta and admits that he loves her.

The Commander is well aware of the impending threat of Brainiac coming for Krypton but still has his soldiers capture Seg because he needs to dissect the sentry before it is able to find a new host.

Nyssa visits Lyta in her cell to gather information on what happened in the Narrows and realises that her father falsified evidence in the case against Lyta. This jeopardizes the plot they have to overthrow Rao. But Nyssa is able to leverage the situation to her advantage. She visits Jayna and says that if she supports their coup, she and Daron will save Lyta from certain death. Jayna is reluctant to accept this offer as it would compromise her honour, though she also wants to save the daughter that she loves.

Since Seg isn't around to help with the situation, Kem has to break the bad news to Rhom's daughter Ona that Rhom is dying. While the Voice of Rao is visiting the Narrows, Ona decides to give him a statuette of himself to try to save her mother and he offers her the opportunity to become one of his disciples.

At the Fortress, Rhom's last words are to stop Ona, as it's revealed that the statuette contains another sentry of Brainiac's, which proceeds to infect the Voice of Rao.

Seg is finally able to escape his captors but must now face the endless storms of the Badlands.

Krypton airs on Wednesdays on Syfy at 10/9c.


Mathilde Screening in the UK

Perkon Productions, the organizer of the Russian Film Week and the Golden Unicorn Awards, is happy to announce the UK release of the film Mathilde.

The film will be screened at Odeon Cinemas across Britain for three days only, from April 20 to 22, 2018.

This sumptuous historical drama directed by Alexey Uchitel tells a fascinating story about the relationship between ballerina Mathilde Kshesinskaya and the future tsar Nicholas II. The film has received the Audience Choice Golden Unicorn Award at the Russian Film Week-2017.

Some call it the most scandalous Russian film; some call it the most visually stunning Russian motion picture of 2017. The UK-wide release is meant to give the viewer an opportunity to decide for him- or herself.

“It seems to us especially important to maintain cultural ties between our two countries, especially in the current difficult political situation, – says Filip Perkon, RFW General producer. – The success of the current release of Mathilde will determine further promotion of Russian films on the British market.”

The film release is simultaneous in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds and 15 other locations across Britain.

Tickets can be obtained at participating Odeon cinemas or online – all information is available by following this link.


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