Black Lightning S01E03 "LaWanda: The Book of Burial" Recap

The community is reeling after LaWanda's death. Reverend Holt is organising a peace march to make a stand against the 100's violent criminal activities. Jefferson and Inspector Henderson are concerned that the peace march will only cause more trouble and risk to the community but Holt will not be swayed. Meanwhile, Anissa is out at a junkyard experimenting with her newfound abilities. Anissa later meets Grace Choi at the library while reading up on genetic mutations and the two hit it off.

Jefferson is further stressed when he finds out that his youngest daughter Jennifer plans to have sex with her boyfriend. Anissa attends a party Grace has invited her to but her on-again/off-again girlfriend arrives and angrily accuses her of cheating. The pair end up breaking up for good, leaving Anissa free to explore both her new abilities and the attraction she feels to Grace.

Tobias has a meeting with Lady Eve, after which he instructs one of his henchmen to attack and unleash a massacre on the peace march in exchange for Lala's place in the ranks. Black Lightning stand watching over the peace march until the gunman emerges. He is able to stop the majority of bullets from hitting the people. But Tobias is watching nearby and orders Syonide to shoot Black Lightning. The bullet instead hits Reverend Holt and goes through him into Khalil, Jennifer's boyfriend. Black Lightning needs to flee, while law enforcement arrive to handle the scene.

Jefferson heads to the hospital and sees the news reports that have mixed opinions on Black Lightning, with the peace marchers being more favourable in their opinions of him than Inspector Henderson. Back at the tailor shop, Gambi deleted evidence that would show that Black Lightning was the one responsible for the reverend and Khalil being shot. Lynn assures Anissa that she will support her, after which Jefferson and Jennifer tell them that Reverend Holt is recovering but will never walk again. Jefferson comforts his family, while observing more news stories that show that Black Lightning's actions have inspired other peace marchers.

Black Lightning airs on Tuesdays on the CW at 9/8c.


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