Nano Returns With New Single "Love Harder"

After the big breakthrough with "Hold On" Nano is now back with a new single! It's called "Love Harder" and is a strong song with a message that means a lot to the Nano itself. It is about overcoming their own fears of being hurt in order to reach all the way to love, one must sometimes force themselves to love beyond its limits. It comes in small, as in a relationship between two people, and it is great as a conflict between nations. Love Harder is a universal rule of love.
"I'm so proud and grateful to have let this song. For most others, is Hold On my big turning point in the music scene, but for me the creation of Love Harder the turning point. I will always remember that day with love . " - Nano
He took Sweden by storm when he got up on stage Melodifestivalen 2017 with the song "Hold On". Nano won the Swedish people's votes and finished in second place after the international jury voting. The song quickly climbed to 1 on the radio list, 2a on Spotifylistan and has sold platinum two times. Throughout the 44 weeks low "Hold On" in the Swedish charts which 17 of them as one and was named song of the year and the Nano as a performer for Newcomer of the Year. Today, a year later, "Hold On" streamed over 18 million times and are still on Swedish radio list, which is an unusual device. The song also hit big in the rest of Europe, Switzerland and Germany. Music video for "Hold On" produced by Michael Jackson's son Prince Jackson was also shown by the "E! News" in the United States. 
As always conveys Nano an incredible feeling and "Love Harder" he proves once again its ability to enthrall us with his characteristic voice. The single is the first we hear of the album Nano released in the fall.


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