The Librarians S04E11 "And the Trial of the One" Recap

Loud bells begin to chime in the Library which indicates that the tethering needs to happen right away. Jenkins is able to get the bells to stop ringing for now but he tells them that the Library is beginning to untether from reality and the only way to stop it is to perform the tethering ceremony as soon as possible. The Librarians struggle to decide who will be the one to tether themselves since they do not take the decision to become immortal lightly.

Cassandra finds a spell, The Ritual of the One, and asks Stone to read it in the hopes that it will be able to decide which one of them is the best and in turn be the one to be tethered to the Library. They initially believe it didn't work but all of them are eventually brought to the Trial grounds, where the Library decrees a battle to the death that will leave only one Librarian alive. The Library has taken Jenkins captive and his life will be forfeited if the Librarians refuse to participate.

Cassandra, Stone, and Ezekiel are each transported to their worst nightmares. While in there, they encounter versions of their friends recast as enemies. They are pushed to forget one another and then emerge without memories of one another. Each Librarians is convinced that the only way to save Jenkins is to kill the others in order to be the first to hit a gold button. A violent battle ensues between the three of them until Eve intervenes and talks them down, convincing them not to murder one another.

Jenkins is freed but the Library still kills him. The Librarians are all outraged by this move so they all resign. With the Librarianship now vacant, Eve is devastated. Nicole Noone visits Eve and tells her that this was all part of her plan. Now that the Library has been abandoned by the Librarians and remains untethered, it fades out of reality and Eve is left alone in a washed-out alternate world.

The Librarians airs on Wednesdays on TNT.


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