iZombie S04E09 "Mac-Liv-Moore" Recap

Liv and Peyton offer to try to help Isobel go back to where she came from but Isobel doesn't want to go since it won't make much of a difference where she will die. Liv and Ravi have been tasked with working on the cases of the prisoners that were killed in the bus that was attacked by Angus' followers.

Blaine acquires a $100,000 brain that he wants Don E to consume as part of his master plan. Blaine had recently fed on a real estate agent which got him to thinking about acquiring certain properties that have dipped in value because of New Seattle becoming a zombie territory. But whenever things return to normal, these currently cheap properties will skyrocket in value. Don E consuming this plan will further his agenda once he reveals what the brain will allow Don E to do.

Liv and Ravi must investigate the death of a zombie woman and her human boyfriend, Walden. Liv feeds on the man's brain and begins to use the persona of a wannabe rapper. She and Clive question the man's brother who used to rap alongside Walden but eventually Walden got signed by a big manager and the two split up. He wrote a diss track about his brother for abandoning him but remains insistent he had nothing to do with his death.

Liv has a vision of one of the prisoners from the bus, Ronnie 'Sugar Cain' AKA Zombie Killer Cain, confronting the Walden/'Reign' and his girlfriend at the Scratching Post. Since Cain had been in prison before the Scratching Post opened it's clear that the vision is recent. A city-wide lockdown is put in place by Fillmore-Graves who are looking for Cain. This prevents Clive and Liv from being able to leave the precinct and follow the lead to the Scratching Post as they had originally planned.

At the Scratching Post, Don E is on the brain Blaine gifted him. He is now more timid and virginal around women, highly complementary towards his superiors, and Blaine informs him that he has special skills surrounding technology. Blaine wants Don E to set up an auction on the Dark Web where Blaine will auction off ten zombie cures to the highest bidders.

Peyton brings Isobel to the station since they were already on the way there when the sirens went off to indicate the lockdown. Isobel thinks it's cool to see real dead bodies up close.

When Major brings up the Angus' church to Filmore Graves, he reacts with anger and smashes up a locker. Despite Major having put information about a prior confrontation with the church in a previous report, someone in the organisation had filtered the information out to keep Graves from learning about it.

Clive, Ravi, and two other officers decide to play a dungeons-and-dragons-like game together. Detective Hunter decides to join in on the game and later shares an intimate moment with Clive in private during which they kiss.

Don E asks Blaine how people will know that the cures are legitimate and worth bidding on. Blaine says that they will cure and then kill a high-profile zombie and film it in order to legitimize the cures on sale. Blaine also asks Don E to snoop on Peyton's e-mails to spy on what she's been getting up to. He is also confused as to how it was that they had previously seen Ravi eating out of a brain tube but appears to be sexually active with Peyton, a human.

Ravi leaves the game early upon learning that Peyton is at the station and meets Isobel. He is immediately charmed by her intelligence and wit.

Major brings Jordan and Fisher to pick up a drunk Filmore-Graves soldier from the Scratching Post and bring him back to the base. When he wakes up, he finds that his ID has been taken and reveals that he wasn't drinking. He is shown to have a head wound, indicating that someone knocked him out for the purpose of stealing his Level 5 security clearance. It's revealed that Cain was the one to steal his ID and is currently holding Filmore Graves at gunpoint. Their conversation shows that he blames Filmore Graves for his wife and daughter becoming zombies, after which Cain had killed them. Cain shoots Filmore Graves in the kneecaps, after which Major bursts in and shoots Cain and disarms him.

Ravi asks Liv about Isobel dying and asking why Liv hasn't scratched her. He offers to scratch her the next time he is a zombie but Liv reveals that she already tried to scratch her and have other zombies scratch her too but it didn't take. Since Isobel has had different experimental treatments to save her life, it is possible that one of those things is the reason she is immune. Isobel overhears the last part of their conversation in which Ravi says that Isobel should be studied in case she is the key to finding a vaccine for the zombie condition.

