The Punisher S01E09 "Front Toward Enemy" Recap

Madani is still traumatised following the death of her partner, Stein, so her mother comes to look after her. Unbeknownst to her, Castle and Lieberman are watching her to try to determine whether she is not corrupt so they can inform her about Rawlins. During a stakeout, some of Wilson's bombs begin going off throughout the city. Several people are killed with many more being injured.

Wilson had chosen targets he perceived to be against guns, and explains his manifesto in a letter he sends to Karen Page in the hopes that she will advocate for his twisted cause against a system he despises. Wilson also hopes that Karen will publish his letter in the paper she works for. Instead, she denounces his actions in an article, which Castle reads and becomes concerned for her safety. He and Liberman listen in as she continues to disavow him on a radio interview during which Wilson calls in anonymously and makes threats against her. Castle recognises Wilson's voice, remembering having met him during a visit to Hoyle's support group, and tasks Lieberman with tracking Wilson's location.

Hoyle also heard the call and recognises Wilson's voice so he tries to go after him and stop him from hurting anyone else. Along the way, he finds the other support-group member, O'Connor, whom Wilson had murdered. When Hoyle finally finds Wilson and tries to stop him, the two get into a brutal fight in which Wilson beats Hoyle with his own fake leg and sets up another bomb on him.

Castle tracks down where to search for Wilson with the help of Lieberman but first calls Karen to check in and make sure she is safe. She deduces that he knows more about the bomber than he is telling her and tries to convince him not to act as a vigilante but Castle won't be swayed. He finds the wounded Hoyle, who has the bomb strapped on him, and gets a call from Wilson. Castle is eventually able to convince Wilson to disarm the bomb but not before he calls the police to the scene. Castle is pursued by officers and has his face caught on a security camera.

Lieberman approaches Madani and gives her information about Rawlins being corrupt and involved in the investigation she has going on. Meanwhile, the media reports on Castle being alive and accuse him of being the bomber.

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