Ida Redig Brings Indie Flair to Melodifestivalen (Interview)

Ida Redig is a force to be reckoned with. Not only does she boast an impressive catalogue of catchy pop tracks, her relentless work ethic has led to her building her own studio and finding creative ways to get music videos made for each of her singles. Now she is bring that same clever resourcefulness to Melodifestivalen with her newest song "Allting som vi sa", a love song that will be presented with a glittery display. Redig assures us that the number will maintain her artistic identity, as opposed to warping it to pander to what some believe is the 'right' approach when entering the contest. Already her participation has boosted her profile, as the most dedicated fans have taken the opportunity to research her bountiful back catalogue and found many new releases to add to their playlists.

Watch our full interview with Ida Redig here:


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