The Punisher S01E12 "Home" Recap

Frank Castle gives Madani an official statement on tape about the illegal operation in Kandahar and all of the men involved, including Billy Russo. Frank reveals that he was the one to kill Madani's old partner, though he was merely following orders as he didn't know at the time how corrupt the team he was working with was. Lieberman and Leo have been taken into protective custody but Lieberman agrees to go with Frank to do an exchange of themselves to free Sarah and Zach from Billy's captivity. During the exchange, Billy calls Castle and reveals that he hasn't been able to unlock Lieberman's computers which contain all the files on Cereberus and Rawlins. Lieberman is seemingly caught in the crossfire after Homeland agents arrive on the scene. Frank is taken captive by Billy's men while Madani saves Sarah and Zach. Madani had ordered Lieberman to be shot as some of Billy's men were trying to take him captive too. Billy shoots out the tires on Madani's vehicle before leaving the scene.

Frank dreams of his wife before waking at the base with Billy demanding that he computers be unlocked. Frank is devastated to learn that Billy knew all about the corrupt dealings their team was involved with, despite Billy's insistence that he didn't want any of this to escalate the way it has.

Lieberman is revealed to be alive, as his death was supposed to be faked as part of the deal he made with Madani to give his full statement.

Rawlins arrives at the base and begins to beat Frank, wanting to get his own revenge for the injury Frank inflicted on him many years ago on the mission. Later, Frank agrees to give Billy the information he needs to unlock the computer under the condition that Billy will be the one to kill him since Billy has promised to make it quick. Frank enters a code and his own retinal scan and then the computer is unlocked. The team will now be able to delete the information on the hard drives, not knowing that Lieberman has already copied everything and given it to Madani. Frank is able to attack Rawlins with a hidden knife before he is once again knocked out.

When Frank wakes, Rawlins begins to beat and torture him once again. Billy tells him to stop, saying he made a promise to be the one to kill him. Neither of them know that when Frank activated the scan that he'd be activating a security feed. After a certain period of time, Lieberman asks Madani for access to her computer and pulls up the security feed. Everything is being recorded, since Frank wanted to be the one to kill them but if he wasn't able to do tat he wanted to make sure there'd be enough evidence to put Rawlins and Billy away. Rawlins and Billy get into an argument and Billy says that he should've let Frank kill him in the tent. Billy goes over to Frank and holds his gun to Frank's head. Rawlins pulls his own gun on Billy and orders him to stand down instead of stopping him from killing Frank. What Rawlins doesn't know is that Billy has cut the ties keeping Frank's hands bound.

Rawlins injects Frank with adrenaline to rouse him out of his drowsy state. Rawlins prepares to cut one of Frank's eyes out as a quid-pro-quo for the eye Frank made him lose. But Frank is able to break free and stab and beat Rawlins to death while Billy stands back, watching. Frank's final move is to gauge both of Rawlins' eyes out with his thumbs. Billy is prepared to go through with his own personal mission of killing Frank to cover his tracks but Madani arrives in time to stop this, since Lieberman gave her the location of the base in order to see Frank.

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