The Punisher S01E07 "Crosshairs" Recap

Wilson cleans himself up after murdering O'Connor. He returns home to his father, shirtless, and hides the blood on his hands behind his back. His father implores him to take some sleeping pills and look after himself. Wilson goes down to the basement and considering killing himself before removing his gun from his mouth.

Billy visits Madani and claims to not believe that Frank Castle is really alive. She remains undeterred despite his saying that he reached out to contacts to try to get proof of his being alive. After Billy leaves, Madani realises that Henderson was only targeted after she had began her investigation of him. This leads to grow suspicious that her office may be bugged and upon searching it with Stein, they find one.

Castle and Lieberman are preparing to go after their next target, Col. Morty Bennett. Bennett had been one of the leaders of Cerberus. Rawlins and Billy meet in secret and are suspicious that this will be Castle's next move. They also discuss Madani's ongoing investigation into the criminal activities they were involved with. Rawlins is unconcerned about Madani, believing that she has no leads that could prove problematic for them. Rawlins also berates Billy for not killing Castle when he had the chance.

Castle gets into the military base where Bennet is living and interrupts him having a session with a hired dominatrix. Billy, having anticipated this attack, raids the building with other soldiers in tow. Lieberman warns him of their arrival, as he is monitoring the building with his surveillance equipment. Castle fights Billy and the other soldiers, never knowing that Billy is one of the men he is fighting since Billy's face is hidden behind a mask. Lieberman spends this time hacking into Bennet's phone. Castle is able to escape but has to injure a young solider on his way who tries to stop him, not wanting to kill someone he sees as an innocent pawn in a larger, corrupt scheme.

Meanwhile, Wilson is shown to be making some homemade explosive devices for a yet unknown, insidious purpose.

Castle and Lieberman track Bennet's phone to Rawlins. Rawlins orders Billy to kill Bennet. Once Castle tracks down Rawlins, he attempts to assassinate him from afar with a sniper rifle but his home protects him, as he has bullet-proof glass in the window.

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