The Punisher S01E10 "Virtue of the Vicious" Recap

Wilson kils a random man for access to his apartment in order to try to go after Senator Stan Ori. Ori is a strong anti-gun advocate in the midst of preparing a fundraiser for victims of the bombings. Ori hires Anvil to act as his personal security but Wilson still makes it past them to launch an attack on both him and Karen, who had been meeting with Ori at the same time. Castle arrives to fight off Wilson and even jumps in front of a bullet to protect Karen, though he remains unharmed from it due to wearing a protective vest.

Madani visits Rafael Hernandez, her superior, and shares all the information she has compiled. In turn, he tells her that all of the men from the warehouse were ex-Anvil. Madani visits the hotel to confront Russo about this revelation. This is the same hotel where the fundraiser is set to take place and Karen has met Ori for their interview.

Castle pursues Wilson through the hotel, as he's still holding Karen hostage while wearing an explosive belt. Wilson brings Karen into an elevator and Madani corners Frank in a stairwell. Billy finds them and tries to shoot Frank but the bullet only grazes the side of Frank's head. Frank hears Billy's voice as he talks with Madani, the ex-lovers now pointing guns at one another. Madani realises through this that Billy is the one that killed Stein. Some other law enforcement officers arrive and interrupt the stand-off, leaving Frank no time to fully process the revelation that his so-called friend had tried to shoot him. Frank escapes the agents and resumes his pursuit of Wilson and Karen.

Castle corners Wilson and Karen in the kitchen. He tries to convince Wilson to let Karen go while secretly telling her she need to pull the white wire on the device to disarm it. He continues to talk to Wilson while secretly communicating with Karen until she can grab the correct wire. When she finally manages to pull it she also grabs her gun to shoot Wilson in the foot. Wilson then locks himself in a freezer where Frank can't get into it. Wilson rearms the device and blows himself up. Frank pulls Karen away so the two are mostly stunned from the explosion with only a few new scratches to show from it. Frank's other wounds are from his fighting guards and pursuing Wilson through the hotel.

Karen pretends to be Frank's hostage so they can get away in an elevator, as there are armed guards waiting for them in the hallway. Castle escapes through the upper hatch in the elevator, and Karen gives her statement of the events (minus her aiding Castle's escape) to Detective Sgt. Brett Mahoney who was assigned to the case.

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