Blaine has Don E bring the zombie mayor Baracus into a back room. He claims to offer a drug and a shot to offer him a high to further his pleasure before he will be able to enjoy a sexual tryst with some prostitutes. After he sniffs the drug and takes the shot, Baracus says he feels funny and then tells Blaine he knows he is human again and can feel the difference. Blaine then shoots him through the chest, with the entire portion of him taking the drug, exclaiming that he's human, and being shot dead filmed for uploading onto the dark web.

When Isobel reveals to Ravi that Liv helped orchestrate the coyote sneaking her into New Seattle, Peyton proceeds to fully reveal how Liv has taken over Mama Leone's operations. Ravi is shocked but still agrees to help out, as Isobel insists that she wants to be studied since she wants her life and death to mean something greater.

Major finds Cain barely breathing as he bleeds out on the floor of Graves' office. Major is ordered to scratch Cain, despite his pleas to let him die. Graves wants to have him publicly executed with the guillotine.

The body of Baracus is found on a bench, dead with a bullet wound through the heart. Peyton shows the investigators the video of him taking a drug, turning human, and being shot dead. No one has been able to find the video's origins. Meanwhile, the cures are being sold for millions of dollars just as Blaine intended.

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iZombie S04E08 "Chivalry Is Dead" Recap

Peyton tells Liv about Major being in charge of the team shooting up a newspaper office. Live asks Peyton not to tell Ravi or Major about the human smuggling she's gotten involved with. Peyton is understanding of why Liv is doing this line of work and demands to be part of the operation and help with the cause. Liv doesn't want Peyton to put herself in danger but does mention that a lack of funding for resources if one of the operation's biggest problems. Peyton finds out about a stash of cash from a criminal associate in prison in exchange for him being transferred from gen-pop to a white collar prison.

Liv meets Clive and Ravi at this week's crime scene where the victim has been found wearing a suit of armour. He was a medieval history professor who enjoyed LARP-ing in his spare time. Liv and Clive head to Garrett's (the victim) LARP-ing group to find out who would've had a grudge against him enough to stab him with a sword. The group claims that Garrett left the group after the wall went up because he felt it wouldn't be a good idea for zombies and humans to LARP together. He left to play with a new zombie LARP group but Garett wasn't actually a zombie, as evidence by Liv's ability to consume his brain and have visions from it.

Liv is helping Clive with the autopsy when Isabel, one of the people Liv is helping in her secret operation, calls her for help. Her coyote briefly goes missing but returns at the end of the phone call.

Angus and Blaine have an uneasy deal set up but Blaine feels compelled to ask him for a favour after Mr. Boss comes to visit him. Mr. Boss wants to go after the same stash of cash that Peyton is trying to get her hands on to help with Liv's operation. Beth and Geo, two sick individuals, arrive in New Seattle and Liv scratches them so they can be saved from death and start life anew. But the third person set to arrive, Isobel, doesn't arrive as planned. She and the coyote she was supposed to come with, Curtis, are missing.

Major decides to join Russ on some secret mission to try to make more money. The mission turns out to be beating up some zombies involved with a side-job Russ has going in which he sells watered down supplies of brains. They let the zombies live but ransack their operation space.

Liv and Clive track down some zombie LARP-ers that Garrett had joined up with. The zombies didn't know that Garrett wasn't really a zombie and were shocked when they were playing a game and he began to bleed once he was stabbed with a sword. A zombie named Kevin admits to being the one to stab him, as he was portraying Arthur opposite Garrett's Lancelot. Clive knows that killing Garrett was an accident but everyone needs to come in the next day to make a statement.

Angus and his followers block the road on which the prisoners are set to be transported. His followers surround themes and attack it. After tipping the bus onto its side they feed on the prisoners and other passengers inside. The accountant that told Peyton about the money is brought to Mr. Boss. He reveals where the hidden stash of money is but Blaine is still instructed to feed on the man's brain to ensure that the information is legitimate.

