The Punisher S01E08 "Cold Steel" Recap

Billy visits his mother in the psychiatric hospital where he keeps her tended to. When the nurse leaves them alone together he talks about the difficult week he's had and the old friend that's back in town (Frank Castle). He continues to vent and open up to her but eventually injects her with a drug that she is addicted to.

Castle and Lieberman identify Rawlins with the computer system. The cameras in Lieberman's home that he uses to monitor his family go down so he sends Castle to the house to find out what has happened to them.

Billy hooks up with Madani again and opens up to her about growing up in the foster system and his hard childhood.

Castle apologises to Lieberman's wife Sarah for missing the family dinner he had promised to come to. While they catch up, she shares how she disconnected the house's internet connection as a punishment for her son Zach's misbehaviour, which accounts for the surveillance cameras not working. Castle reconnects the internet and drinks with Sarah, after which she kisses him and they both admit that doing so was just a mistake. She asks Castle to help with Zach, making him realise that Zach needs a father figure to give him some stability and structure in his life. When Castle returns to Lieberman, the two get drunk together and exchange stories of how they met and got together with their wives. Castle later returns to help with Zach after Sarah tells him she found a knife in Zach's bag.

Since Madani found the bug in her office and is aware of some unknown enemy watching her, she releases fake plans to be found by them. Billy brings a team of mercenaries to a run-down warehouse because of the intel from this plan but they are quickly ambushed by agents from Homeland Security. The entire team is killed but Billy is able to get away without being seen by Madani, killing Stein along the way.

The Punisher is available for streaming on Netflix.


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