The Punisher S01E11 "Danger Close" Recap

Frank sits alone pondering the friendship he had with Billy, and how it's clearly over since he tried to kill him. Lieberman is back at the safe house and watches the news on which Billy speaks out against Frank. Madani angrily watches the same story from her office, throwing her coffee mug at the screen and vowing that Billy won't get away with this. Frank returns to the hideout and patches up his wounds. Lieberman helps Frank stitch up his wounds, after which Frank ends their partnership, having resolved to become the Punisher once again.

Madani has Billy brought in for questioning regarding Stein's death, Kandahar, and he lies, saying he wasn't involved. Madani reminds Billy that Frank will be coming after him now, and encourages him to take a deal she is offering before he is caught. She brings the recording of the interrogation to Hernandez and manages to convinces him to take further action. They go to his superior, James, and tell her about Rawlins and Cerberus.

Zach disobeys Sarah's wishes and calls in to report Frank on a tip-line. When corrupt police officers arrives and takes Sarah and Zach into custody, Leo is able to escape the house and stay hidden. Frank is preparing to leave Lieberman's hideout when the two of them see what has happened at Sarah's house over the surveillance footage. They realise that Billy will be coming after Frank by tracing his number in Sarah's contacts. They also see footage of Leo escaping the house through a window. Frank calls her and gives her instructions to wait to be picked up at a playground and to destroy her phone's sim card and battery after they end the call. Frank sends Lieberman to pick up Leo while Frank will fight off the soldiers coming after him.

Frank fights and kills all the soldiers that attack the base, only letting one live long enough for I'm to interrogate him to try to find the whereabouts of Billy, Sarah, and Zach, though he doesn't get any answers on the matter. Frank uses one of the soldier's phones to call Billy and they agree to set up a meet where he and Lieberman will turn themselves over in exchange for Sarah and Zach being released.

James confronts Rawlins about what he has done, including killing Homeland agents. Rawlins offers Billy up as a scapegoat for these events which will keep the CIA clean and she says he is required to resign or else she will turn him over herself.

Frank meets up with Madani and they head to meet Lieberman and Leo.

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