Liv has a vision of "Arthur" barging in on Garrett sleeping with "Guinevere" who was Arthur's real wife. When she is brought in, she admits that after her husband became a zombie and they were no longer able to have sex she needed to seek that intimacy elsewhere despite still loving her husband. She still believes her husband is innocent but is shocked when she sees a photo of the murder weapon since it wasn't Excalibur, the sword that he is supposed to fight with while LARP-ing. One of the other LARP-ers reveals that Arthur tricked Garrett into thinking he was wounded so he'd be able to stab him since Garrett was too good a fighter to lose legitimately.

Blaine and Mr. Boss arrive at the locker where the money is supposed to be but it's already been taken by Peyton. She has brought it to Liv and the other members of the operation so they can use it to save more people. It's then that Isobel finally arrives with Curtis the coyote. But despite Liv repeatedly scratching her, it doesn't work and she is unable to be turned into a zombie.

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iZombie S04E07 "Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Brain" Recap

Max Roberts is a 39-year-old professional wingman-for-hire. The morning after sleeping with a woman one of his clients claimed to be in love with he is found dead by the hook-up. He is determined to have been killed by poisoned condoms.

Don E chops off Dino's head to bring to Blaine for questioning regarding Blaine's father getting out of the well.

Liv consumes Max's brain and begins to act like a douchebag player. While under these effects she hits on Levon and tries to get him to sleep with her. She also visits Angus with him in the hopes of getting him to help them distribute brains to the zombies they have smuggled across the New Seattle border.

Clive joins a dating app to try to find someone to sleep with since he and Bozzio are now in an open relationship. When Ravi finds out about this he tries to help Clive pick up a woman to go home with. Eventually, Clive has a one-night stand with an escort. But after seeing Dale and talking about it with her he finds out that he was the first of the two to have sex with another person.

Chase Graves assigns Major as the "Vice President of Getting Stuff Done," with the first assignment being to storm into a newspaper office with other soldiers and shutting the place down for printing "fake news" (pieces that are unflattering to their agenda). A staff reporter calls out Major for being the chaos killer.

Live and Clive determine that a woman who was transformed into a zombie after sleeping with one of Max's clients that didn't disclose his status was the one who killed Max. She feels that her life was taken away from her since she will now never be able to live a normal life and have kids.

Peyton returns home after a hard day at work and discovers Liv printing I.D. cards for the zombies she has smuggled across the border.

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Albin Johnséns album "DU & JAG FÖR ALDRIG" available now!

Just over a year ago released Albin Johnsén single "Tack För Idag", which was the beginning of a life story to get lost to find new paths. One, Albin, long and challenging journey in which he based on their own experiences of mental illness, unrequited love and the pursuit of self-esteem has shared their innermost thoughts to get back and finish to start something new.

With titles such as "Nordstjärnan," "Om Du Bara Visste" feat Julia Adams, "Flyg", "Paradiset" feat Maxida Märak and "Thanks For Today", the artist and lyricist Albin Johnsén proven that he possesses a unique ability to touch the Swedish soul. With its vivid verses and accurate descriptive and her touching sense, he has managed to put into words what many young people today can identify with. 
Albin Johnsén today has reached over 100 million streams on Spotify and therefore belong to a unique group of mighty few and easily counted Swedish artists who managed to cross this magical border. 
When Alan's album release he releases even his brand new single "ring inte mig" today,   13 April. 
Tracklist Album - Du & Jag För Aldrig:
1. ring inte mig
2. Flyg
4. 444
5. Tack För Idag
6. Para:diset feat Maxida Märak
7. Mera Manna
8. Nordstjärnan
9. Om Du Bara Visste feat Julia Adams


Mathilde Screening in the UK

Perkon Productions, the organizer of the Russian Film Week and the Golden Unicorn Awards, is happy to announce the UK release of the film Mathilde.

The film will be screened at Odeon Cinemas across Britain for three days only, from April 20 to 22, 2018.

