LIAMOO: A Frontrunner To Win Melodifestivalen 2018? (Interview)

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

LIAMOO, winner of Swedish Idol 2016, is set to make his Melodifestivalen debut with a song he co-wrote called "Last Breath," one that he promises to be both personal and epic. With a multicultural background of heritage including Filipino and Finnish roots, LIAMOO is no stranger to approaching music with an open and creative fusion which intermingles various genres. He sings, he raps, and he always aims to look his best in how he presents himself as an artist.

"Last Breath" will also be staged by famed artistic director and choreographer Sasha Jean-Baptiste, who presented LIAMOO with a mood board which he gave his approval to. With a considerable amount of buzz surrounding him, and even theories that he will win the whole contest, LIAMOO admits to not being aware of his rise to the top of the betting odds until his father told him so. But he is flattered nonetheless by the vote of confidence from the public and their belief in his ability to succeed.

Watch our full interview with LIAMOO here:


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