This sumptuous historical drama directed by Alexey Uchitel tells a fascinating story about the relationship between ballerina Mathilde Kshesinskaya and the future tsar Nicholas II. The film has received the Audience Choice Golden Unicorn Award at the Russian Film Week-2017.

Some call it the most scandalous Russian film; some call it the most visually stunning Russian motion picture of 2017. The UK-wide release is meant to give the viewer an opportunity to decide for him- or herself.

“It seems to us especially important to maintain cultural ties between our two countries, especially in the current difficult political situation, – says Filip Perkon, RFW General producer. – The success of the current release of Mathilde will determine further promotion of Russian films on the British market.”

The film release is simultaneous in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds and 15 other locations across Britain.

Tickets can be obtained at participating Odeon cinemas or online – all information is available by following this link.


iZombie S04E06 "My Really Fair Lady" Recap

Certain members of Renegade's network are reluctant to let her come into the fold of their work. They are skeptical that she will be able to properly complete the numerous jobs that Renegade took on while running the Railroad network that helped zombies and others in need. An overbearing actress dies in a bus crash and Liv feeds on her brain while trying to do her work on the Railroad.

Ravi eats the brain of a heroin addict that died in the bus crash. The man's wife is looking for the family dog and Ravi eats the brain in order to help Peyton but has to suffer from the addictive aspects to do so. Peyton tries to give him new brains to get rid of the effects of the brain but he insists on continuing this task in order to help her.

Liv uses the brains of the actress to fuel her intricate plan to help smuggle five humans across the border and turn them in the process. Liv dons a Kiwi accent to distract a security guard while Levon and the others rescue the humans. After they are all scratched, Liv gets to see a family reunited, making her feel satisfied that it was all worth it.

Ravi continues to suffer through the addictive symptoms until he finally has a vision that allows him to help Peyton find the missing dog. Once Peyton reunites the dog with the mother, she thanks Ravi with a passionate kiss.

Blaine finally learns that his father has gotten out of the well and is now leading a cult of religious zombies once they put on a protest at Blaine's restaurant in order to force them to give up free food to the followers.

iZombie airs on Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.


Oscar Zia Releases New Single "Kyss Mig i Slo-mo"

Today, April 6 release Oscar Zia single "Kyss mig i Slo-mo", a duet with Swedish rapper Leslie Tay.
Oscar tells about the cooperation:
"To mix different worlds, where Leslie comes from urban and hip hop in the ground and I from the pop music world, is exciting and I'm super happy that he wanted to be with. Our voices and different Skåne dialect marries very nicely together. "
"Kiss Me in Slo-mo" follow up single "It Is Never" which was released in February and took off in the Oscars new sound in Swedish developed in the studio during 2017. 
'' Kiss Me in Slo-Mo 'has a very straight and raw text about when agreed by a person to be seen only at night, but the emotions come sneaking and it's time to spend a little. Maybe it's just fun one night and maybe we'll hate each other tomorrow. But as we have in all cases tested. "- says Oscar. 
The single was written by Oscar and Leslie with Petter Tarland and Edgeology and produced by Edgeology (Jonas Jurström, Rasmus Flash, Kim Kobo). 
Oscar will this year release more new music that flows into an album. The songs are written by, among others, Linnea Henriksson, Annika Norlin, Julia Adams, Miss Li, Ji Nilsson and duo MADFUN (Madeleine Eliasson and Fanny Hultman). The lyrics are straightforward and honest, the melodies are happy. The soundstage is hopeful, electronic but with a dirtier production than before. A sound that is produced along with producers who also worked with Sabina Ddumba, Daniel Adams-Ray, Veronica Maggio, Cherrie, Jireel and Meghan Trainor.


Nano Returns With New Single "Love Harder"

After the big breakthrough with "Hold On" Nano is now back with a new single! It's called "Love Harder" and is a strong song with a message that means a lot to the Nano itself. It is about overcoming their own fears of being hurt in order to reach all the way to love, one must sometimes force themselves to love beyond its limits. It comes in small, as in a relationship between two people, and it is great as a conflict between nations. Love Harder is a universal rule of love.
"I'm so proud and grateful to have let this song. For most others, is Hold On my big turning point in the music scene, but for me the creation of Love Harder the turning point. I will always remember that day with love . " - Nano
He took Sweden by storm when he got up on stage Melodifestivalen 2017 with the song "Hold On". Nano won the Swedish people's votes and finished in second place after the international jury voting. The song quickly climbed to 1 on the radio list, 2a on Spotifylistan and has sold platinum two times. Throughout the 44 weeks low "Hold On" in the Swedish charts which 17 of them as one and was named song of the year and the Nano as a performer for Newcomer of the Year. Today, a year later, "Hold On" streamed over 18 million times and are still on Swedish radio list, which is an unusual device. The song also hit big in the rest of Europe, Switzerland and Germany. Music video for "Hold On" produced by Michael Jackson's son Prince Jackson was also shown by the "E! News" in the United States. 
As always conveys Nano an incredible feeling and "Love Harder" he proves once again its ability to enthrall us with his characteristic voice. The single is the first we hear of the album Nano released in the fall.


Black Lightning S01E11 "Black Jesus: the Book of Crucifixion" Recap

Black Lightning and Thunder raid another location in the hopes of finding the bodies of the missing children. They are working with Gambi again, who is still on the mend and trying to make amends for his past wrongs.

Vice-Principal Kara Fowdy tells a scientist to keep a careful watch over the stasis pods to keep them stable but one of the teenagers form 30 years ago still dies. Fowdy also gets Deputy Chief Cayman to orchestrate a frame job so Jefferson can get arrested for (false) possession of Greenlight. Fowdy later gets into an online chat with her bosses and is informed that there are federal agents will take Jefferson to the black site in order to test him on whether he is actually Black Lightning.

Lynn heads to the station and tries to see Jefferson but isn't permitted. She briefly encounters Inspector Henderson and implores him to find a way to get Jefferson released. Lynn heads out to try to find a lawyer that can work on Jefferson's case. Henderson acts out an interrogation with Jefferson, secretly warning him that they're being taped so they have to play out a facade. He asks him questions about his daughters being kidnapped by Lala. Their questioning is interrupted by Cayman who says that there's a transfer order from the feds claiming it's a matter of national security so they have to abide by it.

Anissa wants to break Jefferson out but Gambi reminds her that if he wanted to be broken out he is more than capable of doing that himself with his own powers. They must find a way to fool the ASA into thinking Jefferson isn't Black Lightning. Gambi works together with Thunder to run an operation in which Thunder will chase after a remote-controlled car that Gambi is operating alongside a hologram of Black Lightning to make the conspirators believe that Black Lightning is still free and out in the city. After seeing the story of Black Lightning seemingly running around the city, Fowdy requests that Jefferson be released but her boss refuses to give her permission to do anything else but monitor and facilitate.

Henderson is able to use his investigation into the corruption in his department to get one of the officers arrested. He also gets the officer to rat out the others. This allows Henderson to get Jefferson released and Cayman arrested for his many corruptions. Jefferson is fully exonerated from his charges and Henderson is sworn in as the new Deputy Chief of Police. Later, Gambi is invited to join the Pierce family for dinner to celebrate Jefferson's return to freedom.

Black Lightning airs on Tuesdays on the CW at 9/8c.


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #23 “Livet på en pinne” — Edward Blom

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Edward Blom brought an entirely self-aware charm and levity to Melodifestivalen, with a number that channelled his signature love of food and beverage, as well as an old-school style of music more classic than today's radio-pop songs that comprise the majority of the line-up. His own words, "I know some people [like] me but I can't sing" neatly sum up the performance. But the staging and production value, as well as the cohesion between the concept and execution was more effective than some of the more contemporary entries.

Watch our interview with Edward Blom here:


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